Zenhaven vs Purple Mattress Review | Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy

By | February 24, 2023

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Zenhaven vs Purple Mattress Review | Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy. In this video JD, who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers his updated comparison of Zenhaven vs Purple. Saatva, the company that makes Zenhaven, and Purple are two of the most popular online bed-in-a-box mattress brands. Purple has multiple beds like the NewDay mattress, Purple Plus, Purple Hybrid, and Purple Hybrid Premier mattress. Saatva also has a few options like the Loom & Leaf, Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid, Saatva, Solaire, and Saatva HD mattress. Purple is known to have a unique feel to their mattress thanks to their top layer called the GelFlex Grid. The Zenhaven, on the other hand, is known as having a flippable bed with a latex foam feel. JD touches on the mattress policies offered with each mattress brand which includes free shipping, a sleep trial, free returns and a warranty. He also covers the construction of the mattresses, how they feel and their firmness, and what sleeper type would be best for either bed (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers). JD also discusses which body types (petite, medium and heavy) would enjoy these mattresses. If you’re a heavy person, JD recommends opting for the Purple Hybrid or the Saatva HD mattress since they utilize coils for extra support. Thanks for watching this Zenhaven mattress vs Purple mattress comparison. Hopefully, it helps you decide whether to go with Purple or Zenhaven for your next bed.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:15 – General Mattress Policies
3:09 – Mattress Similarities
3:56 – Zenhaven Construction & Feel
4:52 – Purple Construction & Feel
5:53 – Firmness & Sleeper Types
6:41 – Other Bed Options
7:19 – Fun Facts/X-Factors
8:25 – Mattress Pricing & Discounts
9:38 – Final Verdict: Purple vs Zenhaven
10:19 – Conclusion

Hey guys JD here from myslumber yard.com Hopefully you're doing well come on in And sit down because today we've got a Mattress comparison between these Zenhaven Mattress By saba and the Original purple so both of these Mattresses are pretty unique options Within the online space for various Reasons and I'm going to try to cover All that stuff in pretty good detail Along with a bunch more stuff we're Going to start things off by going over The policies that they're backed by then We'll delve into the similarities Between them we'll cover the differences All while discussing their constructions Firmness and feel pricing and a bunch of Other stuff and at the end I'll even try To sum things up with the final verdict So you can kind of make your decision Between these two now hopefully this Video is helpful for you and if so we'd Really appreciate it if you gave this Video a thumbs up and subscribe to the Channel while you're at it and if you Need any more information about these Beds check the description box we should Have a bunch of helpful related content Link down there for you but without Further Ado let's compare zenhaven to Purple [Music] Lord We work real hard

To find the right bed for you [Music] Can save you money [Music] Alrighty so first things first policies What do you got to know in terms of Shipping returns trial periods and Warranties with these two mattresses and There's a lot going on here and there's Quite a bit of stuff that they differ Upon in this regard and before I get Into this stuff I do want to mention That Sava and purple the brand sent us These beds for free to review so we Could tell you guys about them but you Should be getting completely free Shipping to start with both the methods In which they get to you are going to Differ slightly so purple will likely Show up in a big bag compressed in Plastic you know with this kind of Standard bed in a box or bed in a bag Shipping all you got to do is just drag That thing in your home and with the Help of a friend unbox your brand new Mattress which is relatively easy to do And kind of fun to complete now in the Case of zenhaven since this is a bed From the brand Sava they ship all of Their mattresses with complimentary White Club delivery so that means that The Zen Haven bed is going to arrive at Your door full size and it's actually Going to be set up in your home by a

Delivery team why glove delivery is Always nice to have it definitely beats Setting up a whole mattress by yourself And savva's delivery team in most k Cases will even remove your old mattress At no additional cost but in either case Once these mattresses are in your Possession you also get a sleep trowel With both the purple mattress is backed By a 100 night sleep trial so you get a Little over three full months to test The bat out at home for yourself before You're completely stuck with it in Safa's case they offer an entire Year-long trial period so 365 nights to Try the bed out at home risk-free before You're stuck with it now in the case That these beds aren't exactly right for You for whatever reason that's fine Because you do have a return option with Both the original purple mattress comes With completely free returns within that Trial period time frame but in sava's Case since they incur a little bit more Costs shipping these mattresses to you Returns with the zenhaven bed aren't Exactly going to be free they'll Probably charge you a small Transportation fee if you do want to Send it back but we highly doubt many Folks are going to be doing that anytime Soon as it's quite nice so if you do Want to keep these beds they're also Backed by some pretty nice warranties

You get a standard 10-year warranty with A purple bed and with the Zen Haven you Actually get a lifetime warranty which Is awesome while traveling some more Helpful detail regarding all this policy Stuff all the ins and outs of it down Below in the description box for you to Learn up on but now let's get into the Similarities between these two there's Not much here they're pretty unique in a Lot of different ways but the main Commonality that they both share is that They're all foam mattresses and this Means that they're entirely comprised of Various foam layers and do not use coils For support and because of this design They're both probably going to work out Best for medium and petite sized Individuals at the end of the day if You're a heavier person you're probably Going to want to look into getting a Hybrid mattress with coils as opposed to An iPhone one like these two you're Probably going to be able to get by on Them just fine but a hybrid mattress Will probably offer you a lot more Long-term support and durability at the End of the day both brands do make some Pretty quality hybrid Beds which we'll Try to cover in a bit more detail here Soon but now let's go over their more Specific constructions because even Though these are all foam mattresses They're quite unlike in many different

Ways so the Zen Haven Bed mainly uses Natural latex foam for Comfort along With some organic wool and cotton for Some additional cushioning so it's Primarily made up of natural and organic Materials and it's got tons of Certifications to back that fact up the Mattress itself is green guard gold Certified it meets the global organic Textile and latex standards and there's A ton more and we'll try to link them Down below in the description box if You're interested and on top of being an Eco-friendly bed it's also a flippable One so you've got two sides on this Mattress that are designed to be slept On but regardless of the set that you Choose both feature a more responsive Latex foam feel due to that latex foam In the construction so it's going to be Really springy spongy and kind of Resemble the opposite of a memory foam So with a memory foam bed you're going To get a lot of sink in quality and Pressure relieving body conforming Sensations but with a latex foam bed It's pretty much the opposite of that It'll spring into its original shape and Not really sink in as much but it is Also going to be quite nice and Accommodating now moving over to the Original purple this is not a flippable Bed but it does also feature a really Unique construction it's comprised of

Three different layers you've got Support foam on the bottom and then you Have a transition layer and then on top You have what makes per purple purple It's a material known as hyperelastic Polymer otherwise known as the purple Grid this stuff is really stretchy and Responsive it almost resembles a rubber Rather than a foam and it gives all of The purple beds including their Flagship One a really unique feel when you go to Lay down on this mattress on your back You almost get a buoyant weightlessness Sensation kind of like you're floating Above the bed rather than sinking into It but then when you switch to your side From your back that material also does a Pretty nice job at conforming to the Shape of your shoulders and hips Offering quite a bit of pressure relief So it's kind of like it's soft and firm At the same time so this kind of makes It divisive amongst certain sleepers you Either tend to love it or hate it but From what we've observed over here at The slumber yard many folks out there Really like purple you probably just Should be a more adventurous person Who's willing to try out something That's completely unlike your average Bed in a box if you want to go the route Of purple but between zenhaven and Purple there's also a bit of a Difference in terms of overall firmness

Level so with the original purple this Bed is right at a flat medium on our Scale so it's going to be a good option For whatever sleeper type you prefer it Should work out just fine for back side Stomach or combination sleepers who Rotate around at night now for zenhaven Since this is a double-sided option You've got two firmness levels in one Mattress you have a luxury plush and a Gentle firm side but both are going to Be on the firmer end of the spectrum so The luxury plush sits at a flat medium Firm honor scale gonna be a great option For back and stomach sleepers while the Gentle firm side sits at in between a Medium firm and a proper firm on our Scale so that'll probably only work out Best for strict back and stomach Sleepers who are looking for tons of Support so either way you slice it here The zenhaven mattress is going to be Quite a bit firmer than the original Purple but both brands do offer a number Of other mattresses if those firmness Levels that I just covered aren't really Sounding right for you Sava also offers A latex hybrid a memory foam hybrid a More premium memory foam offering called Lumen Leaf saava HD the sofa classic They're most popular and accommodating Model and if you're a more predominant Side sleeper purple also has the purple Plus which is a really soft pressure

Relieving purple mattress and they also Have the purple hybrid and purple hybrid Premier beds in addition to the purple New day which is a more budget-friendly Option from the brand that we hope to Review soon so you've got tons of other Models to you know go over that vary in Terms of firmness a bit more if you want To maybe check those out we'll try to Link them down below in the description Box for you guys but now it's time to go Over some fun facts related to both Zenhaven and purple for zenhaven apart From that free white glove delivery Service those eco-friendly Certifications friendly policies and the Fact that the bed is flippable there's Also a Zone support feature right in the Center third of the bed so the middle of The bed is designed to be slightly Firmer than the head and foot sections Which are in turn softer and this type Of design is basically intended to help Keep your back more neutrally aligned on A nightly basis you might not even Notice it's there when you go to hop on Zen Haven but it could benefit those who Suffer from back pain now in terms of Purple since they use that grid Formatted material on top there's tons Of space for air to travel and circulate Through that top layer offering for tons Of airflow in the original purple so if You're a bit of a hot sleeper looking

For a slight cooling advantage in your Bed between these two purple is Definitely going to be the way to go but We would still classify it as a Temperature neutral sleeping bed it's Not an active cooling one and there are A ton of other factors that really go Into temperature regulation than just The bed itself and how it innately Sleeps but with purple you're going to Get tons of airflow from this mattress But now let's cover pricing how much You're going to be spending up for the Zenhaven and purple beds at the end of The day and before I get into this I do Want to cover the fact that pricing Within the online mattress base does Change a lot so we'll look one week and It's completely changed from what we Just saw the last week so in any case Check down below in the description to See what's most up-to-date and current With pricing but as of when I'm doing This video you can usually expect to pay Right around the 1400 range for a queen Size original purple bed purple as a Brand does like to run discounts usually Around major holidays and times of the Year like that so in any case check down Below in the description to see if we Can find you anything to help you out With saving some money now with these Zen Haven beds since this is a more Premium natural and organic offering

That's also an all latex foam Double-sided mattress there's a lot of Stuff going into this bed and the Pricing certainly reflects that notion The queen size MSRP is currently right Around the 3200 region so that's quite a Chunk of change but after discount which You should be able to find Down Below in The description you can expect to pay Just shy of the 27.50 range so somewhere In there for the Zen Haven queen size Again check down below in the Description to see whatever discounts or Promotions we can currently find and if You do use those discounts that are Linked in our descriptions it helps a Lot to support our Channel and we really Appreciate that but that's pretty much Going to do it for this one you know This comparison was kind of difficult to Do because either way you go here you're Getting a really unique bed with a lot To offer from a reputable brand but when It comes down to it what's our final Verdict over here at the slumber yard Well we would say look into the Zen Haven mattress if you want more of a Premium natural and organic bed that's Also flippable with two sides that both Feature a latex foam feel and a firmer Profile for back and stomach sleepers And then check out the original purple If you're more of an adventurous buyer Who's looking to try something

Completely different yet also pretty Comfy you want to bed with tons of Airflow for hot sleepers and you want The more affordable option after Discount but hey that's just our take on It what is yours when it comes to Comparing zenhaven and purple what did We miss write us down below in the Comments and let us know your thoughts If you need any more information about These beds again check the description Box we should have full written reviews Other comparisons buyer guides and some Discounts down there to help save you Some money with these options if you Enjoyed this video you maybe got Something out of it we helped you Towards your online mattress decision Between these two drop us a like and Consider subscribing to the Slumber yard For so much more but that's going to do It for this one again I'm JD with the Slumber yard hopefully you're doing well Out there and like always sleep right Sleep tight and we'll see you next time You 've been last summer yards [Music] Like And subscribe

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