WinkBed vs DreamCloud Mattress Comparison – Which Is Best??

By | March 26, 2023

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Welcome to my DreamCloud vs WinkBed mattress comparison! In this guide, I’m going to break down all the major differences between these two hybrid mattresses so that you can figure out which one is right for you.

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0:00 WinkBed vs DreamCloud Mattress Comparison
0:40 Simliarities
0:59 Differences
1:27 Materials
2:33 Firmness
3:05 Sleeping Positions
3:57 Pressure Relief
4:42 Couples
5:30 Who should get the WinkBed?
5:51 Who should get the DreamCloud?

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Howdy there folks it's Amelia from Sleepopolis and today we're going to be Comparing two popular mattresses from Online retailers the winkbed and the Dream Club in this video I'll be going Over all the important differences Between these two mattresses to help you Decide which is best for you we'll take A look at the materials firmness how the Beds performed in our sleepopolis tests And more before we get started I do want To let you know that mattress Brands Including the ones featured in this Video send us beds for free to review And to tell you about if you buy either Of these beds using our links in the Description we may earn a commission at No additional cost to you that helps us To fund our testing and bring you these Reviews for free alright let's get into It First things first let's go over what Makes these beds similar both these beds Are hybrid mattresses that combine soft Foam and pocketed coils to balance Pressure relief and support both the Dream cloud and luxury firm winkbed Offer a firm feeling of support and both Mattresses should provide a balance of Support and pressure relief that works Really well for back sleepers now that We've covered similarities let's go over What makes these beds different the Winkbed comes in three firmness options

And a version for heavy sleepers while The dream Cloud only comes in one so Sleepers looking for a specific feel Might have better luck with a winkbed Mattress the dream Cloud mattress sleeps Slightly cooler than the winkbed which Is an important feature for hot sleepers And the dream cloud is cheaper than the Winkbed mattress which might be Important for Budget shoppers but you Can save money on both these mattresses By clicking the links in the description Of this video Now let's dive in deeper taking a closer Look at the materials used at the Construction of each of these mattresses First up let's take a look at the covers The dream clouds cover is made with a Special cashmere blend which is soft Luxurious and cozy it's quilted with Foam for added plushness the wingbed Uses a tensile cover tencel is a Material made from eucalyptus wood Cellulose which is known for being Cooling this cover is also quilted with Winkbed's hypersoft foam for initial Pressure relief next up the Comfort Layers the dream cloud has a gel memory Foam layer this material has a slow Response to pressure allowing the Sleeper to sink in for pressure relief At the shoulders and hips the winkbed Has a Euro Top Comfort layer that's Infused with gel support cell foam the

Dream cloud has a transition layer of Polyfoam which has a quicker response to Pressure than the layer above it then The support layers the dream cloud has a Tall section of individually wrapped Coils this springy layer brings a lot of Bounce firmness and support to the bed The winkbed has Helix coils with Multiple support zones designed to offer The best possible back support then each Mattress has a base layer underneath the Coils of polyfoam Now let's go over the firmnesses of These two beds here at sleepopolis we Rate firmness on a scale from 1 to 10 Where one is super duper soft and 10 is Super duper firm we use 6.5 as the Standard for medium firm now our tester Is rated both the dream cloud and the Winkbed 7 out of 10 on the firmness Scale meaning they're just a little Firmer than average however do keep in Mind that we tested the luxury firm Version of the winkbed and there is also The softer and firmer version as well as The plus version which is designed for Heavy sleepers Who weigh 250 pounds or More Now let's go over how these beds will Feel while you're laying in different Sleeping positions it's important to Consider your primary sleeping position When you're shopping for a mattress Because different sleeping positions

Require different levels of support and Pressure relief from a mattress for back Sleepers you can sleep on most Mattresses as long as it is both Comfortable and supportive for side Sleepers we usually recommend something A little bit softer for pressure relief At the shoulders and hips and for Stomach sleepers something firmer is Usually better to keep the hips propped Up and in line with the rest of the Spine for back sleepers both the dream Cloud and winkbed are good options Offering a mix of support and pressure Relief for side sleepers the dream Cloud Will likely feel a bit firm but the Softer model of the wigbed should do the Trick for plush pressure relief around The shoulders and hips and finally Stomach sleepers the the dream Cloud Will likely be too soft for many stomach Sleepers some should sleep comfortably On the luxury for a model of the winkbed While the firmer model should be a good Option for many stomach sleepers Now let's look at the results from one Of my favorite tests the pressure map we Use a heat mapping pressure map to show A pressure is building up along the body While lying in different positions blues And greens indicate low pressure while Reds and oranges indicate higher Pressure looking at the dream Cloud we See mostly blues and greens on the back

Inside with just a small amount of Yellow on the hip in the side sleeping Position this bed is a bit firm for side Sleepers so side sleepers with joint Pain will especially want to go for a Softer bed the same is true with the Winkbed the back sleeping results look Great with all blues and greens the side Sleeping results look pretty good but Our tester noted feeling some pressure Build up on the shoulders and hips this Pressure map was done on the luxury firm Model so the softer model the winkbed Might work better for pressure relief in These areas [Music] Other tests we use to assess a bed are Motion isolation and Edge support both Of these tests are extra important for Couples shopping for a bed together now Motion isolation refers to how well a Bed isolates motion at the source and Prevents it from transferring across the Bed good motion isolation means that you Won't be woken up by your partner's Movements now Edge support refers to how Well the perimeter of a bed Bears weight Good Edge support means the bed won't Dip or sag down if you sit or lie along The edge for motion isolation the Winkbed did just okay in our testing you Shouldn't feel your partner tossing and Turning but you're likely to feel bigger Movements like getting in and out of bed

Overall the same was true for the dream Cloud the dream cloud has pretty good Edge support but our testers were really Impressed by the winkbed it has Reinforced edges which definitely help To keep you supported while lying on the Edge Now let's go over who should get each of These beds starting off with the wink Bed first up if you're a combination Sleeper you'll probably prefer the Winkbed as it has a more responsive feel Than the dream Cloud second side Sleepers will do well on the softer Version of the winkbed and finally if You like that traditional inner spring Feel you'll probably like the wink bed The traditional and supportive feel Makes it a good option for seniors as Well as people with back pain and who Should get the dream Cloud first up if You sleep with a partner the dream Cloud Could be a good option as it has good Motion isolation and pretty sturdy Edge Support second if you're a back sleeper You'll probably like the gentle mix of Pressure relief and Firm support that The dream Cloud offers and finally hot Sleepers should like how breathable and Cooling this mattress is Well folks that is it for this Comparison between the winkbed and the Dream Cloud mattresses ultimately I Can't decide which one of these beds is

Best for you but I hope you found this Comparison helpful if you want to learn More about either of these two Mattresses or see some more great Options just click the link in the Description or head over to we've also got a ton More product reviews sleep health Information and exclusive coupons over There hit that subscribe button and I Will see you next time bye [Music]

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