Will Lavender Help Your Sleep?

By | April 3, 2023

Lavender and sleep have been inextricably linked for centuries, and for good reason. This herb (scientifically known as Lavandula angustifolia) “has long been studied for its anxiolytic (an anxiety-relieving drug) and sleep-promoting effects,” says Dr. Yelena Deshko, founder of the Timeless Health Clinic. Studies have even shown that the intake of oral lavender oil relieved anxiety about as well as a low dose of the sedative lorazepam.

Interestingly, studies have shown that both oral lavender and inhaled lavender can reduce anxiety and promote sound sleep. In one notable study out of Wesleyan University in Connecticut, participants were instructed to smell lavender essential oil one night and distilled water the next. At the conclusion of the study, not only did researchers find that lavender increased slow-wave sleep among the participants, but the study’s participants slept more soundly and reported feeling more energetic the morning after the nights they smelled the lavender.

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0:00 Will Lavender Help You Sleep?
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Hey I'm Bridget a certified sleep Science coach with sleepopolis and this Is our sleepopolis sleep remedy Series In today's video I'm going to talk about Lavender and its effect on sleep Lavender is really popular for its Flowery smell and soothing ways but it Also is connected to helping with sleep So let's talk about how it could help You I do want to mention if you may be Suffering from a sleep disorder or a Medical condition you should talk to a Healthcare provider or doctor as these Videos are meant to be informative but Not take the place of medical advice So let's start with exactly how lavender Can help with sleep the two have been Connected for centuries lavender has Been studied for a long time for its Abilities to help relieve anxiety and Promote sleep studies have even shown Taking oral lavender oil can relieve the Anxiety as well as a low dose of Prescription sedatives research also Shows that both oral lavender and Inhaled lavender can reduce anxiety and Promote sound sleep One study out of Connecticut had people Smell lavender essential oil One Night In distilled water the next at the end Of the study researchers found the Lavender increased slow wave sleep among The participants and help them sleep More soundly participants also reported

Feeling more energetic the next day And a 2020 study found lavender oil Helped with various aspects of sleep Including latency and quality Lavender essential oil is very popular And is approved by the European Medicines agency as an herbal medicine For Stress and Anxiety but you can also Use lavender as capsules teas lotions Room sprays or diffuser scents it's Common to have lavender pillow sprays Bath products or scented candles so Basically lavender comes in all shapes And sizes Along with promoting good sleep lavender Has also been linked to being a natural Remedy by helping with pain and reducing Swelling some studies even show it can Help with headaches toothaches and Post-surgical pain there's also early Research showing it helps lower people's Blood pressure and heart rate and it Doesn't stop there Studies have shown Lavender can help relieve asthma Symptoms reduce menopausal hot flashes Have anti-fungal properties promote hair Growth and treat skin blemishes But there are also some reported side Effects with lavender it's usually safe In small doses so those who use it as Tea or while cooking shouldn't have Problems but there are cases of it Causing skin irritation headaches Increased appetite constipation and in

Rare cases gastrointestinal issues so if You do notice any signs of sensitivity Or irritation it's best to stop use and To consult with a doctor And there are people who should take Precautions when using lavender like Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding Since there isn't much research around This for anyone about to have surgery Since it can decrease blood pressure Heart rate and skin temperature in those With young children may want to avoid Them using lavender oil since evidence Suggests it's an endocrine in hormone Disruptor this goes the same for those With hormone-sensitive Cancers it's Always best to talk to your doctor Before using any type of herbal or Health supplement All right that's it for this video on Lavender and sleep hopefully you found This helpful but click the link in the Description below to learn more also be Sure to subscribe and head over to Sleepopolis.com for more sleep help Videos and I will see you next time [Music] [Music]

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