Why Are Hotel Sheets Tucked So Tightly?

By | April 6, 2023

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Have you ever noticed that hotels tuck in their sheets so well it can be hard to get into bed when you arrive? Well, there’s a reason for that and in our video, we explain why and even give you some tips on how to recreate that experience at home.

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0:00 Introduction
0:28 Do Hotels Use a Fitted Sheet?
1:24 The Hospital Tuck
1:43 What Type of Sheets Do Hotels Use?
2:12 Wrap Up

Hotels are all about quick turn around, and dressing beds as quickly and efficiently as possible between guests. So, hotels don’t bother with those hard to fold fitted sheets. Instead, they double up on top sheets and make sure that top sheets are tightly tucked and act as a barrier between your skin and the mattress.

Hotels utilize a tucking method called the “hospital tuck.” This method creates crisp, tight lines and keeps the fitted sheet in place. It takes a few extra steps than just tucking the sheet under the mattress, but hotels have mastered it so they can get that tight tuck.

Percale weave style sheets are the most common types of sheets hotels use to dress their beds. These sheets have a crisp feel and a matte look on the mattress and tend to be very durable and pill resistant.

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When travel season rolls around those Flights and hotels get booked but have You noticed when you get to the hotel You practically have to yank the sheets Off just to get in bed so have I what's Up world it's Tony the Sleep accessories Editor here at mattress Clarity and Sheets are one of my specialties I've Done the research to tell you how and Why hotels get that tight tuck on their Sheets let's get started [Music] What if I told you hotels don't use a Fitted sheet yep it's true as we all Know folding a fitted sheet is a hassle And hotels are all about quick Turnaround and efficiency between guests So they save time and hassle by Eliminating the use of a fitted sheet Instead they'll double up on a top sheet And Tuck that bottom one in really nice And tight with really crisp Corners with Such a tight tuck the sheets look nice And professional and clean because when We've entered a hotel room we will look At that bed and go man that bed is just Chef's kiss this also helps with hygiene With such a tight tuck on these sheets There's less of an accidental chance With your skin rubbing off oils and dirt Onto the mattress which helps keep the Mattress underneath cleaner for much Longer and because the sheets are so Tight there's less of a chance for you

To get tangled up in them hotels use Something called a hospital tuck which Is just tucking your sheets in with a Few more extra steps to really make it Nice and secure so the sheets won't move Around while you use them So now we know why it takes a Superman Effort to pull those sheets back but now You might be wondering what type of Sheets do hotels use hotels tend to use Something called a percale weave style Sheet and for a few different reasons The percale weave style Leaf sheets Feeling nice and crisp like a fresh Pressed shirt but it's a more durable Weave style the percale weave sheets are Much more resistant to pilling so they Last much longer and plus they're super Lightweight and very breathable so you Won't sleep hot while using them but I Mean when we get to the hotel room we Bump that air conditioning down anyway So you don't have to worry about Sleeping hot in a hotel room Well there you go the mystery revealed On why it takes so much effort to pull Those sheets back when you get to a Hotel room remember you can find more Information about sheets and of course Mattresses at mattressclarity.com and if You want to watch our video on the best Hotel Beds we've got that Linked In the Description box below I'll see you next Time bye


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