What Is A Weighted Blanket? #shorts

By | May 1, 2023

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Weighted blankets have exploded in Popularity in recent years but you might Be wondering to yourself what are they And how do they work well I'm here to Answer that question as the name Suggests weighted blankets are blankets That are Waited they've got some help to them They usually get this weight from things Like sand glass beads or sometimes Doubled up fabric weighted blankets are Great for people who want to feel nice And relaxed while they're resting Because they are intended to help us Feel much calmer and safer while we use Them they offer a really great hugging Sensation however if you're like me and Sleep hot at night these aren't the best Option they're going to keep you nice And cozy and not very breathable but Luckily there are some weighted blankets That do have cooling infusions or they Have an open knit structure to allow for Airflow like one of my favorites the Barely weighted blanket

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