Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier Review – Best Humidifier For Dry Skin?

By | October 14, 2022

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Humidifiers are a great way to add extra moisture into the air in your bedroom to promote better breathing, get relief from respiratory issues, and to prevent dry skin while you sleep. There are tons of options out there, but in this review I’ll be taking a closer look at the Vicks Warm Mist humidifier.

I personally tested this humidifier and I’ll be going over my pros and cons from that experience, as well as some key features of this humidifier and how to use it.

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Howdy there folks. It’s Amelia from
Sleepopolis and today we’re going to be Talking about the Vicks Warm Mist
humidifier. Now humidifiers are a great Way to keep moisture in the air while
you’re sleeping, and that can help to Prevent waking up with a dry scratchy
throat helps to prevent Nosebleeds and just keep your nasal
passages nice and moist. If you live in a dry area or you
struggle with any of these things At night, a humidifier can be a big
help. Now in this review, I’m going to go over some of the key
features of this humidifier. I’m going To go over how to use it and some of
my pros and cons. If you end up deciding this humidifier
is the right humidifier for you, you can Click the link in the description to
get our best deal on it. We may Earn a commission if you do end up
buying and that helps us to fund Our testing operations and keep this
content free to our viewers. Now hit that Subscribe button and let’s get
started. Let’s kick this review off with a
quick overview of the price and policies For the Vicks Warm Mist humidifier. Right
now you can purchase this Humidifier on Amazon for around $40. Humidifier can range pretty widely in
price from as low as $20 All the way up to over 200, so this is
a pretty good price. Now if you do buy on Amazon, this is
also eligible for free shipping. However, it’s not eligible for
returns, but you can get refunded or Get it replaced if it turns out to be
defective. First, let’s go over some of the key
features of this humidifier. As the Name suggests, this humidifier uses
warm mist instead of cool. Some of the pros of warm mist is that
it’s better at reducing germs and Bacteria than cool mist humidifiers,
and the heat allows the mist to achieve Higher levels of moisture saturation
in the air. It can also warm The air in cold winter months. The
humidifier has a heating chamber where The water is boiled to create that
steam. This humidifier also has A medicine cup where you can add
inhalers to the mists such as mix faltem, Which can help to relieve coughs and
further moisten dry or irritated breathing Passages. Note you should only use
approved liquid inhalers With this humidifier as you don’t want
to cause any harm to your humidifier or To yourself. The fixed warm mist
humidifier is also filter

Free, making cleaning much simpler and
eliminating the need to purchase And replace filters. It also has a
night light on the power switch to help You see when the humidifier is on,
even in the dark. Additionally, This humidifier has an auto shutoff,
feature two settings and holds one gallon Of water and it can run for 24 hours. Now that we know a little bit more
about the Vicks Warm Mist humidifier, let’s go Over how to use it. First, always be
sure to read the instructions provided To see all the safety information
related to the product. Now, This humidifier works by feeding water
into a boiling chamber where it’s heated To become steam. The steam vapor mixes
with dry air in the mist Chimney and is released into the air
of the room. To use this humidifier, You simply remove the water tank and
fill it up. You can unscrew the tank Cap and fill the tank with the tap
water. Once it’s full, put the cap Back on and replace the tank on the
humidifier. From there, just plug it In and turn it on to one of the two
settings. Pretty simple. Because the humidifier has to heat the
water up, it will take a few minutes Before you start getting any mist
coming out. When I first tested it, It took about five to ten minutes
before I saw any mist coming from the Mist chimney. On the lowest setting, I
could barely hear any noise Coming from the humidifier, which is a
big plus for light sleepers. It was a bit noisier on the higher
setting, But still quieter than some other
humidifiers as the noise comes From the boiling water and not from a
fan blowing the mist out. Okay, now that we’ve covered the
humidifier in detail, let’s go over some of The pros and cons. Starting off with
the pros. Now. First, I really like That this humidifier uses warm mist,
especially since you can add those inhalers Like the Vicks vapostem. Having that
warm moisture will be great For opening up nasal passages,
preventing congestion, and preventing scratchy Throats. I think this is going to be
great for use in the winter months, Especially for those who live in a dry
area. Next, I appreciate that this humidifier is
easy to clean. Many parts of it are Actually able to be washed in your
dishwasher and it doesn’t have a filter. That means that you don’t have to
worry about buying and replacing a filter to Be able to keep using your humidifier.
Finally, I like how overall

Quiet this humidifier is. I have a
cool mist one at home that uses A fan to blow the moisture into the
room and it can get a little Bit noisy. So not having the fan in
this one makes it much quieter, Which I think is going to be great for
lighter sleepers. Now onto the cons. So first of all, while I really like
having the warm moisture in This humidifier, it may not work well
for everyone. More energy is Required to boil the water than to
simply blow cool mist, So this type of humidifier can use
more energy than other types of humidifiers. Also, having a humidifier that boils
water can present a bit Of a safety issue if you have small
children or pets that could knock it Over. Next, some sleepers might not
like having the night light On the power switch, as it can add a
lot of ambient light into the Room, particularly for those who are
really sensitive to light while they’re Sleeping. Finally, with this
humidifier, you can’t control the direction of the Mist at all. That can be a little bit
annoying if you want to have It blowing directly towards you. And
you don’t have a great place to place your Humidifier, especially since you don’t
want to have condensation forming on your Furniture or walls. Well, Folks, that’s all for today’s review
on the Vicks warm mist humidifier. I hope you found this video helpful,
and if you do have any questions, Feel free to leave a comment. Now, if
you want to check out any more Reviews on bedding or sleep
accessories, you can check out our YouTube channel Or head over to We’ve
reviewed just about everything sleep Related, and we have some exclusive
coupons on there as well. Thank you so much for joining me, and
I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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