Tuft & Needle vs Leesa Mattress (#1 Review Guide)

By | April 21, 2023

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Tuft & Needle vs Leesa Mattress (#1 Review Guide). In this video JD, who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers his updated review of Leesa vs Tuft & Needle Original mattress. Both of these are popular bed in a box mattresses and each brand has many options to choose from but this video focuses on the Leesa Original mattress and the Tuft and Needle Original mattress. Leesa also offers the Leesa Original Hybrid, Leesa Sapira, Leesa Legend, and Leesa Studio mattress. Tuft and Needle has a few other mattress options to choose from as well like the Tuft and Needle Mint mattress and the Tuft & Needle Mint Hybrid mattress. JD touches on the mattress policies offered with the mattresses which includes free shipping, a sleep trial, free returns and a warranty. He also covers the construction of the mattresses, how they feel and their firmnesses, and what sleeper type would be best for either bed (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers). JD also discusses which body types (petite, medium and heavy) would enjoy these mattresses. Thanks for watching this Tuft and Needle mattress vs Leesa comparison. Hopefully, it helps you decide whether to go with Leesa or Tuft & Needle for your next bed.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:20 – General Mattress Policies
2:32 – Construction
3:23 – Feel & Firmness
4:22 – Other Options
5:20 – Differences
6:24 – X-Factors
7:05 – Pricing
8:19 – Final Verdict: Leesa vs Tuft & Needle
8:53 – Conclusion

Hey guys welcome to the Slumber yard I'm JD and today I've got a mattress Comparison for you in this video we're Going to be talking about how the Original Lisa mattress Compares and Stacks up to the original tufted needle This guy's sitting right next to me so Both of these are really accommodating All foam options within the online space They should both work for 9 out of 10 Sleepers out there really good beds for Guest rooms and at an affordable price Point as well but if your online Mattress search has whittled down to These two options you might really want To know which option to go with and why That's what we're going to try to cover In this video we're going to start off By going over the general mattress Policies that should apply to both Brands then we'll talk about some Similarities stuff that they have in Common and there's frankly a lot here We're going to then talk about some Differences that they have and of course Pricing and things of that nature and Then at the very end I'll even try to Sum things up with a final verdict so You can ultimately determine which one Is going to be best for your sleeping Preferences now if you need any more Information just in case what I deliver In this video isn't enough for you check The description box we should have a

Bunch of helpful related content link Down there for you and if you enjoy this Video you maybe get something out of it And we help you out towards your next Online mattress decision like this video And subscribe to the Slumber yard for so Much more but now without further Ado Let's compare Lisa to tuft and needle [Music] Alrighty so let's get into comparing Lisa to tuft and needle and right up top I do want to say that both of these Brands did send us their beds for free To review so we could tell you guys About them and right up top I also want To say that both Lisa and tuft and Needle are pretty similar in a lot of Different ways starting with all the Policy stuff that they offer so with Both beds you are going to get Completely free bed in the Box shipping And this basically means that both beds Are going to arrive at your door stuffed Inside of a big box that's around like Four feet tall all you got to do is just Drag those boxes into your home and Unbox them and if you have a friend There to help out it's actually kind of Fun and easy to do once the beds are in Your possession you also get a sleep Trial of 100 nights with both Lisa and Tough to needle to see if the beds are Going to be right for you and your Sleeping situation and if they're not

For whatever reason within those first 100 nights you can get completely free Returns with both Brands but just know That both Lisa and tuft and needle are Probably going to ask you to try these Beds out for at least 30 full nights Before you make your final decision on Them now in the case you want to keep Them which I think should be the case For most folks out there as they're Pretty quality all foam beds you do have A warrant guarantee with both of 10 Years which is pretty much the industry Standard and if you need any more Information regarding all the policy Stuff that Lisa and tuft needle backs Their beds with check down below in the Description we should have some helpful Links down there for you so aside from All that policy stuff that really Similar policy information that they're Backed with they're also pretty similar In terms of design feel and firmness Starting with design these are both all Foam mattresses and this means that They're entirely comprised of various Foam layers and don't really use any Coils or inner springs for support now We've talked a lot about pocketed coils On this channel and we'll try link some More information Down Below in the Description box but basically what Hybrid beds do that incorporate pocketed Coils in their support systems they

Basically add a lot more bi-directional Support and long-term durability into Beds and they even give them bounce and Increased motion isolation if that's Something that you're into because the Original Lisa and tufted needle are all Foam mattresses they're likely going to Be most ideal for supporting medium to Petite sized individuals so if you're an Average sized build somewhere in there You should be just fine with these two Options both brands do offer some pretty Quality Hybrid models and we'll try to Link some more information about out Those in the description box as well but Another big similarity that these two Have in common is going to be overall Mattress feel so they both share a Really standard straightforward neutral Foam feel so when you go to push into These mattresses they're not going to Have any sort of overwhelming qualities Like a memory foam where you're going to Get a lot of slow to respond or even Something like a latex foam where it's Going to be really fast it's just going To be a softer Comfort foam on top which Ultimately results in a really neutral Standard foam feel beds that have Neutral foam feels are ultimately a Really safe way to go they just appeal To a really wide variety of sleeper Types out there and it's just something That a lot of people find to be really

Familiar and also pretty comfy and That's also the case for beds with Medium firmnesses which both of these Beds are at so the original Lisa and the Tufting needle are right around a medium On our scale which means that they Should work for all sleeper types Backside stomach and combination Sleepers should be set with both I Personally sleep on a bed that has a Medium firmness profile I find it to be Really comfortable and accommodating for My combination sleeper preference but You know if you're maybe a primary back Or stomach sleeper or maybe be a Stricter side sleeper both of these Brands offer other options for you to Consider as well that vary in terms of Firmness a bit more Lisa has their Studio bed which is a more affordable Memory foam option they also have their Original hybrid mattress which is a more Affordable hybrid bed that's basically Swapping out leases dense support foam Four pocketed coils Lisa also offers the Superior hybrid which is their upgraded Hybrid model and the leesa legend which Is their most premium mattress hybrid Offering some would even venture to call That bed legendary Foreign Needle they offer a couple different Options for you to consider as well they Have their tuft needle mint bed which is

A softer more pressure relieving all Foam option for side sleepers and they Also have their tuft needle hybrid bed Which is a more supportive hybrid Mattress with a mixed foam feel we think That bed is super comfy over here at the Slumber yard we'll try to link those Other options from both Brands Down Below in the description box as well for You guys to check out but now it's time To get in the differences between their Original beds you know the flagship Leesa and the original tuft and needle And because they are so dang similar in A lot of different ways it's kind of Hard to pin down the differences between Them but one main one has to do with Construction so the original tufted Needle this guy sitting right next to me Is a very straightforward two-layer Alpha mattress it uses dense support Foam on the bottom and then you have the Company's proprietary TNN adaptive foam On top and this is basically a softer Two inch Comfort foam layer and this Really simple two layer construction Gives it a really straightforward type Of mattress feel it's just basically Support foam on the bottom and then a Comfort foam above that so this is a Very simple straightforward bed and That's why is so dang popular a lot of People can get down with it right off The bat now in terms of the original

Lisa this is a three layer all foam bed So it also has a comfort foam on top and Then a layer of denser Port foam on the Bottom but it also incorporates a Transitional Center layer of memory foam So this Factor gives the bed a little Bit more pressure relief when you Compare it to something like a tufted Needle you're just going to be getting a Little bit more of a comfort Advantage With the Lisa bed I know that's really Splitting hairs between these two beds But that is a key difference between Them at the end of the day and you got To consider everything right now when it Comes to X factors there's also a couple Things that set these beds apart from The Fray of your average online mattress Tufting needle as a brand offers some Amazon exclusive options they have their Tufted needle nod and tufted needle nod Hybrid mattresses which are both really Budget friendly options that could work For you in a pinch if you want something Like a cheap guest room bed we'll try to Also link the nod hybrid in the nod Down Below in the description box if you want To check them out but in terms of Lisa These guys are a certified B corporation Which basically means that they care About you know supporting their Surrounding environment Community as a Company and fun fact Lisa actually Donates one bed for every 10 they sell

So by going the route of Lisa you are Supporting a pretty awesome company that You know helps to give back but enough About all that stuff let's get down to Brass tax finally for this comparison Pricing how much are you going to be Shelling out for either one of these bed Options and right up top right here in This section I do want to say that Mattress pricing within the space Fluctuates constantly we'll check one Week and see that it's completely Changed from what we just saw the last One so if you need to see whatever is Most current and up-to-date with Mattress pricing check the description Box we like to keep all that stuff Really up to date down there in our Videos but as of when I'm recording this Video you can expect to pay right around Thirteen hundred dollars MSRP for a Queen size Lisa but after discount again Check the description box for it you can Expect to pay closer to the 1100 range For a queen size Lisa when all is said And done now tuft and needle as a brand Rarely offers cash discounts on their Mattresses as they see them pretty Affordably priced already you know we Kind of get it so check down below in The description box to see what they're Currently running in terms of promotions But as of when I'm doing this video deal You can expect to pay right around the

Thousand dollar Mark maybe just shy of That for a queen-sized original tuft and Needle so the original tuft and needle Queen size is going to be the slightly More affordable option after discount And you never know tufted needle could Run a pretty sweet deal or a bundle on This bed sometime soon and I just want To say right here if you do decide to Use our discounts on our descriptions it Actually goes a long way to help support Us over here at the slumber yard and we Always really appreciate that but that's Pretty much going to sum it up for this One you know Lisa versus tufted needle Kind of a tough comparison these beds Are so similar in so many different ways With a couple key differences but really When it comes down to it who's going to Go with which mattress option and why Well over here at the slumber yard this Is just our humble opinion but we would Say look into the original Lisa if you Want a three layer all foam bed with a Neutral foam feel that's around a medium And you like the sound of Lisa's Charitable efforts as a company and then Check out the original tufted needle if You want a simple two layer all foam bed That's also got a neutral foam feel Around a medium and you want the more Affordable bed after discount but hey That's just our take on it what is yours Everybody's got an opinion and we would

Love to know your thoughts which Mattress in this comparison would you Ultimately go with and why write us down Below in the comments we'd love to hear From you if you need any more Information about these beds again check The description box we should have full Written reviews on them other Comparisons with them buyer guides that Have them and even some discounts to Help save you the most amount of cash Possible on them if you enjoyed this Video you got something out of it hit The thumbs up subscribe to the channel For so much more but that's going to do It for this one again I'm JD with the Slumber yard hopefully you're doing well Out there and like always sleep right Sleep tight and we'll see you next time Hey JD what's up I had really good Cheese milk and ice cream the other day Are you talking about dairy products it Was legendary oh legendary uh Lisa makes A mattress called Lisa Legend bye Everybody [Music] Like And subscribe

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