The New Bedjet Adjustable Base – Fits on any bed and easy to install

By | March 26, 2023

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Adjust your bed to your lifestyle with enhanced comfort for sleeping, watching TV or reading. Elevated positions help relieve acid reflux, back pain, snoring and improve blood circulation.
Keep the bedroom style you want with the world’s first and only ultra-thin, ultra-compact adjustable bed technology. The slim 1.75” form factor is nearly invisible when installed.
Guaranteed to work on any brand mattress. Best-in-class 900lb lift capacity adjusts even the thickest mattress or your money back.
Industry-leading performance with 70° head rise and 45° foot rise using whisper quiet motors.
Zero-clearance legless design converts any existing bedframe + mattress into a fully adjustable bed, or add the Leg Kit to create a free-standing adjustable bed base.
Designed & engineered in Rhode Island, USA

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