SweetNight Twilight Mattress Review – Personally Tested (15% Discount Code)

By | August 7, 2021

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0:54 Specs
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7:15 Adaptiveness Test
8:34 Edge Support Test
10:30 Motion Isolation Test
12:19 My Experience
17:28 Pros v Cons
19:30 Buy or Avoid?

In this SweetNight Twilight mattress review, I explain what the specifications mean for you as a sleeper and I show you inside the mattress to give you a better idea of how the mattress will feel relative to different sleeping positions and styles.

You can also watch me perform the various tests and experiments in real-time to see how I arrived at my conclusions in addition to discovering my own personal thoughts on sleeping in this mattress.

Hey it’s dan here from bedroomstar Reviews.com again with another mattress Review So today i’ve got for you the sweet Night twilight hybrid zone mattress In the 10 inch version um and i’ve been Sleeping right now for more than 30 Nights continuously so that gives me a Good idea Of how the mattress feels and i’ve also Run some tests and experiments To see how the mattress performs in key Areas so that’s what i’m just going to Be showing you In this video but if you want to see the Full written review And get 15 off this mattress then click The link in the description below on Youtube and you will go through to Bedroomstartreviews.com Where you’ll find the full written Review and you can check everything out There It’s really detailed really in depth uh And it has also got the discount code So if you go to sweetnight and you click Through those links and you use the code Down At checkout and that’s d8n you will get 15 Off or if they’re running a better offer Where you get more than 15 off You’ll automatically get that as well so Firstly i just want to run you through

Some of the key specifications of the Suite night twilight hybrid sewn Mattress so you can see it’s set up here So first of all this is a hybrid so that Means that you’ve got springs in the Bottom And the foam over the top and don’t Worry your mattress won’t look like this I’ve just cut this away So that you can see inside the mattress That’s going to be the next section but For now just know that this is a zoned Support system so that means that the Blue in case springs here Are firmer than the white ones and i’ll Explain why in the next section Now this is a fiberglass free mattress So that means that um The fiber area in here contains no Fiberglass and fiberglass is a harmful Irritant that is present In some of the cheaper mattresses but You don’t have to worry about that In the twilight i’ve confirmed with Customer support and i’ve checked inside The mattress myself And there’s no fiberglass to worry about So maximum weight capacity Is um it’s not actually specified but Customer support says that if you weigh Up to 230 pounds Then you should be just fine in this Mattress all i would recommend the 12 Inch version

If you’re on the heavier side because Then you get more cushion and more Support so it’s a no flip mattress that Means that You can’t turn it over or you could but You wouldn’t be sleeping on the phone You’d be sleeping on the springs at the Bottom And that’s not very comfortable so i Recommend rotating the mattress 180 Degrees Every three months to distribute Distribute the weight Uh to guard against sagging but as i’ll Explain later this mattress you know It’s not going to sag it’s made of Really good quality materials and just About the cover Um this is a soft pillow top so um it is Non-removable so i do recommend That you add a mattress protector to Your order so that Any spare stains or spills or anything Like that Isn’t going to harm the pillow top So i just want to talk to you quickly About the firmness of the sweet night Twilight hybrid zone mattress so Mattress firmness means how much Pushback you feel when you lie On the mattress initially so that is Influenced by the support card to some Extent But chiefly by the top sections now most

Mattresses are either firm Soft uh or medium which is in between But then you get the in between ones of Those as well so you’ve got medium soft And medium firm Then the rarer ones are like extra soft And extra firm But the hybrid the sweet night twilight Hybrid is something called a luxury firm Mattress so That might seem a bit confusing so what Does that mean well luxury firm Basically means In this case that it’s medium firm but The top feels softer so that’s actually Really good as i’ll explain later Because you get the benefits Of the medium firm push back to keep in Good posture which works with the zone Support But the soft pillow top as well then Helps to contour to your body which Alleviates pressure so you can get the Best Of both worlds i’m going to explain more About that now as we take a look Inside the mattress now i want to show You Inside the suite night twilight hybrid Mattress so this is the 10 inch version Of the mattress So quickly you’ve got one inch here of Polyfoam That works with the quilted pillow top

Here then you’ve got One inch of slower response gel memory Foam and underneath that you’ve got Another inch of faster response polyfoam That’s a transition layer So all that in total makes up the Comfort layer so that’s a comfort layer There Broken down into the cover um and then The pressure relieving layer there and Then the Transition layer so beneath that you’ve Got the support core and that is Made up of six inches of individual Encased pocket coils so Individually in case means as you can See these are as a unit so each one of These contains a spring And that’s in contrast with regular Spring mattresses where you’ll typically Find that they’re all Joined together and that’s good because As being individual in case means as you Move around on the mattress The motion transfer doesn’t go as Quickly between the springs So that means you don’t feel your bed Pattern moving around as much and also Because of individually encased If you put pressure on say this spring It will adapt without influencing this Spring As much so that’s really good for Providing

Custom support and that brings me on to The zoned Element of this mattress so the blue in Case springs here are firmer Um than the white in case spring so the Reason for that is you’ve got A section of firm at the top uh Less firm here where the shoulders are And then just off camera you’ve got Firmware the hips are soft where the Knees are and then firm again Where the feet are so that kind of zone System Allows you to sink into the mattress Wedge from needed such as around the Shoulders And it helps to keep you in good posture That’s so that’s the point of a zoned Support system now just a bit more about These layers at the top so This is a i think this is cotton it’s Very soft to the touch But the polyfoam underneath is fast Response so that means that you can move Around in the mattress and you won’t Feel like you’re getting Stuck in the materials and it does take Away the pressure on the more angular Regions Of your body now beneath that the gel Memory foam Is much slower to respond so can you see That i’ll just do it again if you put Pressure on it

It starts to spring about much slower Than The polyfoam at the top so the point of This is to Contour to excuse me the Angular regions of your body to take Away the pressure Now underneath that you’ve got faster Response polyfoam so that Serves to protect you from feeling the Springs beneath but also acts as a Sandwich so you’ve got Fast response here fast response here Slow response in the middle And that works to alleviate pressure but It stops you from getting trapped in the Material so if you’ve ever slept on A memory foam mattress that’s really Slow response where it’s all made of This material you kind of sink in it’s Brilliant pressure relief But if you’re a combination sleeper then It’s not quite as good Because you can’t turn over as much so The twilight here gives you the best of Both worlds and like i said before This gives you that luxury firm feeling So the luxury firmness Is basically you get that firm push back Uh with the springs on the polyfoam But then you’ve just got that soft Feeling that comes from the pillow top And the gel memory foam Just to take away the pressure there so

That’s a breakdown of the materials in There and hopefully that’s going to give You a better idea of What this means for you as a sleeper but We’re going to get more into it in the Next sections when i’m going to Specifically tell you Which kind of sleepers should be Sleeping on this mattress and who should Avoid it So up next i just want to show you Quickly how This actually works in real time so i’m Gonna put a five kilo weight just on the Edge of the mattress here Which is very light but as you can see Um the top goes in Slightly so that’s the polyfoam pushing Back and then The gel memory foam is starting to adapt You can see it’s starting to Just dip in a little bit because it can Feel the pressure of the weight and it Knows To just change shape in response quite Gradually Now contrast this with me putting my Hand on A more concentrated effort and you can See that because of that and there’s More firmness The gel memory foam just compresses Completely it takes up all the Way and alleviates the pressure but then

The polyfoam underneath kicks in and as You can see It’s pushing back so this is stopping You from sinking Too far into the mattress and then the Springs are starting to kick in so if This was me sitting on the mattress There you can see that the springs are Starting to push back now And that’s giving you that contoured Support which is much better than what You’re going to get In a traditional spring mattress where You kind of just sit on it And you just crush everything which is Not as good so Yeah like i said hopefully that gives You a better understanding of what the Materials are how the layers and what This means for you As a sleeper and up next i’m just going To dive into the tests So i will be taking you through the edge Support Test next okay up next i want to talk to You about edge support so edge support Is As it sounds what the support on the Edge of the mattress is like so this is Really important if you are an edge Sleeper where you Tend to sleep close to the edge of the Bed you might have your arm Over the edge uh now if it’s too soft

And you try to do that you will feel Like you’re gonna roll out and if you do Get too far to the edge then you Probably will um so you want good edge Support in the mattress And also if you’re sitting on the edge Of the mattress a lot uh then again That’s important because you don’t want It to be Sagging in so edge support test is Basically me just sitting on the edge of The mattress And i’ll show you what happens so Remember this is zone support so The support isn’t the same all the way Across like i said in the middle this is Firm You’ve got softer where the uh the white In case springs i showed you in the last Section And up at the end there and down the Bottom it’s also firm like it is in the Middle Uh just to provide a bit more pushback So if i sit on the edge of the mattress Here you can see that The edge support is good uh in the Middle it is Dipping in a bit but that’s to be Expected um because it’s not a super Firm mattress um So the the coils do extend all the way Up to the edge So the middle is going to be firmer than

Down here so just changing there i can Feel myself sinking in more and You might even be able to see that it’s Dipping in more here Compared to when i sit in the middle and It’s a bit firmer so that’s the same up Here as well Where the zoned support kicks in so this Is generally where your shoulders would Be So it does dip in a bit more so just Keep that in mind that if you are Sleeping On the edge here as you can see The zone support is helping here to keep My hips in alignment But my shoulders sink anymore um and if You Are sleeping on the edge of the bed here With your arm over the side Then as you can see my knees dipping in But i’ve been kept Well supported underneath here so it Does feel comfortable Um so in summary there i’d see that the Edge support For the sweet night twilight hybrid is Very good so if you’re an edge sleeper Then This is the one for you the next test is The motion Isolation test so what is motion Isolation motion isolation describes How well or poorly a mattress is able to

Dampen the movements Um across the mattress so this is Important if you sleep as a couple Because When the other person gets into bed or Moves around you don’t really want to Feel that so you don’t get woken up By them shuffling changing positions Getting in and out of bed at night so Um to test this what i’m going to do is Normally i do this on the other side of The bed but because there’s a wall In this in the testing room that i’ve Got i’m gonna drop this five kilo weight From one Foot in height and then you’re gonna see How the glass here Reacts so it’s been quite close Proximity so just keep that in mind Um but if i drop the weight from one Foot just keep your eye on the glass And then you can see there that it does Move a little bit Now this is a the surface is textured so The glass is a bit unstable but As you can see there um like it just Move around a little bit so there is Some motion transfer it’s not terrible Um i have reviewed other mattresses Where the motion Isolation is much better like the puffy Looks hybrid and that is my top Alternative recommendation for this so If you want to learn more about that

Then i’ve got another video so it’s Linked up in the top and in the Description below But for the twilight itself i’d say that The emotional isolation is good So if you sleep as a couple then there’s A potential to feel them moving around a Little bit But when i slept in with my partner um i Didn’t really feel moving that much And i’m a light sleeper so literally if You know if there’s somebody Making it the slightest noise i’ll wake Up so i insomnia i’d say that if you Sleep as a couple then the twilight If all the other components line up for You then i’d say go ahead you’re gonna Be just fine Uh but the 12 inch version will probably Be better because the extra two inches Of padding is going to help To dampen that movement even more right So i want to talk about what it’s Actually like to sleep in the sweet Night Twilight hybrid mattress so uh like i Said i’ve been sleeping continuously for 30 nights now and i choose 30 nights Because it allows the braking period to Pass so the braking period means that When you unbox a mattress it matches Unboxing inflates Uh it gets its full size and then you Lie on it and it takes a little while

For the materials to adjust to your Body weight your body type the dominant Sleeping position Generally it less than a week and you’ve Pretty much got the final outcome but I like to give it um 30 nights I mean i’m just so there’s no surprises So i don’t suddenly end up with back Pain down the line Uh now normally i test mattresses Professionally then Once i’ve had a mattress after that i Tend to just get rid of it you know put In the garage Um or give it to ever and that’s it but The sweet night i like it so much i’ve Actually put it in my spare room as a Sleeping uh a spare sleeping option for Me because it’s just that good So why is it so good well um it’s a Medium firm mattress And those type of mattresses tend to Favor front and back sleepers because You get an extra bit of pushback that Keeps you in good posture And then what you find is you tend to go Into your side then it starts to become Uncomfortable um For some sleepers because that extra Firmness pushes back on the shoulder For me that’s a really big deal because I’ve got arthritis from boxing lifting Weights so i’m very sensitive you know If i’m getting the wrong position

Then you know it’s pain and i’m waking Up and i feel terrible the next day But with the twilight that doesn’t Happen i can sleep front back and side Comfortably now front i don’t tend to Sleep a lot in that position In any mattress just because i don’t Particularly like it but i can do it in The twilight if i want to Um and this is all down to the luxury Firm design so like i said In the previous sections uh that means That It is medium firm but then because of The pillow top and the adaptive foams it Does feel soft to the touch but it’s not So soft that you sink all the way in So you’ve got the best of both worlds You’ve got the support and you’ve got The pressure relief And that’s that’s huge really because it Opens it up too Pretty much every sleeping position Really um i would say that The only ones that need to watch out are Those over 230 pounds and if you are on The heavier side then I definitely say get the 12-inch version Because extra two inches of materials It can um you know give you that extra Support you need so i’m just gonna jump On the mattress now and Talk you through the positions so like i Said

Uh don’t forget about the zone support Here um try and watch out for it see how It adapts to me as i move So in the side sleeping position The softer coils here are working well With the pillow top It’s helping to i mean there’s no pillow So just keep in mind i would have a Pillow normally but the shoulder feels Comfortable The hips are supported the knees are Dipping in a bit as you can see Around the um the zone support there so This feels really comfortable And i’ve actually been able to get to Sleep in this position which is like i Said difficult to do normally because of The arthritis In my shoulders if i want to go into the Back sleeping position If i get myself central then I can feel here that this is more Supported um Than up here where i tend to sink in a Little bit more so the the shoulders Uh my shoulder blades as well especially Which are painful for me it’s a lot not Something they’ve got a winged scapula As well So this feels nice and comfortable the Pillow top definitely doing its job And then i said like i said the zone Support coming through with the coils Working in conjunction with the foams to

Alleviate Pressure so flip it over into my least Favorite position which is the front Sleeping position That supports still coming through so i Don’t feel Like my back’s overarching i feel well Supported around The hips but at the same time the Pressure on my rib cage is reduced So i don’t feel like um There’s pressure points building up on On the ribcage so If you if you just um if you’ve got a Lower body fat percentage Or if you go to the gym a lot and you’ve You know you’ve got more muscle then Sleep on your front can be uncomfortable Because you know the your bones are very Close to the surface there And you will pick up those hot spots but That doesn’t happen In this mattress because of this really Nice soft pillow top And the adaptive foams underneath so That’s the three main sleeping positions From back inside Those are all uh you know well cared for In the twilight But if you are a combination sleeper Where you tend to flip between The um positions then the twilight again Is a brilliant option because Uh although it does have memory foam in

It it’s not making up the bulk of the Mattress and It is quite bouncy so that means i can Switch positions easily so i’m not Getting bogged down I don’t feel like um i don’t feel like It’s getting hard to move in the Materials That’s not an issue also like the puffy Looks hybrid that i’ve reviewed Brilliant matches probably one of my top Rated matches for most sleepers Uh where it does fall down is with the Combination sleepers because it’s got That Deeper contoured uh comfort layers at The top It does get a little bit harder to move Around and so if you’re Somebody a bit restless uh you change Positions a lot then Uh the twilight is an excellent option Because it’s got that Buoyancy it’s got that bounce but it’s Also got the pressure relief so it’s not Going to feel Too firm now i just want to run you Through the pros and cons based on my Experience Of sleeping this mattress but actually The biggest pro for me is the price The twilight is really well priced Relative the rest of the market so it’s 448 dollars for a full size

In the 10 inch thickness and you can pay Up to a thousand dollars or more for a Premium end mattress That has the you know similar qualities And Actually to be honest the twilight is Actually better than some of these other Mattresses because Um it’s not ice it’s not alienating any Of the like side sleepers front and back Like all of those sleeping positions can Be accommodated in this mattress And like i said it’s fresh on the price So if you use a code d8n at checkout You’ll get an Extra 15 off or more if there’s Currently A better offer running so definitely do That save yourself even More money so the other pros really is The zone support system and the pressure Relief Provided by the pillow top you know that Luxury firmness And that is what i said is underpinning This mattress’s ability to accommodate From back and side sleepers um across The board and also it’s still bouncy It’s giving you um you know combination Sleepers that ability to switch Positions so Like i said it’s a brilliant all-round Mattress For lots of different types of sleepers

So really the only con um for me is just That the cover you know you can’t remove It to wash it so You’re gonna have to be careful with Stains and you know spills and stuff Especially eating food in bed or Whatever so definitely have a good bed Sheet set uh definitely have a mattress Protector underneath so if you add that To your order as well Uh at the checkout with sweet night then You know it’s going to keep this Protected because it is a really nice Uh feeling you know cover this it’s Really soft to the touch So you definitely want to ruin it but That’s really the only con i mean the Best one for me is the price is just Brilliant Um you know you can get even cheaper Mattresses if you look elsewhere but I’ve tested some of those and they’re Just not worth it all This for me is the twilight is the sweet Spot it balances Price um and quality perfectly really Now i want to round this video off by Just really saying clearly who should Buy this mattress and who Should stay away so really in summary uh The only group of sleepers i think that Potentially shouldn’t Use the s uh sweet night twilight hybrid Mattress uh heavier weight sleepers over

The 230 pound mark like if you’re on the 232 40 mark you might be fine In the 12 inch version probably not so Much in the 10 but i think once you get Above 250 260 270 I think you’re just going to need a Mattress with Just a deeper profile more support More robust support should i say for me The dream cloud is the one If you are a heavyweight sleeper so link In the description for the review for That But apart from that i’d say that because Of the the pillow top the zone support The luxury Firmness then the twilight’s open to Pretty much All sleepers under 230 pounds again like I said if you’re pushing the heavier end The 200 230 go for the 12 inch uh Lighter weight sleepers below will be Fine in the 10. But just to clearly tell you who should Definitely buy this mattress i would say Front back and side sleepers under 230 Pounds For the reasons we’ve already discussed Also combination sleepers because you’re Gonna be able to move around easily Also couples as well um as long as You’re not super sensitive to Uh to you know that your partner moving

Around if you are then go for the puffy Looks hybrid because of the Extra um depth of materials there that Just literally kills all motion Transfer dead but if you just sleep as a Couple um A regular couple then this is going to Be just fine Um some other sleeping styles i’ve not Talked about so far That would be um if you are a you know If you sleep hot Like i do then although the pillow top Tends to uh feel you know a lot softer And a bit more contouring I didn’t feel myself overheating in this And it is summer here at the at the Minute so i’m It’s quite warm and i felt finding this Uh with a with a bed sheet on so If you’re warm sleeper then uh the Twilight is still a girl for me Now if you’ve got allergies like i’ve Got dust my allergy i’ve got hair fever I definitely didn’t see any worse than Those symptoms while sleeping in this Mattress again that’s because Of the uh the foams are certified so They’re free from Harmful chemicals and like i said There’s no fiberglass Either so if you suffer from pain like I’ve got arthritis like i said i’ve got Back pain as well and i frequently saw

From From training from the gym from boxing Then um you know this mattress is going To be You know just fine i think really it Could even potentially alleviate those Those pains i mean i can’t say that sure I mean i’m not a doctor and your Condition is unique But the qualities of this mattress do Position it to Help um keeping good posture which can Prevent back pain And the pressure relief afforded by um You know the pillow top and the adaptive Films That can take away you know muscular Discomfort and even Discomfort in the joints like i’ve got Because your body weight is Dissipated more evenly through the Materials rather than getting compressed Into a tight area so now if you’re a Sleeper with a lower body fat percentage Um You know your joints and your bones Gonna be more prominent and you’re gonna Feel any hot spots more Readily so again i think you’ll be Finding the twilight because Of the pressure relief it affords Honestly if you go through Um through the links in the description Below and use the code d8n

Down at checkout then you’ll get an Extra 15 off so that’s the way that You’re going to save the most money Uh alexa this is a brilliant mattress And i’m doing mattress reviews all the Time now i’m aiming to do at least one a Month so i’ve got that 30 day Trial period just to test everything out Fully the next one that’s lined up is The puffy original i’ve got that in the Other room I’m currently testing that one out so if You want to hear the results of that Then Hit the subscribe button and you’ll be The first to Get notified of that so click the bell As well okay so If you enjoyed the video uh give it a Like and definitely check out the full Written view Links in the description don’t forget Forget about the code dan Save yourself some money and i’ll see You in the next video cheers

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