Sweetnight Mattress Review Blessing to my Daughter -SURPRISE !

By | July 24, 2021

Be advised this was Uploaded Before my Surgery! Thank you for watching!! I am resting this week!

What a Surprise! Fulfilling a need in one of our Childrens Lives!

Key features of our Whisper mattress
Three thickness options: 8”/ 10”/ 12”

Multiple mattress sizes to choose from: Full, Queen, King

Reduce aches and pains & offer two sides to sleep. The top side offers a soft feeling at the head and a medium-firm feeling at the tail. The bottom side offers a firm feeling for those who have back and shoulder problems.

Therapeutic Support: Proprietary high-resilience foam creates optimal alignment for full muscle rest and rejuvenation

Cool Feeling: Gel-infused cooling memory foam top layer contours to your body and promotes maximum airflow

Conveniently compressed packaging

100-days sleep trial & 10-year warranty

Awarded CertiPUR-US

Free, contactless delivery across the U.S.

Link: https://bit.ly/SweetNightTessie

CODE TESSIE to save 22% off on all the mattress, and save up to 40% off on other products

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Hi everybody and welcome to this special Video Today we are going to surprise someone With a product review Now this product review is a really good Product review And it’s something that i know that Somebody needs So we are going to surprise our daughter With this Product review wonder what could it be i Wonder what this product review could be Keep watching tell you what it’s big is It heavy Big and heavy do you want to set it down No how am i going to open My hatch Room because nobody told me about this Let’s see it says night on it It says sweet night What could have been hmm all right where Are we going You got to keep watching hmm Scotty gonna help i suppose i’ll help Yeah this will be right everybody we’re On location to surprise Our daughter with a bed Are you recording hello oh there she is We got a surprise for you wow what’s it What the world What’s in that big box oh my goodness That’s huge We have a product review of a bed a bed A vent oh wow like the bed in the box

Type the bed in the box heavy Are you guys gonna go straight back Swing it back through the hallway [Applause] Right there i’m just moving this because This goes on the wall And it’ll be hard to walk now it’s gonna Be a little dark Our house is kind of tight that’s fine Take corners We’ll turn the lights on let me get a Light there let’s go on the road No but how does it get down like you’re Right you go anywhere like that don’t Matter Probably not this is the bottom for sure It’s nice All right wow now wash my bed Do you want that on top um whatever we Think Probably on top of that they go top of That too that’s what i’m thinking Actually has three layers and it’s a bed In the box All we have to do is open it up and Take the plastic off and i’ll show you What happens It expands these beds are nice Now it can take up to 72 hours for it to Expand fully But you can sleep on it right away So it is sweet night it’s brought to you By sweet night So i will share with you in the

Description box there is a coupon code For these these are very good beds Sweet night has a really good quality And it’s a money back guarantee You can also sleep on either side you Can sleep on either side you can flip The bed One side is a little firmer than the Other so what you want to do is you can Put This down down because this has a zipper To find this so you can pull this over Like this but one thing nice about these Beds are No we can take the plastic off once it’s Going to expand One thing and nice about these beds are You can flip them And you can see it’s starting already to Get bigger and bigger As soon as it gets as soon as it gets Air it’s gonna Inflate on its own only because it was Sealed Packaged sealed okay pull your foot out Your sentence Oh what are you cool Yeah it’s gonna start getting bigger wow You can see it starting to inflate this Will get solid it’s got inflate all That’s got inflate It’s gonna inflate and it’ll get solid Um is that Too high that’s really good it’s nice

It’s harder than this Okay that’s good it’s all wow this is Salt This is amazing yeah it’s super soft But firm yet it’s gone now it’s probably Not fully done yet yeah It said it could take up yourself So one thing’s about these guys brand New one thing about these beds are When your loved one is moving it won’t Move you right And and it conforms to you not that it’s Comfy It contours to your like body and like Kind of okay yeah It’s nice it’s gel this is amazing no It’s memory foam i mean it’s memory foam Yeah this is memory foam also it’s Supposed to keep your body cool So these are not too hot yeah it feels Cooling [Music] Well this here there’s no springs it’s Like sleeping on air Amazing beds if you’re interested in a Bed like this take a look in the Description box below They are high quality made beds and Your back will love it because it’s such Good sleeping And having a bed in a box list comes Right to your door You don’t have to lug around trying to Find a big bed

And trying to put it in your vehicle and Take it home These beds are easy they’re economical And they’re easy to assemble as you saw Today it was nothing to it So if you’re interested in a bin like This i’ll have in the description box Below One of the things i love the most is About having the opportunity to be a Content creator Who gets all of these free products is i Can bless other people There’s been many times that i’ve gotten A product review and i love them And i turn around and i donate them to Somebody else somebody in need Or donate them to the thrift store i Think it’s a wonderful opportunity for Me to share with you amazing products A lot of them i keep and i enjoy them But i can also share these products with Other people You know there are a lot of people who Are in need of things and it’s so Fun for me to give a product review i Am open to all product reviews now Because in turn I can bless so many people and that Is what makes me truly happy take care Everyone And we’ll see you guys tomorrow bye Everybody But it’s not mom wow look at that

That’s a nice tv i’m gonna show you the 4k or whatever This is our daughter’s home this is About 4k now we have she just really did It Here in the corners i’m going to do here Or not [Music] [Music] Hi everybody if you like videos like These take a look below did you know i Have over 1500 videos From every topic that you can imagine And i’m sure there’s something that you May missed and something you may enjoy See you guys tomorrow bye

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