Sleepytime ASMR: The Jungle Book Bedtime Story

By | October 28, 2022

Bedtime is here, so close your eyes and relax as Elisa reads an excerpt from the classic bedtime story, “The Jungle Book”

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Hello everyone my name is Elissa Rikulski I am a mattress reviewer at Madras clarity And as a mattress reviewer I know how Important it is to get a great night's Sleep So to help you fall into a deep Slumber I will read you a relaxing bedtime story Go ahead snuggle up underneath the Covers Fluff your pillow and relax I read a portion of Rudyard kiplings The Jungle Book Chapter 1 locally's Brothers It was seven o'clock in a very warm Evening in the siani Hills When father wolf woke up from his days Rest Scratched himself Yawned and spread out his paws one after The other To get rid of the Sleepy feeling in the Tits Mother wolf lay with her big gray nose Dropped across her four tumbling Squealing Cubs And the moon Shone into the mouth of the Cave where they all lived Said father wolf It is time to hunt again And he was going to Spring down hill With a little shadow of a bushy tail Crossed the threshold and wind Good luck go with you oh chief of the

Wolves And good luck and strong white teeth go With the noble children That they may never forget the hungry in This world It was a jackal the backy the dish had Occurred and the Wolves of India despise Tabaki because he runs about making Mischief and telling Tales Dating rags and pieces of leather from The village of rubbish heaps They are afraid of him too because Tobacco more than anyone else in the Jungle is apt to go mad And then he forgets that he was ever Afraid of anyone And runs through the forest Biting everything in his way Even the tiger hides when little tobacco Goes mad For madness is the most disgraceful Thing that can overtake a wild creature We call it hydrophobia But they call it Dewanese The madness and run Enter Then and look said father wolf Stiffly But there is no food here For a wolf no Said to Becky Offer so mean a person as myself a dry Bone is a good feast Who are we

The getter log The Jackal people To pick and choose He's scuttled to the back of the cave Rebound the bone of a buck With some meat on it and started Cracking the end merrily Oh thanks for this good meal he said Licking his lips How beautiful are the noble children how Large are their eyes And so young too Indeed indeed I might have remembered that the Children of kings are men from the Beginning Now the back he knew as well as anyone Else that there is nothing so unlucky as To complement children to their faces And it pleased him to see mother and Father wolf look uncomfortable The back east side still Rejoicing in the Mischief that he had Made And then he said spitefully Shere Khan the big one And she did his hunting grounds He will hunt among the hills during the Next moon So he has told me Your Khan was the Tiger Who lived near the White Congo River 20 Miles away He has no right father wolf began Angrily

By the law of the Jungle he has no right To change his quarters without fair Warning He will frighten every head of game Within 10 miles And I I have to kill for two these days His mother did not call him a hungry the Lame one for nothing Said mother wolf He has been lame in one foot from his Birth That is why he has only killed cattle Now the villagers of the one gun are Angry with him And he has come here to make our Villagers angry They will scour the jungle for him When he is far away And we and our children must run to the Grass satellite Indeed we are very grateful for Shere Khan Shall I tell him of our gratitude said It backy Out Snap to Father wolf out and hunt with Thy master Now has done harm enough for one night I go send it back it quietly You can hear share Khan Below in the Thickets I might have saved myself the message A father wolf listened and in the dark Valley that ran down to a little river

You heard the dry angry It's gnarly thing wrong wine of a tiger Who had caught nothing And does not care If the all the jungle knows it The fool said father wolf In a night's work with that noise Does he think that our buck or like his Fat wankunga bones It is neither but nor buck that he hunts Tonight said mother wolf It is man The wine had changed to a sort of Humming purr that seemed to roll from Every quarter of the compass It was the noise That bewilders woodcutters And Gypsy sleeping in the ocean Makes them run sometimes into the very Mouth Of the Tiger Man said father wolf Knowing all his white teeth Are there not enough beetles and rocks In the tanks that he must need man And on our ground too The law of the Jungle which never orders Anything without reason The bids every piece to be to man except When he is killing to show his children How to kill and then he must hunt Outside the hunting ground of his Backward tribe The real reason for this is that a man

Killing me and sooner or later The arrival of men on elephants with Guns and hundreds of men with gongs and Rockets and torches Then everyone in the jungle suffers The reason the beasts give among Themselves is that man is the weakest And most defenseless of all living Things It is on sportsmanlike to touch him They say too And it is true The man-eaters become mangy and lose Their teeth The third grew louder And it did in a full throated Of the Tiger's charge Then there was half An untigerish owl from jericon He has missed said mother wolf what is It Father wolf ran out A few paces And heard aircon muttering and mumbling Savagely Is he humbled about in the scrub The pool had no more sense than to jump At a woodcutter's campfire so he has Learned his feet and said father wolf With a grunt The back is with him Something's coming up hill it's a mother Wolf do I drink one ear Get ready

Hope you find a relaxing sleep Join us next time for more bedtime Stories And ASMR sounds Good night

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