Sleepytime ASMR: Alice In Wonderland Bedtime Story

By | December 17, 2022

It’s time to relax and unwind, so close your eyes and drift off as Elisa reads an excerpt from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice In Wonderland.”

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Hello everyone you was out here I'm your Friendly neighborhood mattress reviewer At And today I'm going to help you fall Asleep and get into a relaxing Slumber So Gently snuggle under the covers Fluff your pillow And close your eyes Tonight I will be reading the first Chapter of Alice in Wonderland Chapter one Down of the rabbit hole Alice was beginning to get very tired of Sitting by her sister on the bank and of Having nothing to do Once or twice she had peeped into the Book her sister was reading but had no Pictures or conversations in it And what is the use of a book is that Alice without pictures or conversations So she was considering her own mind As well as she could For the hot day made her feel very Sleepy and stupid Whether the pleasure of making a daisy Chain would be worth the trouble of Getting up and picking the daisies when Suddenly a weight rabbit with pink eyes Ran close to her There was nothing so very remarkable in That Nor did Alice think so very much out of

The way to hear the rabbit say to itself Oh dear oh dear I shall be late When she thought it over afterward it Occurred to her that she ought to have Wondered at this But at the time it all seemed quite Natural But when the rabbit actually took a Watch out of its West Coast pocket and Looked at it And then hurried on Alice started to her feet Before it flashed across her mind that She had never before seen a rabbit with Either a West Coast pocket or a watch to Take out of it and burning with Curiosity she ran across the field after It Unfortunately it was just in time to see It popped down a large rabbit hole under The Hedge In another moment down Alice went Never once considering how in the world She would be to get out of it again The rabbit hole went straight on like a Tunnel for some way then dipped suddenly Down so suddenly that Alice had not a Moment to think about stopping herself Before she found herself falling down a Very deep well Either the well was very deep Or she felt very slowly For she had plenty of time as she went Down to look about her and to wonder

What was going to happen next First to try to look down and make out What she was coming to But it was too hard too dark to see Anything Then she looked at the sides of the well And noticed that they were filled with Cupboards and bookshelves here and there She saw a map to send pictures Hung upon the pegs Down a jar from one of the shelves as She passed it it was labeled orange Marmalade But her great disappointment it was Empathy She did not like to drop the jar for Fear of killing somebody underneath so Managed to put it on one of the Cupboards as she fell past it Well Thought Alice to herself After such a fall as this I shall think Nothing of tumbling downstairs How brave they'll all think of me at Home Why I wouldn't say anything about it Even if I fell off the top of the house Which was very likely true Down down down with a fall never end I wonder how many miles I've fallen at This time she's had it loud I must be getting somewhere near the Center of the Earth Let me see that would be 4 000 miles

Down I think for you see Alice had Learned several things in the sword of Her lessons in the school room and Though this was not a very good Opportunity for showing off her Knowledge As there was no one to listen to her Still it was good practice as there was Say it over That is about the right distance But then I wonder what latitude or Longitude I've got to I was not the slightest idea what Latitude was On a duty there But she thought they were nice Grand Words to say Presently she began again I wonder if I Shall fall right through the Earth How funny it will seem to come Out Among The people that walk with their heads Downwards The tip of these I think It was rather glad there was no one Listening at this time As it didn't sound at all the right word But I shall have to ask them what the Name of the country is you know Please ma'am is this New Zealand or Australia And she tried to curtsy as she spoke Seeing as you're falling through the air Do you think you could manage it And what an ignorant little girl she'll

Think of me for asking No it'll never do to ask Perhaps I shall see it written up Somewhere Down down There is nothing else to do So Alice soon began talking again Dino miss me very much tonight I should Think Dinah was the cat I hope they'll Remember her saucer milk at tea time Dinah my dear I wish you were down here with me There are no mice in the air I'm afraid Who you might go to bed And that's very like a mouse you know But do cats eat bats I wonder And here Alice began to get rather Sleepy and went on saying to herself in A dreamy sort of way do cats eat bats Do cats eat bats and sometimes Do cats eat bats Four you see She couldn't Answer either question it didn't much Matter which way she put it she felt she Was dozing off and had just begun to Dream that she was walking hand in hand With Dinah and saying to her very Earnestly now Dinah tell me the truth Did you ever eat a bat And suddenly Thump Thump She Came Upon a heap of sticks

And the fall was over Alice was not a bit hurt As she jumped up to her feet in a moment She looked up But it was all dark overhead Before her was another long passage and The White Rabbit still inside hurrying Down it There was not a moment to be lost a way Went Alice Like the Wind And was just in time to hear her say As it turned a corner Oh my ears and whiskers how late it's Getting She was close behind him when she turned The corner but the rabbit was no longer To be seen She found herself in a long low Hall Which was lit up by a row of lamps Hanging from the roof There were doors all around the hall But they were all locked And when Alice had been all the way down On one side and up the other drying Every door she walked sadly down the Middle wondering how she was ever to get Out again Well that is the first half of chapter One of Alice in Wonderland Let these lovely pictures fill your Dreams as you close your eyes and fall Asleep

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