Sleepworks & Naturepedic | Toxic Chemicals in Your Mattress—What’s The Issue

By | August 18, 2021

Toxic chemicals used in mattresses and why a Sleepworks organic mattress from Naturepedic is the right choice.
I learned something many years ago and I’ll share it with everybody. When I was in in engineering school in college the joke was the solution to pollution is dilution, very funny except some of us realize it’s not funny at all! At that time Lake Erie which is where near where I live Lake erie was dying, and the lesson that I learned was an in 1870 when industry started throwing their chemicals into into the lake the lake to swallow it up no problem, 1890 1910 1930 and 1950 no problem, 1970 big problem! the lake was dying, and to this day it’s been the half a century or more to this day it’s still illegal to for commercial fishing in Lake Erie cuz the mercury levels are so high, and it just won’t go down, okay what’s the lessons? the lesson is you can’t just dump toxic chemicals into the environment and not pay a price ultimately, of course you’re going to pay a price okay and then later on I realized that lesson applies to you humans, state animals, to the environment in general and our babies 85,000 chemicals running around that we didn’t have 100 or 200 years ago.
Every single year industry makes approximately 250 lbs of chemicals for every man, woman and child in this country, so this year 250 pounds for everybody next year to 250 and this is been going on for a while. And just like Lake Erie collapsed at what point are we all going to be so sick it will just don’t know how to even send the sentence.
okay, that day is coming if we don’t stop what we’re doing that day is coming, how do we stop this there’s really only one good way okay that one good way is to say that if you are a manufacturer of chemicals flame-retardant chemicals for other for other manufacture them or sell them until you prove that they are safe!
You don’t have the have the right to just go manufacturing chemicals and we play a little game to see if the government will will catch up with you or not we can’t we can’t we can’t deal with it. I hate to use harsh language but you’re guilty until you’re proven innocent if you want to manufacture chemicals you prove that those chemicals are safe and one on her one phone heard of anybody who won’t hurt the environment when you can do that that’s fine go sell your chemicals all you want no problem but until then no, no!

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