Sleep Tips For Couples

By | February 13, 2023

Love is in the air! If you sleep with a partner, sleep is oh so important. Stay tuned for our couples sleep guide.

0:00 Couples Sleep Guide Overview
0:26 How To Make Your Bedroom A Sleep Haven
1:40 How To Find A Mattress For Couples
2:58 How To Choose A Mattress If You’re Single
3:36 Wrap-up

Sleeping with a partner can be great, but it does have its difficulties. But, by making your bedroom a sleep haven, choosing the right mattress, and prioritizing your sleep, you and your partner will be catching Zzzs in no time.

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Hey guys Martin here from mattress Clarity Happy Valentine's Day hours I Like to call it singles awareness day Sleep is an important part of any Relationship and we've got some great Tips on how to get the best sleep for You and your partner Valentine's Day Isn't all about romance and heart-shaped Boxes or in my case crying into a tub of Mint chocolate chip stay tuned for our Couples sleep guide [Music] First off you want to make your bedroom A sleep Haven for you and your partner And now this doesn't mean a heart-shaped Bed with a velvet pengu a tiger over it Well it could be and if that's your kind Of thing you do you but I'm talking About making your bedroom as conducive As possible for good deep sleep and First off you want to make sure your Bedroom is nice and dark all night and If you live in a well-lit area you might Want to invest in some blackout curtains This is going to help keep your bedroom Super dark and keep your nosy neighbors From looking in your window now you also Want to keep it nice and cool so turn That thermostat down or maybe even Invest in some cooling bedding now this Is where things get a bit complicated Though so if you and your partner sleep At different temperatures you might want To invest in different bedding for each

Of you this can help each of you sleep At the right temperature for you and Help stop that bedding tug of war every Night and lastly you want to keep things Nice and quiet so if your partner snores Do not smother them with a pillow you Can invest in some earplugs or if they Snore a lot make sure they get checked Out for sleep apnea but if you sleep Alone like me there's nothing to worry About it's just good sleep all the time [Music] Getting the best sleep for you and your Partner might also mean investing in a New mattress but what should you be Looking for in specific well first off You want to think about motion transfers So this basically means if your partner Moves around on their side of the Mattress are you feeling that motion on Your side of the mattress now to cut Down this motion transfer look for Something with some nice foam right on Top something maybe with memory foam This is going to absorb a lot of that Motion keep you and your partner from Disturbing each other during the nights Now you also want to think about Sleeping in different positions so if You sleep on your back your partner Sleeps on their side or you sleep on Your side they sleep on their stomach You want to take a look maybe at a Medium firm mattress something right

Down the middle close to a six and a Half out of ten on our firmness scale This will offer enough support for back And stomach sleeping and could pressure Relief for side sleeping as well you Won't be fighting over which mattress is Right for both of you and lastly again You want to think about temperature Sleeping with a partner can definitely Heat things up and not always in a good Way so find a nice cooling mattress Something like a hybrid mattress with Coils a lot of room for airflow there Maybe something with latex or also Cooling infusions but if none of this Works and you are still sleeping hot Might I recommend the cold chill of Abject loneliness So we've been talking a lot about Couples and now I want to talk to my Single friends out there so put that ice Cream down yeah you now if you do sleep Alone Valentine's Day is always a good Time to treat yourself so first off make Sure you're getting good sleep keep your Bedroom cool dark and quiet but you Could also look for a great new mattress Just for you so if you sleep on your Back you want to find something with a Good balance of comfort and support So Something like a medium firm mattress if You're a side sleeper look for something On the softer end for great pressure Relief and if you're a stomach sleeper

Something with good support for under Your hips you'll be sleeping comfortably Or sitting comfortably as you watch The Notebook for the 200th time Well that's about it if you want some More info make sure to check out our Full written couple sleep guide on and if you're Looking to buy a mattress make sure to Use our great money saving coupons we'll See you next time and Happy Valentine's Day [Music]

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