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By | November 30, 2023

As a frequent traveler, I often find myself contemplating whether I should take naps during my journeys. The allure of catching up on much-needed rest and rejuvenation is undeniable, especially when faced with long flights or overnight train rides. However, the question remains: should you take naps while traveling? In this blog post, I will delve into the subject, exploring the benefits and potential drawbacks of incorporating naps into your travel experience. So join me as we embark on a journey to answer this age-old question with practical insights and valuable travel tips.

Should You Take Naps While Traveling?


As a frequent traveler, I have often found myself struggling to stay awake during long journeys. The temptation to take a quick nap and recharge my energy levels is difficult to resist. However, I have often wondered if taking naps while traveling is a good idea. In this article, I will explore the pros and cons of napping while on the go and provide some useful tips for maximizing the benefits of a power nap.

The Importance of Sleep

Before we delve into whether or not you should take naps while traveling, it is crucial to understand the importance of sleep. I am familiar with the phrase “be sure to get a good night’s sleep” because it is a phrase that is often heard, and for good reason. Getting adequate sleep is important for all individuals, especially athletes at all levels.

Studies have shown that lack of sleep can affect cognitive function, mood, and overall health. Athletes require even more sleep to aid in recovery and performance optimization. In fact, according to a study conducted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), 51 percent of surveyed college athletes experience excessive daytime sleepiness.

The Benefits of Power Naps

Taking a nap can have several benefits, especially when traveling. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Increased alertness: Napping can help combat fatigue and increase alertness, allowing you to stay focused during your journey.

  2. Improved mood: A short nap can help uplift your mood and reduce stress, making your travel experience more enjoyable.

  3. Enhanced cognitive function: Napping can improve memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills, which can be beneficial when navigating new environments.

Tips for Napping While Traveling

Now that we understand the benefits of power naps, let’s explore some practical tips to ensure you make the most out of your nap sessions while on the go:

  1. Find a comfortable spot: Look for a quiet and comfortable spot to take your nap. It could be a designated nap area at an airport or a cozy corner on a train.

  2. Use sleep aids: Consider using sleep aids such as travel pillows, noise-canceling headphones, or an eye mask to create a more conducive environment for sleeping.

  3. Set an alarm: To avoid oversleeping and disrupting your sleep schedule, set an alarm to wake you up after a short nap. Aim for a duration of 20-30 minutes to prevent grogginess upon waking.

  4. Time your nap strategically: Take into account your travel schedule and try to time your nap appropriately. Avoid napping too close to your bedtime, as it may interfere with your ability to sleep at night.

  5. Incorporate naps into your itinerary: Plan your travel itinerary to allow for designated nap times. This way, you can prioritize rest and recharge your energy levels before continuing with your journey.


In conclusion, taking naps while traveling can be beneficial if done strategically and in moderation. Power naps can help with alertness, mood enhancement, and cognitive function, making your travel experience more enjoyable. However, it is essential to be mindful of the timing and duration of your naps to avoid interfering with your regular sleep schedule.

Remember to listen to your body and prioritize rest when needed. So, the next time you embark on a long journey, don’t hesitate to take a well-deserved nap to recharge and make the most out of your travel experience!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can napping while traveling help combat jet lag?

    • Absolutely! Taking short naps during your travel can help reduce the effects of jet lag and adjust to new time zones more smoothly.
  2. Are there any negative effects of taking naps while traveling?

    • If you take excessively long naps or nap too close to your regular bedtime, it may interfere with your nighttime sleep and lead to difficulty falling asleep.
  3. Can I take a nap on an airplane?

    • Yes, many airlines now provide designated areas or lie-flat seats for passengers to take naps. However, it is advisable to bring a travel pillow and noise-canceling headphones for added comfort.
  4. How often should I take naps while traveling?

    • The frequency of naps will vary depending on your individual needs and travel schedule. It is generally recommended to limit napping to one or two short sessions per day.
  5. Can napping while traveling help improve productivity?

    • Yes, a well-timed power nap can increase alertness and improve productivity. It can help you recharge and regain focus, especially during long journeys or layovers.

Note: The author of this content is Amelia.

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