Saatva Mattress Review (With Loom & Leaf and Zenhaven) | FULL GUIDE

By | February 21, 2023

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Saatva Mattress Review (Loom & Leaf and Zenhaven) | FULL GUIDE. In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers the Saatva vs Loom and Leaf vs Zenhaven comparison. Saatva is a premium innerspring mattress that comes in multiple firmness profiles. The bed incorporates two layers of coils, memory foam and a euro pillow top. It also has an organic cotton cover. Zenhaven is a latex foam mattress that is two sided and flippable. One side of the bed is slightly softer and one side is slightly firmer. It’s also the slightly more expensive online mattress. Loom and Leaf is Saatva’s memory foam offering that has an all-foam bed design. Saatva has a few other mattresses to choose from like the Saatva HD, Saatva Latex Hybrid, Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid, and Saatva Solaire. They even have a kids mattress called the Saatva Youth. Thanks for watching this Saatva mattress comparison and Saatva mattress review video.

Saatva vs Loom and Leaf vs Zenhaven Review:

Saatva Mattress Review:

Loom & Leaf Review:

Saatva Latex Hybrid Review:

Zenhaven Mattress Review:

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0:00 – Introduction
1:09 – General Mattress Policies
2:44 – Saatva Classic Mattress Review
4:25 – Loom and Leaf Mattress Review
6:16 – Zenhaven Mattress Review
8:07 – Final Verdict: Saatva vs Loom and Leaf vs Zenhaven
8:37 – Conclusion

Welcome back to the Slumber yard I'm JD Hopefully you're doing well and today We've got a triple comparison between Three beds from the Sava lineup we're Going to be seeing how the Salva classic Compares to the Lumen leaf and how that Bed compares to zenhaven and how all Three stack up against each other we're Going to start things off by talking About the policies that these beds are Backed by then we're going to delve into The similarities between them and that Mainly has to do with that policy stuff Right then we're going to be talking About each individual mattress we're Going to discuss pricing firmness and Feel construction and at the very end I'll try to sum things up with a final Verdict for you so you can ultimately Determine which one is right for you now Over here at the slumber yard we review Online mattresses that's our bread and Butter over here we're constantly doing It all day long and we really enjoy it So if you enjoy this video like it Subscribe to the channel for so much More and if you need any more Information about any one of these three Beds from Sava check the description we Should have a ton of helpful related Links and content down there for you but Now let's get right into this thing [Music] To find the right bed for you

[Music] Okay so before we dive head first into This triple comparison I do want to talk About the types of policies that Sava is Backing these mattresses with now for The record Sava did send all three of These beds to us for free so we could Basically review them and tell you guys About them but they all should share Really similar policy information Starting with completely free shipping And instead of bed in a box shipping Which is the standard method that a lot Of online mattresses get to you with Savvy uses a process known as white Glove delivery where a local delivery Team will actually deliver the mattress To You full size and set it up for you And in a lot of cases they'll even Remove your old bed at no additional Cost all three of these Sava mattresses Are quite Burly and heavy to lift Especially if you're by yourself so why Glove delivery is always nice to have in This case now along with that white Glove delivery service all these beds Come with a 365 night trial period as Well so you get a full year to test These mattresses out perform your Rigorous sleeping tests on them before You're stuck with them for a full year And if within that time frame you end up Not really like making any one of these Three beds from Saba you do have a

Return option but it's not going to be Completely free you're probably going to Have to pay small transportation fee if You want to send it back but we highly Doubt many folks are going to be doing That anytime soon is all three are quite Nice so in the case that you do want to Keep them for the foreseeable future all Three are backed by LifeTime warranties Which is well above and beyond the usual Industry standard of around like 10 Years for a mattress warranty so if you Need any more information about the Policies that I just went over maybe the More specific details and liner notes on That warranty stuff like that check the Description there should be some helpful Links down there for you but now let's Get right into this triple comparison And I'm kind of going to do this in the Format of going over each mattress one By one starting out with the sofa Classic this guy's sitting right behind Me this is probably the most popular and Accommodating bed that Safa currently Offers as a brand I actually recently Purchased this mattress for my dad and He loves it it's a really supportive and Durable hybrid option that features two Layers of coils on the bottom it starts Off with a layer of inner Springs and Then it transitions up to a layer of Pocketed coils for even more support and Then you uses various Comfort Foams

Including memory foam and a nice European pillow top to give it more of a Traditional pillow top feel to us the Sofa classic feels like you're sleeping On a fancy hotel bed something that a Lot of folks are probably familiar with Already you know it's just a more Traditional style of mattress feel it May remind you of a bed that you grew up Sleeping on and it's just going to be General accommodating and comfortable For the vast majority of sleeper types Out there it's also available in three Different firmness levels you've got a Plush soft a luxury firm and a fur model To choose from we usually recommend the Luxury firm as it's right around a Medium firm on our scale so gonna work Out great for all sleeper types but Probably best for back and stomach Sleepers looking for some support from Their bed rather than pressure relief The sofa classic also has a Zone support Feature where the middle third of the Mattress is a little firmer which is Intended to help keep your back in a More neutral spinal alignment while you Rest at night it could help those who Suffer from chronic back pain and you Might not even notice it's there but you Know Zone support is always nice to have In a bed it's also a pretty dang good Value for a more luxurious hybrid option Online as of when I'm doing this video a

Queen size is available for just shy of The 1700 Mark after discount and we have Something probably in the description Box to help you out with those savings We really enjoy the Safa classic over Here at the slumber yard it's one of our Favorite beds and it's probably safa's Flagship model but now we have a more Responsive luxurious memory foam Offering from the brand and that is the Lumen Leaf so unlike the Sava classic The Lumen Leaf is an all-foam mattress By default and that means it's Predominantly going to be best for Medium and petite sized individuals if You're a heavier person you probably Want to look into a hybrid bed like the Sofa classic just because those coils Are going to offer you a little bit more Bi-directional support and long-term Durability but if you are a heavier Person you could probably get by on an All-fung bed like the Lumen Leaf just Fine in terms of construction it starts Off with dense support foam on the Bottom and then you have a nice layer of Memory foam above that and rounding Everything out is a pretty nice European Pillow top and this design gives the Lumen Leaf a more new age responsive Style of memory foam feel so unlike a More traditional Tempur-Pedic mattress Where you really sink into the bed and It conforms around you you're going to

Be getting a little bit of a sinking Sensation from the Lumen Leaf but it Shouldn't be too overwhelming for you at All and it may even appeal to those who Aren't even the biggest fans of memory Foam as a material in general in terms Of firmness you've got two different Options with the Lumen Leaf they've got A relaxed firm and a firm option for you To choose from but we usually steer Folks towards that relaxed firm as it's Right around a medium firm so good for All sleepers but probably best for back And stomach the lumenleaf mattress also Has a little bit of a cooling Advantage They have a cooling strip within the Center third of this bed to help cool Folks down on a nightly basis you know We would say that this isn't really an Active cooling bed but it will probably Sleep temperature neutral on you at the End of the day and it could benefit you If you're maybe a hot sleeper in terms Of pricing as of when I'm recording this Video the lumenleaf mattress retails in A queen size for around the 2400 mark But after discount which you should be Able to locate in the description box of This video you should be paying closer To the 2100 dollar Mark somewhere in There so the Lumen Leaf is a more Luxurious memory foam option from Sava All foam mattress really really nice but Now we have a more premium double-sided

Latex foam offering from the brand which Is their Zen Haven bed so this is an all Latex foam bed that's also a flippable Mattress so both sides are actually Designed to be slept on which is kind of Nice it's like you're getting two beds In one the luxury plush side sits it Right around a medium firm on our scale So good for all sleeper types but Probably best for back and stomach Sleepers and the gentle firm side is a Little bit firmer in between a medium Firm and a proper firm on our scale so That's probably going to suit the needs Of only strict back and stomach sleepers Looking for tons of support since the Bed mainly uses latex foam for comfort In addition to organic cotton and wool It features more of a responsive latex Foam feel so it's going to be really Springy and almost spongy for lack of a Better term and it's kind of like the Opposite of a memory foam so with a Memory foam bed you're going to be Getting a lot of sink in body conforming Qualities but with a latex foam bed it's Quite the opposite you're going to be Getting lots of responsiveness and Pushback with little to no sinking but That's not to say it isn't accommodating And comfortable it is quite nice and a Lot of folks out there actually prefer The feel of latex foam overall the Zen Haven mattress also comes with a ton of

Eco certifications to back up just how Ethically sourced it is the entire thing Is green guard gold certified it meets The global organic latex and textile Standards and a ton of others there's a Slew of other certifications that we'll Try to link Down Below in the Description box if you want to learn More at the end of the day zenhaven is a Much more luxurious natural and organic Offering and the pricing certainly Reflects that notion as when I'm Recording this video a queen size Retails for right around thirty two Hundred dollars so that's quite the Sticker shock but again we should have a Discount Down Below in the description To help save you a couple hundred bucks On the bed and so you should be Expecting to pay around 27.50 when all Is said and done somewhere in that range So in terms of pricing for this triple Comparison zenhaven is probably going to Be the most expensive the sofa classic Is going to be the most affordable of The three and the Lumen Leaf is right There in the middle but that's pretty Much what you got to know in terms of Comparing these three software beds by Now you probably want a short and sweet Final verdict and here you go when it Comes down to it look into the Zen Haven Mattress from Sava if you want a Flippable latex foam option that's also

A natural and organic bed check out Lumen Leaf if you want more of a Luxurious memory foam offering with a Bit of a cooling advantage and then Consider the sofa classic if you wanted Accommodating and supportive hybrid bed That should be the most affordable of The three after discount but hey that's Just our take on it over here at the Slumber yard what is yours what do you Guys think of saba as a brand do you Like their beds do you like the ones That I just went over write us down Below in the comments we would love to Know your thoughts and if you enjoyed This video like the video subscribe to The slumberair for so much more and Again if you need more information about These beds that I just went over check In the description for a lot of helpful Stuff but that's pretty much going to do It for this one again I'm JD with the Slumber yard hopefully you're doing well Out there and like always sleep right Sleep tight and we'll see you next time Foreign [Music]

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