Saatva Mattress Review – Plush Soft vs Luxury Firm vs Firm (NEW)

By | April 28, 2023

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Saatva Mattress Review – Plush Soft vs Luxury Firm vs Firm (NEW). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers our review of the Saatva Classic mattress and its firmness levels. Saatva is a premium innerspring mattress that comes in multiple firmness profiles. The bed incorporates two layers of coils, memory foam and a euro pillow top. It also has an organic cotton cover. Saatva has a few other mattresses to choose from like the Saatva HD, Saatva Latex Hybrid, Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid, Loom & Leaf, Zenhaven mattress and Saatva Solaire. They even have a kids mattress called the Saatva Youth. JD touches on the mattress policies offered with this bed which includes free shipping, a sleep trial, free returns and a warranty. He also covers the construction of the mattress, how it feels and the different firmness options, and what sleeper type would be best for this bed (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers). Wes also discusses which body types (petite, medium and heavy) would enjoy this mattress. If you are interested in more of a mattress for heavier people, JD recommends on the Saatva HD mattress. Thanks for watching this Saatva mattress comparison and Saatva mattress review video. Hopefully it helps you with your next mattress purchase!

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0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – General Mattress Policies
2:56 – Construction
3:41 – Feel
4:07 – Firmness Levels
6:00 – Other Options
6:28 – X-Factors
7:05 – Pricing
7:46 – Final Verdict: Saatva Firmness Levels Review
8:14 – Conclusion

Hey guys I'm JD with the Slumber yard And I am fired up today because we are Going to be talking about one of my Favorite beds over here at the slumber Yard the Sava classic but more Specifically we're going to be going Over its three firmness options the Plush soft the luxury firm and the firm I'm going to be going over these three Firmness levels in a bit here but we're Going to start off by talking about the Policy information that the Sava classic Is backed by then we'll briefly go over Its construction and feel and then we'll Really delve into these furnace levels And where they're exactly at in terms of Our opinion we'll go over pricing near The end and at the very end I'll even Try to sum things up with a final Verdict for you so stick around now if You enjoy this video click the like Button you know subscribe to the Slumber Yard for so much more and if you need Any more information about the Salva Classic and its firmness options check Down below in the description for a lot More helpful stuff but now let's get Into this one [Music] Good for you For you to save your money Okay so before I start going on and on About these firmness options from the Soffit classic I do want to go over some

General stuff like the types of policies This bed is backed by and its overall Construction and feel and for the record We did receive the Safa classic 4 free From saatva to review so we could tell You guys about it you know that's pretty Much how we conduct all of our online Mattress review content that we do over Here on this channel but in terms of Policy stuff you should be getting Completely free shipping to start and With the sofa classic sofa backs all of Their mattresses with complementary White Glove delivery so instead of the Standard bed in a box unboxing method That you usually get with an online bed This bed is going to show up at your Door full size with a delivery team that Will bring it into your home and set it Up for you at no additional cost and They'll in most cases remove your old Bed for free Wyclef delivery is always Nice to have especially if you're unable To physically set up a big Burly bed Like this one by yourself or if you Maybe live in An Inconvenient location Like a high-rise or a rural area and I Actually put that theory to the test Recently because I purchased the sofa Class for my dad and he lives out in the Boonies way in Northern Nevada and a Local delivery team actually went all The way out to his you know place and Set this bed up for him at no extra cost

I was really surprised by the whole Process so that white glow delivery Always nice to have and Saba as a brand Goes well above and beyond with it now Once the bed is in your possession you Also get 365 nights to try it out in the Comfort of your own home before it's Officially yours so you get an entire Year to really put this bed to the test And if within that first year of testing It out you end up not really liking it For whatever reason you will have to pay A small transportation fee to send it Back just because Saba as a brand incurs A bit more cost shipping this mattress To you with that whole White Glove Delivery process but if you end up Wanting to keep it which I think should Be the case for the vast majority of Folks out there the sofa classic is a Really nice mattress that I don't see Many people returning it is backed by a Lifetime warranty which is awesome and If you need any more information Regarding all this policy stuff check The description box for it now moving Over into construction there's a lot Going on with the Safa classic it Actually uses two layers of coils on on The bottom for support which makes it a Great option for heavier people so Hybrid bids if you didn't know already Basically use coils in combination with Various Foams for comfort and with the

Software classic it has inner springs on The bottom and then above that you have Another layer of pocketed coils so Pocketed coils are individually siled Springs that you know kind of move Independently of each other so they go a Long way in increasing a bed's overall Motion isolation and they give beds a Lot more bounce if that's something that You're into so all those coils make it a Really supportive option for much Heavier people or just all body types in General now above all those coil layers You have a more transitional layer of Memory foam and then rounding the entire Mattress out is a nice European pillow Top with some additional Comfort Elements in there now the overall design And construction of the Sava classic Gives it more of a traditional pillow Top or inner spring feel so when you hop On this bed you may find it to be really Similar to something that you maybe grew Up sleeping on like a more of a Traditional Hotel bed just a really Springy responsive type of coil mattress So a lot of people are used to that Style of bed including myself so I Really prefer the feel that's found on This one in a nutshell it should just Feel really comfortable and Accommodating for a lot of sleeper types Out there now let's get into the furnace Option so there are three here with the

Safa classic to choose from you've got a Plush soft which in our opinion is right Around a medium firmness maybe a little Bit softer than that so you're getting a Bed that's going to be appropriate for All sleeper types right off the bat so If you like to sleep on your backside Stomach or a combination of all three Throughout the night you're gonna be Good to go right away with this model And also if you're more of a primary Side or combination sleeper looking for The most amount of pressure relief on The soffit classic the plush soft is Obviously going to be the way to go it's Going to be their softest model now from The plush soft you move up into their Luxury firm version which we commonly Recommend for the vast majority of Sleeper types out there it's around a Medium firm though so it's going to be a Bit firmer than something like a medium Which is usually what we suggest for all Sleeper types but that being said it Should work just fine for all sleepers You know backside stomach and Combination but since it is a little bit Firmer it is going to provide just a bit More support for primary back and Stomach sleepers but keep in mind all Beds do soften over time as you use them So you almost want to start out with Something that's a little bit firmer and Then have it come down to that Medium

Firmness or whatever as you start to use It so I personally sleep on a bed that Is around a medium now but it did start Off being a little bit firmer than a Medium at least that's what I thought so You know that's something to keep in Mind when you purchase a brand new bed Now from their luxury firm you then move Up into the firm and right up top here I Just want to say that the firm is a firm Firm bed okay this is going to be a Primary back and stomach sleeper bed It's going to be a proper firm on our Scale so you know it's not going to work That well for side and combination Sleepers looking for a lot of pressure Relief from their bed you know the firm Is going to be a truly truly firm Mattress from Sava probably only going To be best for strict back and stomach Sleeping but a lot of people out there Really prefer a firm mattress there are A bunch of firm mattresses within the Online space that a lot of people love And enjoy you know if you do want a firm Mattress from savva you know another Model they also offer a ton of other Beds for you to consider they also have The Zen Haven which is a flippable latex Foam option it's going to be really firm On either side for you they also have Their Lumen Leaf which is also available In two different versions a relaxed firm And a firm both are going to be much

Firmer and they also have their new Sava Memory foam hybrid mattress which is Also on the firmer end of the spectrum It's going to be a little bit firmer Than a medium but it is probably going To be a bit more affordable than the Safa classic at the end of the day but Now let's get into some X factors with a Sofa classic and there are two main ones And the first one is the Zone support Feature that's located within the center Third of the bed there's a lumbar Support here and this is there to Essentially help keep your back in a More neutral spinal alignment you might Not even notice that it's even there When you first hop on this bed but it Could benefit those who suffer from Chronic back pain at night the other Thing with the sofa classic is you take One look at this bed and you just think Wow this is a super nice bed it's a Really luxurious option it's got this Golden embroidery and a nice organic Cotton cover wrapping everything up it Just looks A Cut Above a lot of other Online beds within this space really Premium mattress you're getting with the Sofa classic and this luxurious look Might lead you to believe that the Sava Classic is way out of your price range And while it is pretty up there it's Much more affordable than one might Think as of when I'm doing this video a

Queen size sofa classic retails for just Shy of the two thousand dollar mark But After discount and Saba is usually Pretty good with the discounts that they Run on their beds these days you can Expect to pay right around the 1700 Range for one maybe even less on some Days and we should have something to Help you out with saving the most amount Of money with a sofa classic Down Below In the description box some sort of Discount and if you do decide to use That discount it'll actually help a lot With you know supporting us hard-working Folks over here at the slumber yard and We really appreciate that from you guys But that's pretty much going to sum it Up for this video hopefully we kind of Informed you on these furnace options a Bit more today but now let's really give You a final verdict over here at the Slumber yard we would say look into the Plush soft model of the sofa classic if You are more of a side or combination Sleeper or you just want a bed to be Closer to that Medium furnace right off The bat check out their luxury firm if You just want something that will start Around a medium firm for all sleeper Types but probably should soften up over Time as you use it and then consider That firm model if you know you want a Truly firm bed that'll most likely work Best for strict back and stomach

Sleeping but hey that's just our take on It what is yours when it comes down to The Sapa classical what do you like About this bed and what do you maybe Hate rise Down Below in the comments we Would love to know your thoughts and if You need any more information about this Bed check the description box we should Have full written reviews of it down There other comparisons with it buyer Guides that you know it's on and of Course those discounts to help save you Some money on it if you enjoyed this Video like the video subscribe to the Channel we always really appreciate your Support over here but that's going to do It for this one again I'm JD with the Slumber yard that's D pain the Pain Train behind the camera baby sleep right Sleep time we'll see you next time [Music] Like And subscribe

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