Purple Mattress Review | Original vs Purple Hybrid 2-3-4 (NEW)

By | March 8, 2023

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Purple Mattress Review | Original vs Purple Hybrid 2-3-4 (NEW). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers his comparison of the Purple mattress vs the Purple Hybrid mattresses, including the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and Purple Hybrid Premier 4. The Purple Original mattress is a the flagship bed in a box of the popular online mattress brand Purple. Whereas the Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier still use the company’s GelFlex Grid, they also incorporate pocketed coils for support purposes. JD covers what each bed is made of, what the Purple beds feel like and how firm/soft they are. He also talks about what types of sleepers (side, back or stomach) will like each bed as well as what body types (small, medium, heavy). Thanks for watching this Purple mattress review and Purple Hybrid review. Hopefully it helps you find the right Purple mattress for your situation.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:05 – General Mattress Policies
2:24 – What Is The Purple GelFlex Grid?
3:30 – Pocketed Coils vs All-Foam Construction
4:05 – Differences In Purple Mattress Firmness
5:30 – Mattress Pricing & Discounts
6:44 – Final Verdict: Purple vs Purple Hybrid vs Purple Hybrid Premier
7:16 – Conclusion

Hey guys welcome to the Slumber yard in This video by the backlight you probably Guessed it we're talking about purple so We're talking about how the original Purple mattress Stacks up against the Purple hybrid and how those two Mattresses you know compare against the Purple hybrid Premiere line the three And the four hey guys I'm JD with the Slumber yard and over here we review all Things online beds and online betting Products so if you've been checking out Something online you want some more Information about it at least within the Whole online sleep space head on over to Our website my Slumber yard.com or check Down below in the description box of This video screen if you enjoy this Video you maybe get something out of it We helped you out towards your decision On a purple bed today hit the thumbs up Subscribe to the channel for so much More but in this video we're gonna start Off by covering the policies that these Beds come with then we're going to delve Into the similarities between them all We'll talk about the differences where They compare where they contrast how Much they cost and at the end we'll even Sum things up with the final verdict so Stick around but without further Ado Let's get right into it [Music] And save your money

In terms of shipping these beds are all Going to ship to you with completely Free bed and a bag shipping so rather Than a big four foot tall box the purple Mattresses usually will all arrive in a Big slender bag which you basically drag Into your room and unpackage you roll Off all that plastic packaging and then You will have a purple mattress that Will expand right before your eyes now The purple original since this is an Awful mattress it might take a little Bit longer than the Hybrid models to Really inflate to its true form it might Take like a couple hours maybe even a Day but just know that going forward the Hybrid ones will probably pop right into Their original shape while the original Purple might take some time but in any Case once they're in your possession you Also get a trial period of 100 nights to Test them out at home risk-free before You're stuck with them so you basically Get a little over three months to see if These beds are right for you or not and If they're not for whatever reason you Can get completely free returns within Those first 100 nights though purple as A brand will probably ask you to try Them out for at least 30 full nights Before you make your final decision but In the case you do want to keep them Which I think should be the case for Most folks out there as they're really

Quality interesting beds they're backed By 10-year warranties pretty much and if You want any more information about the Policies that I just kind of went over Check in the description we should have Some more helpful stuff down there for You and before I forget I do want to Mention that purple the brand did send Us these mattresses for free to review And tell you guys about them but if you Were to buy one of them online that's Basically all the policy stuff that You're going to be backed by just know That but aside from all that policy Stuff the main thing that all of them Share in common is the purple stuff on Top it's called hyper elastic polymer Otherwise known by the brand as the Purple grid this stuff is a gel like Material that's laid out in a grid Format across the top of the entire Mattress it almost resembles a rubber Rather than a foam it's really stretchy And responsive and it gives all of the Purple mattresses a really unique feel When you lay down on your back on a Purple mattress you almost feel buoyant And weightless kind of like you're Floating above the bed rather than Laying directly on it but then when you Go to switch to your side from your back That material does a pretty good job at Conforming to the shape of your Shoulders and hips offering a nice

Amount of pressure relief even though it Is kind of strange at first glance we Found that the majority of sleepers out There really like the feel that's found On purple and that grid format because It's laid out in Grid format also allows These beds to have a ton of airflow when You press down on a purple bed you can Almost feel some of that air circulating Through the bed so these are going to be Great options all of them at the end of The day for hot sleepers they aren't Necessarily going to be active cooling Options but they will probably sleep Temperature neutral on you at the end of The day so they all share a very similar Type of really interesting feel but one Of the main differences between all of Them has to do with construction so the Original purple bed this one sitting Right behind me is an all-foam mattress By default and that means that it uses Dense foam on the bottom rather than Support coils which makes it probably Most supportive for medium to petite Sized individuals if you are heavier say In the range of 200 pounds and up you're Probably going to want to look into a Hybrid bed that'll offer you tons more Support and durability on a nightly Basis and lucky for you the purple Hybrid and the purple hybrid Premier Beds do use pocketed coil layers for Support by default so those are going to

Be best for bigger body types now the Firmness between all of these beds is Also going to be different and that's Mainly due to the amount of hyperelastic Polymer that you're going to be getting On top of all of these purple beds the Original purple uses two inches of the Purple grid on top and it's around a Medium as we found over here at the Slumber yard and it should work out Great for all sleeper types the purple Hybrid also uses two inches of purple Grid on top but it is going to be a Little bit firmer due to the coils below We would clock it at right around a Medium firm on our scale so it should Work fine for all sleeper types but it's Probably going to work out best for Stricter back and stomach sleepers Looking for tons of support from their Purple bed now you've got two different Options with the purple hybrid Premier Line a three inch and a four inch the Three inch since it uses a little bit More of that purple grid on top it's Gonna be right in between a medium and a Medium firm and since the four inch Naturally uses four inches it's going to Be a tinge bit softer than that closer To a medium now those furnace rakings Are based on an average sized individual If you're heavier you could feel these Beds to be a little bit softer than that And conversely if you're more petite

You'd find them to be a little bit Firmer but you know if you you do want a Purple mattress that will be a little Bit softer in general for side sleepers They do also offer the purple plus which Is a newer all-foam offering from the Brand that bed is around a medium soft Going to be really pressure relieving For most side sleepers out there and as A brand they also offer the purple kids Bed and the new day which is a more Affordable offering that they recently Came out with we'll try to link all Those other options from the brand down Below in the description box if you want To check them out for yourself or Something like that but now let's get Into pricing so how much are you really Going to be shelling out for all these Purple mattresses and right up top I do Want to say that mattress pricing within The space does change often so if you Want the most current and up-to-date Stuff check in the description we Usually like to keep that stuff pretty Updated and also keep in mind I'm Filming this right around President's Day and around major holidays like this One mattress Brands like to run really Great promotions on their products so Keep that in mind but as of when I'm Recording you can expect to pay right Around the 1400 range MSRP for a queen Size original purple mattress after

Discount I think they're running around Like twelve hundred dollars and that's a Really good price point for a bed of This quality in terms of the purple Hybrid after discount you can expect to Pay right around two thousand dollars You know give or take and that is again For the queen size purple hybrid after Discount in terms of the purple hybrid Premiere line these are their most Premium mattresses and the pricing Certainly reflects that notion I don't Really want to get into that pricing Because it is up there and it tends to Change often so again the most current And up-to-date stuff should be found in Our description but that is pretty much Going to sum it up for our purple Mega Comparison so to speak you know between All of these purple beds I think you Just have to be a more adventurous buyer Who's willing to try out something Completely different yet also really Comfortable purple is a really popular Brand for a reason they're great quality Mattresses but at the end of the day who Should go with which option and why well Over here at the slumber yard we'd say Look into the original purple if you're Interested in trying out an all foam bed With a unique feel and you want a bed That's right around a medium and you Want the most affordable option after Discount check out the purple hybrid if

You want a supportive coil bed that also Has a unique feel but a bit of a firmer Profile for back and stomach sleepers And then finally only consider the Purple hybrid Premier beds if you also Want a hybrid purple mattress that Offers a bit more of a comfort advantage And you don't mind spending up for the Most premium options from the purple Brand but that's pretty much going to do It for this one what do you guys think When it comes to all of these purple Mattresses which one are you ultimately Going to go with and why rise Down Below In the comments and let us know your Thoughts if you need any more Information about all these purple beds Again check the description box we've Got tons of helpful links for you down There in addition to discount codes to Help save you the most amount of money Possible on these things and if you do Use those discounts it actually helps to Support us over here at the slumber yard And we always really appreciate your Support if you enjoyed this video shoot Us a like consider subscribing to the Slumber yard for so much more but that's Going to do it for this one again I'm Judy with the Slumber yard hopefully You're doing well out there and like Always sleep right sleep tight and we'll See you next time [Music]

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