Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal Mattress – Which Puffy Mattress Is Best?

By | April 14, 2023

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Trying to decide between the Puffy Lux vs Puffy Royal mattresses? We’re here to make it an easy choice!

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0:00 Puffy vs Puffy Lux Mattress Comparison
0:49 Similarities
1:05 Differences
1:24 Construction
3:15 Firmness & Feel
3:51 Sleeping Positions
4:28 Motion Transfer & Edge Support
5:10 Pricing
5:34 Who Should Get The Puffy Lux?
5:44 Who Should Get The Puffy Royal?
5:57 Wrap Up

The Puffy Lux hybrid mattress has a soft feel that’s great for side sleepers. The Puffy Royal hybrid feels a bit more supportive, and it works well for back sleepers. The Puffy Royal has some extra bells and whistles, making it great for hot sleepers and those who experience back pain.

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Hey y'all elyssa here your reviewer at Mattressclarity.com if you want to feel Like you're sleeping on a cloud a puffy Mattress might be the one for you but if You're not sure which one to get I'm Here to help today I am pitting the Puffy Luxe versus the puffy Royal Mattress I'm going to go over all of Their unique features and help you find The best one for you but don't forget You'll find all this information at Mattressclarity.com along with some Money saving coupons let's Dive In Thank you Before I get into the comparison I do Want to let you know that we received These mattresses for free and we may Earn a commission if you choose to buy One from us using our affiliate links This just helps fund our mattress Testing operation and it keeps all of Our content free to you let's kick Things off by talking about the Similarities first of all these are both Luxury hybrid mattresses and because They're both made by the same company They both have lifetime warranties and 101 night sleep trial periods plus they Both isolate motion really well and have Good Edge support so they're great picks For couples Now for the main differences the puffy Royal mattress is a bit more supportive Than the Lux but the Lux has a lower

Price point the Royal mattress has Better cooling features and it's a bit Taller so it may last a little bit Longer than the puffy Lux But how do these mattresses differ when It comes to construction let's talk About it first of all if you want more In-depth info you'll find it at Mattressclarity.com but the puffy Lux is 12 inches tall it's surrounded by a Stain resistant cloud cover which is Breathable and hypoallergenic there are Three Comfort layers in the puffy Luxe The first one is infused with gel which Helps dissipate body heat the second one Has a very plush slow moving feel and The third one is their climate Comfort Foam which also helps keep you cool at Night at the bottom you'll find a layer Of their Contour adapt coils which gives It a slightly responsive feel and adds a Bit of support the puffy Royal has a Similar construction but there are a few Main differences first of all the puffy Royal is two inches taller than the Lux Coming in at 14 inches tall it has the Same stain resistant cloud cover that You'll find on the Luxe but instead of Three Comfort layers the puffy Royal has Four there's also a few different Infusions running throughout that makes This mattress a little bit different and More higher end for example the first Comfort layer instead of being infused

With gel it's infused with cooling beads This does an even better job of pulling Heat away from the body the second Comfort layer feels a bit more Responsive than the puffy Lexus second Comfort layer so it's really going to Give you that support that you need Underneath that is the same layer of Climate Comfort foam but what really Makes this mattress Stand Out is that Its fourth Comfort layer has zoned Support Zone support just means that it Feels firmer in some areas and softer in Others which helps you maintain a nice Neutral alignment throughout the night So if you suffer from back pain the Puffy Royal could be a good way to go at The bottom you'll find the same Contour Adapt coils which gives it a bit of Responsiveness and support Of course we've got to talk about Firmness and feel differences too the Luxe mattress feels like a 6 out of 10 On our firmness scale which for Reference is a half a point softer than The industry standard of medium firm if You're looking for that Medium firm feel Opt for the puffy Royal because that Comes right in at six and a half out of Ten both mattresses have a similar feel Because they contain similar materials So if you're looking for that slow Moving almost quick sand feel that gives You a lot of body contouring both of

These mattresses are great choices We got to talk about sleeping positions As well so first of all both of these Mattresses are not good choices for Stomach sleepers stomach sleepers need Really firm beds and neither one of These are really going to fit the bill Both of these mattresses work well for Back and side sleepers but I will say That the puffy Luxe has a slight Edge For side sleepers because it's a bit Softer it offers a bit more pressure Relief the puffy Royal is really great For back sleepers because it's a bit More supportive but again if you Alternate between your back and your Side both mattresses are great choices To your mattresses motion isolation and Edge support fortunately both of these Beds do well in both categories but if You're not sure what I'm talking about Motion isolation just means if you're Sleeping on one side of the bed and your Partner comes in on the other and they Start switching sleeping positions are You going to feel that movement come Over to your side of the bed and because Both of these mattresses contain high Density foam they isolate motion really Well so you shouldn't wake up if your Partner tosses and turns both beds also Have pretty good Edge support if you sit Along the side of the bed you shouldn't Feel like you're sinking straight

Through it or like you'll fall off Foreign How much do these mattresses cost well This is always an important thing to Consider when you go to their website You'll see the full price for the puffy Lux coming in at a little bit over two Thousand dollars the puffy Royal comes In a little bit over three thousand Dollars but don't get sticker shock here Because with our mattress Clarity Coupons you can save as much as 750 and Get some Nifty accessories Who should get the puffy Luxe mattress This bed works really well for side Sleepers for people who want to save a Little bit of money and for those who Prefer a slightly softer mattress but Who should get the puffy Royal well this Bed works really well for back sleepers People who suffer from back pain because That zone support is really going to Help you there and the puffy Royal is Really great for people who sleep Especially hot at night That's about it by this point you should Know which mattress is good for you but If you have more questions leave them For us in the comments below you can Also read our full reviews at Mattressclarity.com and you'll find some Money saving coupons while you're there See ya Thank you

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