PlushBeds Natural Bliss Mattress Review (Watch Before Buying)

By | December 10, 2021

PlushBeds Natural Bliss Mattress Review

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PlushBeds Natural Bliss Mattress Review (Watch Before Buying). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers his review of the Natural Bliss Latex Mattress. This is an organic mattress that uses organic cotton, organic latex and organic wool. The bed holds several different certifications, including GOTS, GOLS and GreenGuard. JD talks about PlushBeds policies, such as shipping, returns, trial period and warranty. He then talks about what the Natural Bliss bed feels like, how firm/soft it is and how much pressure relief/support it provides. He also gives his opinion on whether side sleepers, stomach sleepers or back sleepers will like the mattress. Thanks for watching this Natural Bliss mattress review. Hopefully it helps you determine whether PlushBeds is the right eco-friendly online mattress for you.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:30 – PlushBeds Policies
2:35 – PlushBeds Construction
4:48 – Natural Bliss Feel & Firmness
6:38 – Is The Natural Bliss Mattress Good For Couples?
8:17 – Natural Bliss Price & Discounts
9:07 – Verdict: PlushBeds Natural Bliss Review

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Hey everyone i’m jd with the slumber Yard hopefully you’re doing well today And in this video we’ve got a mattress Review for you and it’s going to be all About the natural bliss mattress from The brand plush beds so if you didn’t Know already plush beds is a pretty Popular online mattress brand and they Make a number of different mattress Options including some rv beds some sofa Beds and some memory foam ones but their Lineup mainly focuses around four Natural and organic beds and their Natural bliss is an all latex foam bed That’s also entirely vegan so if this Type of an option interests you you Might want to know a few major things Before you buy it online since you can’t Really try it out in a store beforehand So in this video we’re going to tell you Everything you need to know about it Starting with the policies that it’s Going to come with then we’re going to Delve into its construction so what Exactly it’s made up of then we’re going To get into the major factors that you Probably want to know like how the bed Fares in terms of firmness feel elements For couples and its overall pricing and At the end i’ll even wrap things up with A final verdict on who we see this Option ultimately being best for now Give this video a thumbs up and Subscribe to our channel if you enjoy

The content that we produce over here And maybe helps you out towards your Online mattress search and just for the Record we’re gonna link a bunch more Information concerning the natural bliss And all the other beds from plush beds Down below in the description box Including our full written reviews and Any sorts of coupons that we might Happen to come across to help save you Some money with these options but Without further ado let’s review the Natural bliss [Music] Okay so for starters let’s go over the Types of policies that you’re going to Be getting with the natural bliss Mattress now for the record we did Receive it for free from plushbeds to Review but if you buy it online you Should be getting the following policies Starting with completely free shipping If you go with the 10 inch model like we Did this bed will likely show up in a Series of boxes so there is a little bit Of a setup process but it’s really easy And it shouldn’t take you a lot of time At all to complete now once the bed is Set up and in your possession you also Get 100 full nights to try the mattress Out in the comfort of your own home risk Free and if you end up not really liking The mattress for whatever reason within That time frame they also offer

Completely free returns with it so in That case you’re just going to call Plush beds up and schedule a mattress Removal and with plush beds you may not Even want to send the whole mattress Back because they do offer something Called a free comfort exchange program I’ll touch on that more in a bit here But on the flip side if you enjoy the Natural bliss and you ultimately decide To keep it and i think that should be The case for most folks out there it’s Backed by a 25 year warranty and we’re Going to try to link more policy Specifics for this mattress down below In the description if you want to check Those out for yourself now let’s talk About this bed’s design and overall Construction and before i get into all These layers i just want to say right up Top that this bed is comprised Completely of ethically sourced natural Inorganic materials and it’s got all Sorts of ecological certifications to Back that fact up so all the latex foam Used within the sped is actually geo ls Certified which means it meets the Global organic latex standard all the Natural inorganic cotton also meets the Global organic textile standard and the Entire mattress itself is green guard Gold certified which is actually one of The toughest certifications for a Natural and organic mattress to get i

Just want to let you know all that stuff Right up top before i start rattling off All these layers within this bed they All are backed by a ton of eco Certifications and we’re going to try to Link those certifications more Information about them anyways down Below in the description so you can see That stuff for yourself so the Construction of this mattress will Depend on the high profile you go with They have a 6 8 and a 10 inch to choose From we have their 10 inch model and the Construction is as follows for this Mattress so on the bottom you have a six Inch layer of latex foam for support Then you have another two inches of Latex foam to act as a transitional Layer between that support core and the Top two inch layer of talalay latex foam Which basically serves as the bed’s main Comfort layer now talalay latex foam is Basically the softer style of latex foam As opposed to dunlop which is the firmer One and it basically gives the bed a lot More pressure relief and it’s even Aerated to help you out in terms of Airflow this bed is also rounded out With a removable organic cotton cover Which helps to make the bed look and Even smell pretty nice right out of the Box and since the mattress doesn’t use Any natural wool whatsoever this bed is Also entirely vegan which could appeal

To those who maybe don’t want any animal Products within their mattress now this Removable cover also gives you the Opportunity to mix and match those latex Foam layers within the mattress as you See fit until the firmness is right for You and as i alluded to earlier this bed Also is backed by a free comfort Exchange and that basically means if That top talalay latex foam layer is a Little bit off for you in terms of Firmness you can actually send it back To plushbeds and they’ll send you a new One that matches your preferences a Little bit more we’ll link more Information about that free comfort Exchange program down below in the Description if you are interested in Learning about that but that actually Segues me nicely into the firmness and Feel of the natural bliss mattress so How is this thing gonna fare in terms of All that stuff well we’d describe the Natural bliss to have a quintessential Latex foam feel so when you push down Into this bed and then you let go it’s Gonna snap back into its original shape Almost immediately and we’d liken this Feel to essentially is the opposite of a Memory foam one so it’s gonna be really Responsive springy and bouncy with Little to no sink in now latex foam as a Material is one of the only naturally Derived types of foams that’s used

Within mattresses it’s actually made up From the sap of a rubber tree that’s Been collected and then fired off into a Mold which i previously didn’t know Before working here and as a material It’s even naturally hypoallergenic and Moisture wicking so if you maybe suffer From chronic allergies and you maybe Sleep on the sweatier side of things Sorry if you do a latex foam option like The natural bliss could be right up your Alley now the natural bliss is also Available in two different furnace Levels those being a medium and a medium Firm option we have their medium and We’d say it is indeed right around a Proper medium on our scale which is a Lot softer than your average all latex Foam bed it might be just a tinge firmer Due to the responsive nature of all that Latex foam used within the bed but again Firmness is a very subjective thing that Usually is based upon how much you weigh So heavier people like myself will Likely find this bed to maybe be a bit Softer than a medium while more petite Sized individuals will find it to be a Bit firmer just keep that in mind for The average person though we see it as Right around like a medium firmness now Before we get into elements for couples And pricing for the natural bliss let’s Take a brief intermission to discuss our Monthly mattress giveaway club

Wes is partying behind the camera right Now the short story is we give away one Brand new queen size bed every single Month and if you want to figure out how You can win for months to come check Down below in the description we’ll link All the details on how to enter our Giveaway down there i wish you the best Of luck with our giveaway but now let’s Get back to this review now it’s time to Talk about couples so if you intend on Sharing this mattress with someone you Might want to know a few things about The natural bliss And for the natural bliss they actually Offer this bed in a split king or a Split queen version which means that you Can basically get a different firmness On either side of this bed so if you and Your partner prefer completely different Firmnesses within one mattress you have That option at your disposal here again We’re gonna link more information about The split queen and king stuff down Below in the description along with a Bunch of other stuff about the natural Bliss in terms of edge support for this Bed which basically refers to how sturdy The perimeter edges of the mattress are If you happen to get pretty close to Them at night it’s not bad at all with The natural bliss since it is an all Latex foam bed it’s not going to be as Good as something like a latex hybrid

That uses pocketed coils for support Those usually retain a lot more support Along the edges but all that being said It should be fine if you sleep pretty Close to the edge of this bed you Shouldn’t roll off in terms of motion Isolation which refers to how well the Bed absorbs cross mattress movement you Know all foam latex foam beds usually Don’t perform the best in this Department since you’re dealing with a Lot of really responsive foams that Don’t absorb or deaden a lot of motion Now if both of you sleep on the warmer Side or at least one of you does you Should definitely take into account a Mattress’s temperature regulation before You buy and in terms of the natural Bliss we see it pretty much sleeping Predominantly temperature neutral on a Nightly basis it doesn’t really have any Active cooling features though latex Foam as a material does a pretty good Job at not really warming up on you and The bed even has these little metal Vents along the side to make the cover That much more breathable but at the end Of the day we just see it’s sleeping Temperature neutral on you but now it’s Time to cover pricing for the natural Bliss how much are you going to be Spending with this option well you know For a more quality natural and organic Option we don’t see it as being

Egregiously priced it’s pretty dang Affordable after discount so queen size Starts at around 1750 after discount for The six inch version and then the Pricing will go up for the eight and ten But we should have an exclusive discount Code with plushbeds to help save you Even more money on it and as a brand They even like to bundle in things like Sheets and pillows and even a mattress Protector with their purchases so you Know check that stuff out we’re gonna Link it down below in the description if You’re interested so yeah price wise It’s definitely not bad especially when You compare that pricing to a lot of Other natural and organic options within The online space especially ones of this Caliber again we’re gonna link our Discounts and anything else we can find For this mattress down below in the Description to help you out with all That pricing that’s pretty much gonna do It for this review i hope you guys Enjoyed it but before i go it’s time for Me to discuss my final verdict with the Natural bliss so who should ultimately Go with this option and for what reasons Well i’d say look into it if you want a Quality natural and organic option from A reputable brand you want something With a responsive latex foam feel with a Few different options to choose from as Far as your bed’s firmness and high

Profile goes and you want a bed that’s Also entirely vegan but hey i’m just a Certified sleep science coach talking to You guys in front of a camera in some Dimly lit room what is your opinion with The natural bliss write us down below in Those comments we would love to hear From you especially if you’ve had any Personal experience with this mattress Again we’re gonna have a ton more Information concerning the natural bliss Down below in the description box our Full written review of this bed other Comparisons with it buyer guides coupon Codes for it if we happen to come across Any spoiler alert we should have Something down below in that description Box for you if you found this video Helpful towards your online mattress Search we’d really appreciate a thumbs Up on this video and consider Subscribing to the slumber yard for so Much more great online bed advice such As this but hey that’s gonna do it for This one again i’m jd with the slumber Yard hopefully you’re doing well and Like always sleep right sleep tight and We’ll see you next time [Music] [Applause] Foreign

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