Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Review | An Organic, Breathable Latex Mattress

By | May 6, 2021

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Review | An Organic, Breathable Latex Mattress ⇦ Click the link for the most updated Plushbeds Mattress discount

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The Botanical Bliss is an organic and all-natural latex mattress with two different firmness options and a variety of heights to accommodate nearly every size and style of sleeper. The mattress is free from harmful chemicals and resists natural allergens. The result is an environmentally conscious mattress that offers good support and a cooling night’s rest.

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– [Narrator] Sleep Foundation’s Test Lab Inspects and analyzes hundreds of products To help you have a better night’s sleep. Join us as we review the
top mattresses in the market And find the best one for you. (soft whimsical music) – Hi, I’m Chris from Sleep Foundation. And today on the test lab, We’ve got the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss. In this video, we’ll cover
what our testing found About the Botanical Bliss And help figure out if it’s
the right mattress for you. Our testing process
looks at five categories That you should consider
before buying a mattress. Each model in our lab undergoes
a thorough examination By our team of experts. If you find this video helpful,
hit the like button below, Leave a comment or
subscribe to our channel. And as always, you can
visit For any of your sleep needs. Let’s get started. The Botanical Bliss is a latex mattress Available in two different
firmness options. The medium firm rates a six
on our 10-point firmness scale While the firm rates a seven out of 10. Founded in 2008, PlushBeds
is a family-run company That produces organic And environmentally sustainable products. The brand sells numerous
latex and all-foam mattresses In addition to bedding,
pillows, and mattress toppers. The Botanical Bliss is
PlushBeds’ latex mattress Which is certified organic. The mattress is constructed Using all-organic wool, latex, and cotton,

And it’s free of harmful chemicals And it’s naturally resistant to allergens. The latex is also organically
grown in the United States. All right, let’s talk
about who this mattress Would be a good fit for. As we’ve already discussed, This mattress is ideal for
eco-conscious consumers Concerned with allergens Or harmful substances in their mattresses. Those who tend to sleep
hot will find this mattress To feature good temperature control. And buyers looking for a durable mattress Will appreciate the solid construction Of the Botanical Bliss. However, there are a few
things worth considering About the Botanical Bliss. The higher price point of this mattress May be too much for
budget-conscious shoppers. The Botanical Bliss is relatively heavy And may be difficult
for some people to move. Finally, the latex construction Means it will feel like you’re
sleeping on the mattress Rather than sleeping in the mattress. Shipping is free in the
contiguous United States, Though customers outside this area Should contact the brand
directly for shipping info. Buyers receive a 100-night sleep trial Which comes with a required
30-day break-in period. White glove delivery is
unavailable through PlushBeds. Okay, let’s see what we’ve learned About this mattress from our testing. It’s about to get technical. The Botanical Bliss is an
all-natural latex mattress Customizable to different
heights and firmness’s.

The model is available in
three different heights: Nine inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. And the height you choose Will correspond to the number
and thickness of the layers. Buyers can also choose a
medium firm or firm option. Regardless of firmness or height, All three mattresses
feature a support core Of three inches of high
density organic latex. The transition layer includes two Three-inch layers of organic latex While the top comfort layer is
two inches to Talalay latex. And finally, the mattress
is wrapped in a cover Made from organic cotton and wool. Our testing on the natural latex Found that it distributed body weight Across the surface of the mattress Which resulted in very
good pressure relief. Side sleepers usually
experience pressure buildup In their shoulders and hips And need a mattress that can
both relieve that pressure And keep their spines aligned. For light and mid-weight sleepers, We recommend the medium firm option While heavier side sleepers
should look to the firm option. Testing also revealed
the multiple latex layers Provide a durable even surface That supports the lumbar of back sleepers. The surface also keeps the
hips and shoulders aligned And prevents sleepers
from sinking too deeply Into the mattress. And once again, we
recommend your body weight To guide the firmness levels. Lightweight back sleepers Should receive excellent
support on the medium

While mid and heavy back sleepers Should prefer the firmer option. Our testing also found the firm model Keeps midsections on an even plane And prevents stomachs from
sinking into the layers. We recommend the firm option
for most stomach sleepers As they can expect balanced support That keeps their spines aligned. We also recommend heavier stomach sleepers Consider the thicker 12 inch option As that extra padding
provides additional support. Latex is a naturally
responsive and bouncy surface And our tests on motion transfer Found that the Botanical Bliss Does transfer some motion
across the mattress. This means co-sleepers
will feel the shifts Or movements of their partner. However, we found this
wasn’t significant enough To disturb most sleepers. Our testing on the perimeter
of the Botanical Bliss Found the edges to be resilient Which can increase the usable
surface of the mattress. Sleepers should feel comfortable sleeping Or sitting near that edge. Heavier sleepers should be mindful That we did notice some
compression around the edges When significant pressure is applied And this could make it harder to sleep Near the edges of the bed. And finally, the latex
construction of the Botanical Bliss Encourages airflow throughout
each layer of the mattress. Minimal contouring on the comfort layer Also prevents heat from
getting trapped near the body While the organic cotton and wool cover

Help wick away heat and
moisture from the body. And the result is a mattress that’s ideal For those who tend to sleep hot. So let’s take a look
at the overall outcome From our mattress testing. With two different firmness options And multiple heights available, The Botanical Bliss can accommodate Nearly every size and style of sleeper. Generally speaking though,
we recommend the firm option For mid and heavier weight sleepers While lighter weight sleepers
should consider the medium. By evenly distributing body weight Across the surface of the mattress, Sleepers can expect above
average pressure relief. Latex is a naturally responsive material That tends to transfer motion More than other kinds of materials. As a result, this bed earned
a rating of about average On our motion isolation. The multiple latex layers on this mattress Create a durable and resilient edge, Giving this mattress above
average edge support. And finally, the organic
latex in the Botanical Bliss Creates a breathable mattress That results in above
average temperature control. So what does this all mean? The Botanical Bliss is an organic And all-natural latex mattress With two different firmness options And a variety of heights to accommodate Nearly every size and style of sleeper. Well, that’s it for our
review of the Botanical Bliss. You can check the description below

for the full review, As well as the most up-to-date information On discounts and pricing. If the Botanical Bliss Doesn’t seem like the
right mattress for you, You can check alternatives here. If you found this video helpful,
please like and subscribe And feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for watching And I hope you have a good night’s sleep.

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