PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress Review

By | February 20, 2020

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress Review

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The Botanical Bliss is a three-layered latex mattress. Plushbeds uses Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton covers and wool inside this mattress, which will help regulate temperature better. Latex mattresses always feel a little firmer to me than foam or hybrid mattresses so if you like a medium-firm feel, this is a great choice. In addition, this mattress comes with a 25-year warranty.

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Hey everyone today we’re gonna be taking A look at the botanical bliss mattress From a company called plush beds What makes this mattress unique is that It’s three layers of latex with an Organic cotton cover and there’s really Not that many of these mattresses on the Marketplace right now so let’s take a Look For this review we received the 10 inch Medium botanical bliss but there’s other Firmness ’iz and thicknesses available On their website depending on what your Needs are just keep in mind that latex Does tend to skew firmer than foam so if You are used to a very plush foam feel You definitely want to go softer with Latex your botanical bliss mattress is Going to arrive in two boxes They’ll be box 1 of 2 in box 2 of 2 I Open box 1 of 2 first thinking that was The first one and in fact those are the Latex layers that go inside so when you Open and make sure you open up box 2 of 2 that contains the outer shell and the First layer of latex make sure to get That onto the bed first now when you get The mattress shell and the first layer Situated on to the bed you’re gonna want To add the other two layers each layer Is labeled for firmness starting with a Base layer which is a medium followed by A medium soft and soft now you can Switch out these layers for different

Firmness but we’ll get into that later Getting them onto the inside the bed can Be a little tricky it’s sort of like Shaking out a towel you can lay them Across once they’re pretty much laid out You want to shake them to create a Little wave and what that’ll do is allow You to move the latex into place so all The layers are perfectly aligned and Then you can zip up that top cover and Complete the set up so that’s certainly A unique experience to build your own Mattress but that’s what I’m talking About with the botanical bliss it’s not Your typical bed in a box it’s not Something that you cut open and can Sleep on right away but you do have Pride in knowing that you help build Your own bed now that your mattress is Put together you’ll notice that it has a Very nice organic cotton cover it has Two handles on each side which is great For rotating you’ll need those handles Because latex is a heavy material this Is a heavy mattress it also has some Gold vents on each side as well for Added breathability overall just very Sleek looking and sophisticated now You’re probably watching this video Because you’re in the market place for An all-natural mattress and that term is Pretty loosely defined because an All-natural mattress could be something Like this or it could be a match for

With Springs in it a lot of times people Just don’t want any steel or Springs in Their mattress they don’t consider that All natural what you get with the Botanical bliss is the organic cotton Cover a layer of New Zealand wool for Temperature regulation followed by three Layers of gold certified latex that’s Global organic latex standard latex Which means it comes from an organic Certified farm and each of those layers Has varying levels of density so one is Firmer than the other and you can swap That around to change out the comfort so You’re probably wondering how in all Latex mattress feels we often review Spring and foam spring and latex Mattresses but it’s pretty rare that we Get to review and all latex mattress Well when you setup your mattress you Notice that I mentioned that you kind of Have to wring out that towel to get that Latex situated onto the mattress Correctly so right away you know it has This very rubbery feel and then when you Put that cover over that sort of dampens Things a little so latex does skew a Little bit firmer than foam because it Has a tendency to sort of push back the More you push into it the more it wants To spring back at you so this mattress Was great in terms of being able to move Around on it has some good bounce so if You appreciate a mattress with good

Bounce but not a lot of motion transfer This is ideal because you really aren’t Going to get any motion transfer at all Even though you’re able to bounce it Around a little bit on the mattress now In terms of sleeping position I find This ideal for stomach and back sleepers Side sleepers are probably gonna want to Go for that 12 inch version this is Gonna allow more material for you to Sink into the mattress and contour a bit Better in terms of breathability I love latex mattresses because when They pour the latex and take it out of The mold they leave these little holes That create little pockets for air to Flow through and out through the side Through those Gold’s little vents on Each of the sides so very breathable Mattress easy to move around on good for Stomach and back side sleepers you may Want to go a little bit thicker but All-in-all a very unique and You’ll feel the botanical bliss retails For around $3,000 in a queen-size but They often have discounts as of this Video the discount is around $200 Bringing it down to about $1,900 for a Queen 10 inch botanical bliss now this Also comes with a hundred night trial The caveat is that you keep it for 30 Nights which is reasonable you want to Make sure that you can adjust to the Feel of the mattress and beyond those 30

Nights if you still don’t like it they Just ask that you reach out to them and Then they will have somebody pick it up They just ask that you put it back in a Box so that they can come by and pick it Up and give you the full refund this Mattress comes with a 25-year warranty Which is higher than your typical 10 Year warranty that most mattress Companies give you and I think the Reason they’re able to extend such a Long warranty is because latex is a very Durable material it is much more durable Than foam even than Springs so they just Know that you’re gonna get a really good Lifespan out of this mattress and they Really do stand behind it so in Conclusion people looking for an All-natural mattress that want no Compromising material really do need to Look at an all latex mattress because You don’t even have to wonder you know There are any impurities in the steel of The springs none of that is in question You know exactly what farm this latex Came from it is a gold certified latex It’s natural New Zealand wool it’s an Organic cotton cover there’s nothing About this mattress that isn’t Biodegradable so not only does it have a Great sustainability story it’s also Very comfortable mattress yes it does Skew a bit firmer but if you know that Going into it just make sure you go with

One of their more plush options which They certainly have you’re gonna get a Lot of lifespan out of this mattress if You’re tired of always being in the Marketplace for a new mattress you don’t Have to worry about that also it’s very Versatile you notice that when when I Put this thing together is very modular So I can swap out those layers and as my Needs change for firmness so can the Mattress so all in all great investment Yes it does skew a little A bit higher than your typical foam Mattress but definitely worth the cost So head on over to sleep sure be calm We’ve got the full review and the latest Discounts [Music]

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