Novosbed Mattress Review – Best Customizable Mattress?

By | April 26, 2023

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The Novosbed boasts some impressive features, like customizable support and a washable cover. But is it the right bed for you? Our Novosbed mattress review will help you find out!

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2:29 Firmness and Feel
3:18 Sleeping Positions
3:55 Motion Transfer and Edge Support
4:52 Pricing
5:06 Who Should Get the Novosbed?
5:41 Who Shouldn’t Get The Novosbed?
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The Novosbed mattress is a great choice for many combination sleepers because it’s available in three firmness levels. It’s also a good match for couples because it isolates motion well!

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Hey y'all elyssa here your mattress Reviewer at whether You live in the United States or Canada Novosped is a great pick but to help you Decide whether it's the bed of your Dreams I'll go over its firmness feel And unique features don't forget you'll Find this full review at along with some Money saving coupons let's Dive In [Music] Before I get into all the details I do Want to let you know that we do receive These mattresses for free and we may Earn a commission if you choose to buy One from us this helps us fund our Mattress testing operations and it keeps All of our content free to you [Music] First things first let's talk about Novos beds company policies first of all They offer a 120 night sleep trial Period a 15-year warranty and they offer Free shipping Let's talk about the construction the Novo sped mattress is 11 inches tall It's surrounded by a stretchy breathable Cover but what's really cool about the Cover is that it's removable and machine Washable underneath that you'll find Another cover that protects the foam Layers underneath but let's talk about The foam layers the first Comfort layer Is made with high density foam that's

Open celled this just means that there's A lot of room for air to flow through The material so it won't trap as much Body heat underneath that is a layer of Premium high density support foam this Is what gives you the lumbar support That you need but one cool feature I Want to touch on about the novos bed is That if you get it and you're unhappy With the firmness of it for any reason At all just give them a call and they Will give you a layer of their comfort Plus foam all you need to do is unzip The cover place that inside and it will Get to the firmness level that you like The novos bed is a bed in a box mattress Which means it'll arrive on your Doorstep compressed inside a cardboard Box unboxing it is super easy but you Will want to ask a friend for help Because they can get kind of heavy Overall it took me and my friend about 10 to 15 minutes to completely get it Out of the box and onto the bed frame You will want to give it another 48 Hours before sleeping on it though just To give it time to off gas and expand [Music] Now for two of the most important Features to consider firmness and feel The novos bed is available in three Firmness levels soft medium and firm we Tested the medium model and on the Mattress Clarity firmness scale it comes

Right in at six and a half out of ten Which is the industry standard for Medium firm of course so if you aren't a Fan of your firmness level that you Choose it's super easy to adjust it just Give them a call and they will give you A layer of their comfort plus foam that Will either make the bed feel firmer or Softer but no matter which one you Choose you should enjoy a nice balanced Foam feel overall you're going to gently Sink into that top layer get some good Body contouring and pressure relief but That high density foam at the bottom Prevents you from sinking straight Through it like quicksand [Music] Moving on to sleeping positions for me Personally I felt great while resting on My back on the medium firm model it Offers a good amount of comfort and Support which is exactly what you need In the sleeping position moving to my Side also felt really good because that Thick high density foam layer cushions My shoulders and my hips it's not the Best choice for me while stomach Sleeping I felt my hips sinking out of Alignment quite a bit which down the Road could lead to some lower back pain If you're a heavier person or strictly a Stomach sleeper definitely opt for the Firm model Foreign

If you share a bed with a partner you Want to pay close attention to two Things motion isolation and Edge support Let's start by talking about motion Isolation all this means is that if You're sleeping on one side of the bed And your partner comes in on the other And they start switching sleeping Positions are you going to feel that Movement come over to your side of the Bed well fortunately the novos bed Isolates motion really well like many All foam mattresses it absorbs movements And prevents it from coming to the other Side of the bed Edge support though this Mattress leaves some to be desired I'm Sitting along the edge of the bed right Now and I am kind of sinking through That top Comfort layer quite a bit when I rest along the side I feel it sagging A little bit toward the edge so it's not A big deal but if you share a bed with a Partner it will force both of you to Sleep closer to the center of the Mattress so these are all important Things to consider [Music] The Novus bed is reasonably priced Coming in at 999 dollars for a queen but Don't forget with our mattress Clarity Coupons you can get a free gift thrown In there as well Before I wrap up I'll go over the pros And cons of the novos bed mattress

Starting with the good stuff first of All this is great if you're looking for A mattress that offers customization Options it's available in three Different firmness levels but if you get It and you feel like it's not quite Working you can easily fix it for free It's also a great option for couples who Are concerned about motion transfer if Your partner tosses and turns during the Night you shouldn't have to worry about Feeling it on your side of the bed it's Also really great if you're someone Who's looking for a mattress with a Washable and removable cover super easy To keep this mattress clean Moving on to the cons of the novo sped Mattress this bed isn't a great choice If you're looking for a bouncy inner Spring bed it's entirely made out of Foam so you will sink into it a little Bit more than you will on another bed It's also not a great choice if you're Looking for a bed with exceptional Edge Support if you're sitting along the side Or resting along the side of the bed you Will feel yourself sink through it a Little bit also if you're looking for a Queen size mattress that costs less than A thousand dollars overall you may want To look elsewhere Well that's about it if you need any More information about the novo sped Mattress head over to and read our full Review you'll find some money saving Coupons while you're there see ya [Music] Foreign [Music]

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