Nectar vs DreamCloud – Which Should You Get?

By | February 20, 2023

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If you’re having trouble choosing between the Nectar and DreamCloud mattresses, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. I’ll be going over their similarities, differences, and help you pick the right one for you.

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0:00 Nectar vs DreamCloud Overview
0:31 Mattress Similarities
0:53 Mattress Differences
1:12 Construction
2:22 Firmness and Feel
2:55 Sleeping Positions
3:55 Couples Test
4:36 Pricing
4:56 Who Should Get The Nectar?
5:23 Who Should Get The DreamCloud?
5:52 Wrap-up

The Nectar and DreamCloud are both great mattresses, but which one should you get? The Nectar will be a better option for fans of memory foam, side sleepers, and fans of softer mattresses. The DreamCloud will be better for fans of bouncier mattresses, hot sleepers, and those who need more support.

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Hey guys Martin here from mattress Clarity if you're looking for a great Online mattress you've probably heard of The nectar and green Cloud mattresses But which one should you get well today I want to talk about their similarities Their differences and who should get one Over the other let's get started Before we hop and I do want to know it Received both these mattresses for free From Brands we may earn a commission if You decide to purchase them this helps Keep this content free for you and helps Fund for testing operations [Music] Look at the major similarities between These two mattresses and first I do want To note that we're looking at the nectar All foam version here today there is Also a hybrid version but first off they Are both very popular online mattresses They both have great customer service Terms so a good warranty and sleep trial And they both feature memory foam Somewhere in their Construction And now let's take a look at the major Differences between the nectar and the Dream Cloud mattress so first off the Dream cloud is going to be taller than The nectar mattress it is also going to Feature coils while the all foam nectar Is not the nectar is going to be softer Than the dream Cloud mattress and lastly The dream cloud is going to sleep cooler

Than the nectar So now let's take a look at the Construction of both these mattresses Starting off on top and then working our Way down so first off on top of the Nectar a thin breathable cooling cover Allows for good air flow through the top Of the mattress now over on the dream Cloud a cashmere blend cover with a Pillow top so kind of a plush feel on Top of this mattress also very soft and Luxurious looking and feeling moving Over to the nectar's Comfort layers First off on top a thick layer of gel Infused memory foam it's going to offer Nice pressure relief and some cooling as Well now beneath that a layer of dynamic Response foam this is going to act as a Transition layer keep from sinking too Far into the mattress now moving over to The dream Cloud mattress first off on Top some soft pressure leaving foam Right on top of the mattress beneath That some gel infused memory foam Similar to what you find over on the Nectar but not quite as soft and beneath That a dynamic response layer as well to Keep from sinking too far into the Mattress finally moving down to the Support layers on the nectar mattress a Thick layer of supportive baseball and Over on the dream Cloud individually Wrapped coils very supportive and Breathable as well and that rests on a

Thin layer of Base foam as well [Music] So now let's talk firmness and feel and In terms of firmness I thought the Nectar was close to a six and a half out Of ten but medium in terms of firmness The dream Club was closer to seven and a Half out of ten definitely firmer than Average I definitely felt more supported Over on the dream Cloud mattress Speaking of feel they are quite Different so with the nectar mattress More of that kind of slow moving memory Foam feel you lie down you slowly sink In with the dream Cloud more of a kind Of firm supportive and bouncy feel so More easy to move around on the dream Cloud Good And now let's talk sleeping positions And starting off with the nectar on my Back a fantastic match for me good Balance of comfort and support my hips Sink in just the right amount good Lumbar support some nice contouring Around the curves of my body and good Overall support too moving to my side I Felt some pressure on my shoulders and My hips but I'm a bigger guy I'm 270 Pounds if your average weight or Lightweight you shouldn't have a problem On the nectar moving to my stomach Though this is a medium firm mattress Not quite supportive enough for me when

I'm in this position my hips are blowing In and I'm getting out of alignment and Moving over to the dream Cloud mattress On my back also a good match for me it Is a firmer mattress my hips aren't Sinking in quite so far but as a bigger Guy a good match moving to my side Definitely some pressure on my shoulders And my hips even though I'm a larger Person I think most people should feel The same on this mattress because my Stomach I feel felt better support under My hips not quite enough for me someone Of my weight but if you're an average Weight stomach sleeper this should be a Good match for you [Music] Partners two different things you do Want to think about namely motion Transfer and Edge support now motion Transfer means you're lying down on one Side of the mattress and your partner Moves around on their side of the Mattress are you going to feel that on Your side of the mattress and Edge Support means if you're sitting or lying Down to the edge of a mattress do you Feel secure and working to roll off and Onto the floor so speaking of motion Transfer the nectar mattress definitely Wins out it is a memory foam mattress With thick memory foam right on top Really absorbing more of that motion now Speaking of edge support I think the

Nectar also wins out this is surprising Given that it's an all-foam mattress I Just feel more secure sitting and lying Down to the edge of the nectar So now let's talk pricing and at full Price for a queen size mattresses for The nectar and the dream Cloud the Nectar is going to be close to a Thousand dollars the dream cloud is Going to be close to twelve hundred Dollars but we do have some great deals Here at you'll find Them in the YouTube description below And on our website So who should get the nectar mattress Well first stopping is definitely a Better option if you like more of a soft Memory foam feel you like to slowly sink Into your mattress you definitely get That with the nectar and not with the Dream Cloud it's also the better option Between the two for side sleepers Definitely better pressure relief with The nectar mattress and last if you just Want something a little bit softer you Definitely get that with the nectar it Is softer than the Green Cloud Definitely has some more give so if you Want to sink in some more feel better Pressure relief take a look at the Nectar so who should get the dream Cloud Mattress well first off the better Option if you want more of a bouncy Responsive mattress you definitely get

Some more bounce with the dream cloud Makes it easy to move around and to Change positions it's also I think a Better option for hot sleepers it's a Much more breathable mattress with the Coils more room for airflow so you Should be sleeping cooler on the dream Cloud mattress and lastly if you just Need more support overall like you sleep On your stomach or want just some more Support take a look at the dream cloud With those coils definitely a more Supportive option At this point you should know which Mattress is right for you but if you Want some more information with the Nectar or the dream Cloud head over to for the full written Reviews and some great money saving Coupons we'll see you next time Foreign

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