Molecule Mattress Review | Molecule 1 vs Molecule 2 Airtec vs Molecule Hybrid

By | August 10, 2022

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Molecule Mattress Review | Molecule 1 vs Molecule 2 Airtec vs Molecule Hybrid. In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, discusses our updated comparison review of the Molecule mattresses. These online mattresses are made by the popular bed in a box brand, Molecule. Molecule is a mattress brand that is endorsed by professional athletes; some of these athletes include Russell Wilson, Alex Morgan, and Michael Phelps. As for this video, JD touches on the mattress policies offered with the beds which include free shipping, sleep trials, free returns, and warranties. He also covers the construction of each mattress, how they feel and their firmnesses, and what sleeper type would be best for each bed (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers). JD also discusses which body types (petite, medium, and heavy) would enjoy this mattress. Hopefully, this video helps you see the difference between Molecule 1 vs Molecule 2 Airtec, Molecule 1 vs Molecule Hybrid, and Molecule 2 Airtec vs Molecule Hybrid. Overall, the Molecule mattresses could be the best mattresses for athletes and you may see them on our best mattress for 2022 list. Thanks for watching this Molecule mattress comparison reviews video. Hopefully, it helps you choose your next online mattress purchase!

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0:00 – Introduction
1:26 – Company Policies
2:34 – Mattress Similarities
4:10 – Molecule 1
5:20 – Molecule 2 Airtec
6:42 – Molecule Hybrid
8:00 – Final Verdict: Molecule Mattress Review
8:50 – Conclusion

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What’s up guys i’m jd with the slumber Yard hopefully you’re doing well today And in this video we’ve got a triple Mattress comparison between all of the Molecule mattresses so we’re going to be Taking molecule 1 molecule 2 and Molecule hybrid and putting them all Head to head to head so a molecule as a Brand is pretty renowned now within the Online mattress space they make a bunch Of quality options that are all geared Towards more athletic types as a brand They’re actually endorsed by a couple Professional athletes namely russell Wilson of the nfl you know go broncos Hopefully it works out but in this video I’m going to try to tell you everything That you should know about these three Mattresses for a molecule we’re going to Start off by talking about the policies That these beds are backed by then we’re Going to delve into each individual Mattress and talk about things like Firmness feel their respective price Points things that set them apart from One another and at the very end i’ll try To sum things up with a final verdict And try to give you the skinny so you Can ultimately determine which of these Beds will be right for you now hopefully You enjoyed this video and you maybe get Something out of it if so we would Really appreciate it if you dropped a Like on this video and considered

Subscribing to the slumber yard for so Much more and if you need any more Information regarding molecule as a Brand once the video reaches the end Check down below in the description box For so much more wonderful content that We’ve done over here but now let’s get Into this molecule triple comparison [Music] All right so jumping right into this Thing let’s talk about the types of Policies that you should be receiving With all three of these molecule Mattresses now for the record we did Receive all three of them for free from Molecule to review and that’s pretty Much the case for all of our online Betting product review content on this Channel but if you buy them for yourself You should be getting the following Policies starting with completely free Bed in a box shipping they all should Show up in a box roll packed in plastic Tightly for shipping purposes and all You got to do is just drag that box in Your home and unbox the thing which is Actually really straightforward and easy To do especially if you have a friend There now once these beds are in your Possession you also get an entire year So 365 full nights to try them all out In the comfort of your home risk-free Before you’re officially stuck with them And if within that time frame the

Mattresses aren’t really right for you For whatever reason that’s totally fine Because they’re all backed by completely Free returns within that trial period But if the opposite occurs you get your New molecule bed and you end up enjoying It that’s great because they’re all Backed by limited lifetime warranties And i say limited because they’re not Really like the usual standard lifetime Warranty that you know a lot of online Betting product brands offer there might Be a little bit more nuance so check Down below in the description to see all The specific policy liner notes and Details now that you’re somewhat aware Of the policies let’s just jump right Into the similarities and drum roll Please a big one between all three is That Their beds i know who would have thunk It right they’re all three mattresses Now a big similarity between all of These has to do with the fact that They’re all geared toward more athletic Types they all have transition layers That feature a zone support design to Help keep your back in a more neutral Spinal alignment while you sleep all Three bed covers are super breathable And antimicrobial to help repel harmful Bacteria and allergens and all of the Foams and materials used within the beds Are basically constructed with some type

Of restorative quality in mind and while A lot of that may be marketing mumbo Jumbo and advertising noise you know It’s nice to know that they’re gearing Their beds towards more athletic types Like west behind the camera here Show a picture of him right there oh man He is just a saucy saucy saucy subject Isn’t he Or you Yeah come on no you [Laughter] Another similarity here has to do with Construction so molecule 1 and 2 are Both all foam mattresses meaning they’re Entirely comprised of various foam Layers and this also means that they’ll Naturally be best for medium to petite Sized individuals now if you’re a Heavier person like myself now say You’re in the range of 200 pounds or up You probably want to go the route of a Hybrid bed as opposed to an awful one Just because hybrid beds that feature Pocketed coils for support just provide A lot more long-term durability for Bigger body types now molecule hybrid You guessed it this is a hybrid mattress It’s probably going to be a great option For heavier folks or bigger body types In general and we’re going to link more Information regarding the design of These molecule mattresses and their Constructions down below in the

Description box but now that you’re Somewhat aware of all the policy stuff And commonalities between all three of These molecule mattresses let’s start Talking about each one starting with a Molecule one mattress so this is Basically molecules flagship bed and in Terms of feel it features more of a new Age responsive style of memory foam feel So its top layer of memory foam is just A lot more responsive than what you’d Find on say a nectar or a tempur-pedic Bed so you’ll still get a lot of that Pressure-relieving sink and sensation Without a lot of that stuck feeling when You go to rotate between different Sleeping positions at night in terms of Firmness we’d place it right in between A medium and a medium firm on our scale So it should work for all sleeper types Just fine but if you tend to favor your Back or stomach at night it may work out Even better for you in that case Firmness is a subjective thing though so If you are a much heavier individual You’re probably going to perceive a bed To be actually softer than it truly is While more petite individuals see them As a bit firmer but for an average sized Person we think for the molecule one You’re probably looking at between a Medium and a medium firm as of right now This is also molecules most affordable Online option it retails for around the

900 range for a queen size and that’s Before any discounts we might have Something down below in the description Box to help save you even more money With the molecule one so be sure to Check that out now if we’re looking at Molecules lineup in terms of a good Better best model the molecule too would Naturally fall into that better category This is the more enhanced all foam bed From the brand it features a more Targeted zone support design and Something that molecule is calling air Tech which is basically a super Breathable added transition layer to Help the bed sleep even cooler and more Breathable now we’re not too sure how This air tech stuff improves the Molecule too in terms of its overall Temperature regulation but it could move The needle for you if you’re a hot Sleeper it’s definitely something to Take note of this new airtec foam along With the bed’s more responsive top Comfort foam layer gives the molecule 2 More of a neutral foam feel overall so Unlike the molecule 1 you’re probably Not going to get much of a sink in Sensation here instead the bed will Probably feel more responsive and Neutral to you which could be Accommodating to the vast majority of Sleeper types out there molecule 2 is Also a tinge bit firmer than molecule 1.

We’d place it right around a medium firm A proper medium firm on our scale so it Could work for all sleep styles but Primary back and stomach sleepers will Likely be getting the most out of it in Terms of general support since this is Molecules more upgraded all foam Mattress it’s gonna be priced a little Higher than molecule one but it’s not Bad on price either especially compared To other options within its class a Queen size currently retails for around The 1300 range again check down below in The description to see any promotions or Discounts that we might happen to have Come across for this guy and last but Certainly not least we have the molecule Hybrid mattress which we just received Over here at the slumber yard and i Gotta say this is a pretty quality Hybrid bed again since it uses those Coils for support it’ll probably be the Better option for heavier folks compared To the molecule one or two and it even Uses those reinforced coils along the Edges of the mattress to provide the bed With some nice edge support the molecule Hybrid features a softer neutral foam Feel even though it does use a layer of Memory foam near the top the more Responsive nature of the coils below and The various comfort foams used within That quilted cover help to balance that Sink and sensation out and make the bed

Feel more neutral overall however Compared to molecule 1 and 2 it is on The much softer end of the spectrum we Would place the molecule hybrid Currently right in between a medium and A medium soft on our scale so yeah quite A bit softer than its all foam Counterparts still should be a great Option for all sleep styles but if You’re a primary side sleeper who Prefers more pressure relief than Support from your bed this is probably Going to be your clear choice of the Three since this is the most premium bed That molecule currently offers it’s Naturally going to come with the highest Price tag it’s around 1900 retail value For the queen size but molecule has been Known to run some pretty sweet discounts And deals on their beds usually around Major holidays so again check to see in The description if we found anything to Help save you some money on all three of These molecule mattresses and speaking Of that that’s pretty much going to sum It up for this you know triple mattress Comparison of molecule listen these Three mattresses are worth your Consideration especially if you lead More of an athletic lifestyle and you Just like a bed to offer you some Potential restorative qualities but the Question remains who should really go With each one and why well over here at

The slumber yard we’d say look into the Molecule one if you want an all foam bed With a responsive memory foam feel that Should work for all sleeper types and You want the most affordable option from The brand check out molecule 2 if you Want an upgraded all foam bed with more Of a neutral foam feel and a firmer Profile and you maybe want the slightly More breathable all foam mattress and Lastly consider molecule hybrid if you Want a supportive hybrid bed with a soft Neutral foam feel that should work Perfect for side sleepers and you also Don’t mind spending up for a more Premium online option but that is pretty Much going to do it for this review what Do you guys think which one of these Molecule beds would you ultimately go With and why write us down below in the Comments section we would love to hear From you again a ton more helpful Content regarding these mattresses can Be found linked in the description we’re Going to try to put a bunch more stuff Down there and if you enjoyed this video You maybe got something out of it and i Really helped you out towards your Online mattress search today we would Really appreciate it if you dropped a Like on this video and considered Subscribing to the slumber yard for so Much more but that’s pretty much going To do it for this one again i’m jd

That’s west behind the camera hey yo and Like always sleep right sleep tight and We’ll see you next time As a brand they’re actually endorsed by A couple professional athletes namely Russell wilson of the nfl you know go Broncos if this video gets to 30 likes And they win the super bowl i’ll get the Molecule logo tattooed right on my on my Forearm or something like that how about That [Music] Like and subscribe

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