Molecule Hybrid Mattress Review Soft and Cool

By | March 1, 2023

he Molecule Hybrid is a spring and foam mattress with a layer of foam at the top that is more breathable than traditional foam. Here’s what sets the Molecule Hybrid apart from other spring foam hybrib mattresses.

1. Standard cooling cover with phase change technology
2. Antimicrobial cover to keep the mattress fresh, longer.
3. Somewhat more breathable top layer of comfort foam.
4. Softer than most hybrids I have tried so it’s best for side sleeping.

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Hey everyone today we're going to be Taking a look at the molecule hybrid Mattress now this mattress is the newest In the lineup of the molecule brand they Originally came on the scene about five Years ago with your all foam version and What set them apart is they actually Made a foam that was much more Breathable than your traditional memory Foam and I know we've all heard that Before but this one does sleep a little Bit more noticeably cool than even some Of the other popular online brands with Foam and then added to that when you add The Springs you get even more Breathability so I'm just going to call Out a few features of this because Hybrid mattresses are everywhere Nowadays and I really want you to know What sets this apart so you can make a Better decision so first thing I noticed With this mattress is that it is on the Softer side so I think it's better for Side sleepers back or stomach sleepers May want to go a little firmer but if You are a side sleeper I think this is a Great choice great Contour ring because Of the coils great support because of The coils and then better pressure Relief with that foam up top added to That They have this cooling cover so it's a Phase change cover that's cool to the Touch

And it also has antimicrobial properties So it's designed to stay fresh and clean That said I would still use a mattress Protector no matter what they say you Still want to have a good mattress Protector because those can be washed Unlike this cover which can't Now underneath that you do have that Ultra breathable foam and it's it Recovers faster too because it's not as Dense as say you know some of the other Traditional Legacy Foams out there so It's faster to sink in faster to recover Not quite as bouncy as latex but Better pressure relief than latex as Well Underneath that you have another layer Of foam for more pressure relief more Contouring and then underneath that you Do have your coil system one thing about The coil system is that it does have Perimeter Edge support so the coils Around the perimeter are a little bit Firmer allowing you to sleep closer to The edge without feeling like you're Going to roll off or the mattress is Slanting this one does come in a box Just like all the others And it does have a 100 night trial which Is standard so you can try it for 100 Nights up to 100 nights and if you don't Like it it's a free return so you just Contact molecule and they'll explain how To return it and like just about all of

These they do ask you to try it for at Least 30 nights so that your body has Time to adjust so you you know make the Right decision and really give it a Chance As far as price goes this is a little Bit on the higher end this one retails For about 1900 in a queen but there are Currently sales going on now that bring That down significantly so even though That is their advertised price Um You can usually always find some sort of Sale through their website You know we've had this mattress in the Store for about three weeks now we've Been Gathering customer feedback and Customers do like the softness of it so Like I said if you are in the market for Something a little softer this may be a Good choice for you I kind of rank it Along the lines of like a puffy probably Like a puffy Luxe hybrid that type of Softness but it does have some extra Features of course that cooling Technology and that different type of Foam that's a little bit more breathable Too This mattress obviously too is endorsed By a lot of athletes they've got a lot Of athletes on board for this so if You're interested in this mattress and You want to see how it compares to the Others spec for spec head over to sleep and we're going to have a More in-depth review

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