Lucid vs Tuft & Needle | Budget Mattress Reviews (UPDATED)

By | June 14, 2023

Welcome to our latest review of budget mattresses! Today, we will be discussing the similarities and differences between two popular brands in the market: Lucid and Tuft & Needle. Our team has extensively researched and tested both mattresses to provide you with the most comprehensive review possible. In this updated review, we will compare and contrast their features, quality, and overall value to help you make an informed decision on which mattress is best suited for your budget and sleeping needs. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of affordable mattress options!


In this article, we provide an updated comparison review of two affordable mattresses, Tuft & Needle vs Lucid. We aim to answer questions about the mattress policies, construction, feel, firmness, and which type of sleeper and body types would benefit the most from each mattress. Additionally, we provide related content such as the best mattresses under $300 and $500, the best Amazon mattress, and the best mattress deals and coupon codes.

General Mattress Policies

Let’s start by discussing some general policies. Both Lucid and Tuft & Needle provide free shipping and returns within the 48 contiguous United States. Additionally, they both offer a sleep trial of 100 nights. However, while Tuft & Needle offers a 10-year warranty, Lucid offers a longer 25-year warranty, which is a notable difference.

Construction & Feel

Moving on to construction and feel, the Tuft & Needle mattress is made of two layers of foam, a 3-inch polyfoam comfort layer and a 7-inch foam support core. On the other hand, Lucid provides the option of either a hybrid mattress or a foam mattress. The foam mattress is made up of three layers – a 2-inch gel-infused memory foam comfort layer, a 2-inch transition layer, and a 6-inch high-density support foam. The hybrid mattress has four layers, including pocketed coils and various foam layers.

As for feel, Tuft & Needle offers a balanced feel, neither too firm nor too soft, while Lucid has a range of firmness options depending on your preference. The foam mattress is available in soft, medium, and firm, while the hybrid mattress is only available in medium or firm.

Firmness & Sleeper Types

Firmness is crucial in selecting the right mattress for you. Tuft & Needle has a medium-firm feel, ideal for back and side sleepers, while Lucid’s foam mattress has a range of firmness options, with the firm option better suited for stomach sleepers. The hybrid mattress is only available in medium to firm levels of firmness.

When it comes to body types and preferred sleeping positions, Tuft & Needle is accommodating for all body types, while Lucid is most suited for lightweight and average-weight sleepers.

Info For Couples

If you are sharing a bed with a partner, it’s essential to take into consideration motion transfer and edge support. Tuft & Needle performs well in these areas, while Lucid performs similarly, with slight variations depending on the model.

Pricing & Discounts

Both Lucid and Tuft & Needle are affordable options, with mattresses under $600. However, Lucid does offer more budget-friendly options, with some mattresses priced under $200. Tuft & Needle occasionally offers discounts, while Lucid offers coupon codes more frequently. It’s always worth checking for deals before making a purchase.

Final Verdict: Tuft & Needle vs Lucid

Ultimately, the best mattress choice for you depends on your sleeping preferences and budget. If you want a mattress that accommodates all body types, offers a balanced feel, and has excellent motion transfer and edge support, Tuft & Needle is the ideal option. However, if you are looking for a wider range of firmness options and more budget-friendly options, Lucid is a better fit.


  1. Are Lucid and Tuft & Needle mattresses machine-washable?
    No, both brands recommend spot cleaning with a clean, damp cloth.

  2. Do both brands offer financing options?
    Yes, both Lucid and Tuft & Needle offer financing options.

  3. How long do the mattresses take to expand fully?
    Both brands recommend waiting two days for the mattress to expand fully.

  4. Are the mattresses suitable for heavy sleepers?
    Tuft & Needle can accommodate all body types, while Lucid is best suited for lightweight and average-weight sleepers.

  5. Are the mattresses made in the USA?
    Yes, both brands manufacture their mattresses in the United States.

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