Leesa vs Sapira Hybrid | Ultimate Mattress Review (#1 GUIDE)

By | April 17, 2023

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Leesa vs Sapira Hybrid | Ultimate Mattress Review (#1 GUIDE). In this video JD, who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers his updated review of Leesa vs Sapira mattress. Both of these are popular bed in a box mattresses by the brand Leesa. Leesa also offers the Leesa Original Hybrid, Leesa Legend, and Leesa Studio mattress. JD touches on the mattress policies offered with the mattresses which includes free shipping, a sleep trial, free returns and a warranty. He also covers the construction of the mattresses, how they feel and their firmnesses, and what sleeper type would be best for either bed (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers). JD also discusses which body types (petite, medium and heavy) would enjoy these mattresses. Thanks for watching this Leesa Sapira vs Leesa comparison. Hopefully, it helps you decide which Leesa bed to choose for your next mattress purchase.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:03 – General Mattress Policies
2:40 – Similarities
3:20 – Firmness
4:10 – Construction
5:12 – Other Options
5:46 – Fun Facts
6:50 – Pricing
8:05 – Final Verdict: Leesa vs Leesa Sapira
8:26 – Conclusion

Hey guys welcome back to the Slumber Yard in this video we've got a mattress Comparison between the Lisa Original Mattress releases Flagship bed versus One of their more upgraded hybrid Options called the sapira so these two Mattresses are pretty different in a lot Of ways and in this video If you're Trying to really determine which one's Going to be right for you you've come to The right place because I'm going to Start off by talking about the policies That these two beds are backed by then We're going to delve into their Respective constructions and kind of Talk about where they're similar and Where they're different we'll talk Pricing near the end and at the very end I'll even sum things up with a final Verdict for you so stick around now just In case you need any more information Once this video ends maybe I missed Something check down below in the Description for a lot more comprehensive Detail and if you enjoy this video you Maybe get something out of it we help You out towards your online mattress Search give this video a like and Consider subscribing to the yard for so Much more but now let's get into this One [Music] And save your money Okay so for starters let's talk policy

Stuff what do you got to know in terms Of shipping returns trial periods and Warranties for these two Lisa beds and Right up top I do want to say that we Did receive these two Lisa mattresses For free from the brancher review so we Could tell you guys about them but you Should be getting completely free bed in A box shipping to start so that means That both of these Lisa mattresses will Alive A lot will be alive don't be alive in Your home goof app giving you permission To goof So that means that both of these bids Will arrive at your home inside of a box That's around like four feet tall and All you gotta do is just drag those Boxes into your bedroom and with the Help of a friend unbox them which is Really easy to do and kind of fun in Terms of the whole process of setting The bed up and watching it inflate in Front of your eyes now once the beds are In your possession not when they're set Up that's a common misconception with Bed in a box mattresses and their trial Periods you do have 100 nights to try Both of these beds out in the comfort of Your own home risk-free before you're Officially stuck with them if within That time frame you end up not really Liking the best for whatever reason at All at least past the first 30 nights

You can get completely free returns you Know most online mattress Brands like You to try out their beds for at least One full month to give it a real college Try before you make your final decision But either way here you do have Completely free returns within those First 100 nights now in the case that You try it out through that 100 night Trial period and you end up really Liking these two mattresses and you want To keep your bed for the foreseeable Future that's great because they are Both back by standard 10-year warranties Which is pretty much the industry Standard for online beds if you need any More information about the policies that I just kind of went over here check down Below in the description we should have Some more stuff for you down there but Now with the policy stuff out of the way Let's get into the bulk of this Comparison starting with the Similarities so aside from the fact that They're both from the same brand Lisa And they share the exact same policy Information both of these beds have a Very similar type of mattress feel they Both use softer Comfort Foams on top Which naturally gives them both more of A soft neutral foam feel you know these Beds should feel pretty dang Accommodating and comfortable for the Vast majority of sleeper types out there

And you know unless you're looking for a Really distinct type of mattress feel Like a memory foam or a latex bed or Something like that you know if you want Something neutral both of these Lisa Beds are going to be a safe pick for you In a nutshell I would just say that the Original Lisa the flagship one and the Sapera hybrid are just going to feel Like neutral foam beds should be Accommodating to most sleepers out there But now diving into the differences one Of the main ones between these two has To do with overall firmness level so the Original Lisa is right out of flat Medium on our scale so it should be a Great option to accommodate all sleeper Types whether you like to sleep on your Back your side your stomach or a Combination of all three throughout the Night you should be really good to go With this model now in terms of the Superior hybrid since this is a pocketed Coil bed that uses coils on the bottom For support more on that in a bit here It's going to naturally firm this bed up To a proper medium firm on our scale so It should be an applicable option for All sleeper types as well but it'll give A slight support Advantage for back and Stomach sleepers who want a more Supportive mattress on a nightly basis We usually think that back in stomach Sleepers tend to prefer firmer

Mattresses you know it varies on a Case-by-case basis if you're a backer Stomach sleeper and you like a really Soft bed I'm not you know preaching to Your choir but it could be the case for Most folks out there in the back and Stomach sleeper department now I Mentioned those pocketed coils on the Superior hybrid and that is another main Difference between these two the Original leesa Mattress is an all-foam Bed that uses three foam layers dense Support foam on the bottom then a Transitional layer of memory foam and Then a softer Comfort foam on top and The sapira hybrid uses a base layer of Foam on the bottom then you have the Bed's main Supply court system of Pocketed coils now we've talked a lot About pocketed coils on this channel but What they basically do is just provide Beds with a lot more bi-directional Support and long-term durability than Their all foam counterparts and they Even give beds a lot more bounce and you Know airflow if that's stuff that you're Into but this difference in design is Ultimately gonna you know make these Beds more supportive for different types Of people so the flagship Lisa is Naturally going to be more supportive to Handle medium and petite sized Individuals since it does you know use a Variety of Foams and not coils whereas

The superior hybrid because it uses that Coil unit is going to be able to Withstand and handle all body types Including heavier people so if you are a Heavier person like myself say in the Range of 200 pounds and up you probably Want a hybrid bed as opposed to an awful One that's just what we've found based On our observations over here at the Slumber yard now the Lisa sapiro hybrid Is the more enhanced hybrid model that The brand offers they also have the Lisa Legend which is the cream of the crop Hybrid model from Lisa the brand and They also have the Lisa original hybrid This guy sitting right next to me and This is also a really support hybrid Option that should work for most people Out there including bigger body types It's just basically a hybrid version of The original Lisa mattress Lisa as a Brand also offers a budget-friendly Memory foam option called the Lisa Studio and we'll try to link all these Picks that I just kind of covered from Lisa Down Below in the description box If you want to check out the other Models that are offered from the brand But now let's talk X factors or fun Facts you know these are things that set The sapira hybrid in the original Lisa Mattress apart from The Fray of your Average online mattress and for this Apira hybrid the coils along the edges

Are reinforced to amount for some pretty Nice Edge support So if you happen to Sleep pretty close to the edges at night You know you don't really want to fall Off and on the superior hybrid you Shouldn't have any problems like that And the top Comfort foam on the sapira Hybrid is also perforated with all these Little holes to give it a nice amount of Airflow and combined with the natural Airflow that you get from that pocketed Coil unit you know it should be sleeping Pretty much temperature neutral on the Sapira hybrid now in terms of the Original Lisa I would say the main X Factor for this mattress is that it's Just a really accommodating safe pick That should work for 9 out of 10 Sleepers out there that's the biggest Fun fact that this bed has going for it But kind of a general fun fact about Lisa you know a little bonus fun fact For you is that Lisa as a brand donates One mattress for every 10 they sell so You're supporting a really good cause by Going the route of Lisa in general we'll Try to have more information regarding All of Lisa's charitable efforts as a Company Down Below in the description Box as well but now it's time to talk About pricing how much are you going to Be shelling out for either one of these Options and before I get into this Section I do want to preface it by

Saying that mattress pricing within the Space changes often so if this pricing Is a little bit different as of when You're watching this video you know That's my bad but check in the Description to see whatever is most Current and up to date as of when I'm Doing this video you can expect to pay Around the 1100 range after discount for A queen size original Lisa which isn't a Bad price point in terms of the overall Quality that you're getting from Lisa in Terms of their sapira hybrid mattress This bed retails for around the two Thousand dollar mark But after discount Which you should be able to locate in Our description box of this video you Can expect to pay closer to the Seventeen hundred dollar range when all Is said and done for that queen size Again we should have a discount or two From Lisa to help you out with those Savings linked Down Below in the Description box and if you do decide to Use our discounts that we have in those Descriptions it really helps to support Our Channel and everybody out over here At the slumber yard and we really Appreciate that from you guys but that's Pretty much going to sum it up for this Comparison either way you go here you're Getting a quality product from a Reputable brand but when it comes down To it which way should you really go and

Why well if you like The Simpsons Johnny G throw up your drawing of Lisa Simpson right now that's everybody Comment on his drawing huh well over Here at the slumber yard this is just Our humble opinion but we would say look Into this appear a hybrid if you want an Upgraded hybrid mattress with a neutral Foam feel that's a bit firmer for back And stomach sleepers and you don't mind Spending up for a quality bed and then Consider the original Lisa if you're Just looking for a comfy safe all-foam Pick with a neutral foam feel that's Right around the medium and you also Want the much more affordable option After discount but hey that's just art Take on it what is yours which you know Of these models from Lisa would you Ultimately go with at the end of the day Write us down below in the comments we Would love to hear from you again if you Need any more information whatsoever When it comes to more information about These beds or discounts to help save you Some money on them check in the Description box we should have a ton More helpful content linked down there For you and if you enjoyed this video You maybe got something out of it we Helped you out towards your online Mattress decision today drop a like on This video consider subscribing to the Slumber yard for so much more but that's

Going to do it for this one again I'm JD With the Slumber yard and like always Sleep right sleep tight and we'll see You next time [Music] Like And subscribe

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