Leesa Original Hybrid Mattress Review | Reason To Buy/NOT Buy (UPDATED 2023)

By | December 30, 2022

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Leesa Original Hybrid Mattress Review | Reason To Buy/NOT Buy (UPDATED 2023). In this video JD, who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, discusses our review of the Leesa Original Hybrid mattress. This is a pocketed coil mattress made by the popular bed in a box brand, Leesa. Leesa also has other popular online beds like the Leesa Original mattress, Leesa Sapira Hybrid, Leesa Legend Hybrid, and the Leesa Studio. As for the Leesa Original Hybrid, JD touches on the mattress policies offered with this bed which includes free shipping, a sleep trial, free returns and a warranty. He also covers the construction of the mattress, how it feels and its firmness, and what sleeper type would be best for this bed (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers). JD also discusses which body types (petite, medium and heavy) would enjoy this mattress. If you are interested in more of a luxury mattress, JD briefly touches on the Leesa Legend Hybrid mattress. Overall, the Leesa Original Hybrid is an affordable hybrid mattress that could be the best hybrid bed and you may see it on our best mattress for 2023 list. Thanks for watching this Leesa mattress reviews video. Hopefully, it helps you choose your next online mattress purchase!


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So there's a pretty good chance you've Probably heard of the Lisa Original Mattress it's one of the most popular Beds within the online space but have You heard of the Lisa original hybrid Mattress which is basically the pocketed Coil version of the bed that they Recently came out with well if you Haven't this video is basically going to Talk all about this mattress we're going To review it in depth we're going to Start off by talking about the policies It comes with then we're going to delve Into its construction so what exactly It's made up of we're going to be Talking about its feel its firmness its Overall pricing some elements for Couples to consider and at the very end I'll try to sum things up with the final Verdict so you can ultimately determine If it's going to be right for you or not Hey guys I'm JD with the Slumber yard And over here we review online beds so If there's an option that you've been Checking out online recently and you Want some more information about it head On over to our website my Slumber Yard.com for more or check in the Description box of this video screen for A bunch of helpful links if you find the Video at all helpful towards your online Mattress search we'd really appreciate It if you dropped a like on this video Consider subscribing to the channel for

More but now let's review the Lisa Original hybrid bed [Music] Work real hard to find the right bed for You Could save you money [Music] Alrighty so first things first policies What exactly are you going to be backed By in terms of all this stuff when it Comes to the Lisa original hybrid well For the record we did receive this bed For free from Lisa to review and tell You guys about it but if you end up Buying it online for yourself you should Be back by the following policies Starting with completely free Bed-in-a-box shipping this means that The mattress is going to arrive at your Door or compressed and roll packed in a Big box that you basically drag in your Home and unpackage with the help of a Friend which is pretty easy and fun to Do once the mattress is in your Possession you get a trial period of 100 Full nights to basically try the Mattress out at home to see if it's Right for you and your sleeping Situation and if it's not for whatever Reason within that time frame you can Get completely free returns with this Bed though Lisa as a brand does ask you To try the mattress out for at least 30 Nights before you make your decision but

If you end up trying it for that first Full month and you still don't really Like it and you want to send it back Just phone the brand Lisa up and they'll Schedule a time for someone to swing by Your home and remove the mattress at no Additional cost to you now if the Opposite occurs and you end up sleeping On the Lisa original hybrid through its Trial period you want to keep it that is Awesome because it is backed by a Standard 10-year warranty and we're Going to try to link some more Information regarding the Lisa original Hybrids policy stuff down below in the Description box if you want to know more About that stuff so that's all the Policy information that the bed itself Is backed by but speaking of the bed Itself let's talk about what exactly It's made up of so starting at the Bottom you have a thin layer of Base Foam and this is basically there to Provide a foundation for all the rest of The layers to sit on and then you have The bed's main support system of Pocketed coils which are basically Individually siled Springs that are Encased in Fabric and because they're Individually siled they do a pretty good Job at isolating motion so if you press Down on one side that motion isn't going To reflect to the other so that's pretty Nice and they even give beds a bit of

Bounce if that's something that you're Into the main takeaway for pocketed Coils is that they're able to support a Substantial amount of weight so heavier Body types are going to be supported Along with medium and petite sized Individuals and the coils on the leesa Original hybrid are also reinforced Along the perimeter of the bed so it Adds to its Edge support which I'll Cover later now above those coils you Have a more responsive poly foam which Is just a transitional layer to act as a Buffer between those coils on the bottom And the bed's top layer of memory foam Rounding everything out just like on the Original leesa this bed features a soft Breathable gray cover that looks and Feels pretty nice and just so you know All the Foams used within the leesa Original hybrid are sort of pure us Certified which is nice to have it just Means that the Foams are all ethically Made and the brand Lisa is also based Out of Virginia so you're getting an American-made product here now let's get Into this mattresses feel what is this Construction add up to give this Mattress Well we'd classify the Lisa Original hybrid to have more of a Responsive neutral foam feel even though It does use memory foam on top the more Responsive nature of the other Comfort Foams it uses and the coils below help

To balance everything out to make the Bed feel more neutral overall this means That it should just feel generally Comfortable and accommodating to the Vast majority of sleepers out there now In terms of firmness it sits to us right In between a medium and a medium firm on Our firmness scale so it should be a Great option for all sleeper types but It could provide just a hinge bit more Support for primary back or stomach Sleepers compared to the other beds in Their lineup I thought that it was a Little bit softer than the Lisa sapira Hybrid which is around a medium firm and Just a little bit firmer than the Original Lisa mattress which is a true Medium so right in the middle there for You and speaking of their other beds Lisa offers a number of different Options worth your consideration as well Other than the two that I just mentioned The Lisa sapera hybrid and their Flagship Lisa they also offer the Lisa Studio mattress which is a budget Friendly memory foam pick and they also Have the leesa legend which is currently Their softest bed and their most premium Hybrid offering we'll try to link all Their mattresses Down Below in the Description more content that we've done On them you know down there so you can Check them out One X Factor for Elisa is That they're a certified B corporation

Which basically means that they help to Support the surrounding community and Environment through their business Practices I believe they even have a Mattress donation program they're a Really great company we'll try to link Some more information about Lisa as a Brand down below in the description box As well now if you're in a relationship And you're buying this mattress to share With your partner there are a few more Considerations for you you to go over Mainly how the bed performs in terms of Edge support motion isolation and Temperature regulation Edge support Refers to how sturdy the perimeter of The mattress is under pressure and I Kind of alluded to this earlier but the Coils are reinforced along the edges of The bed so the Lisa original hybrid as a Mattress performs pretty well in this Regard we don't really see anyone Falling off this bed anytime soon now in Terms of motion isolation which is Basically how well the bed absorbs cross Mattress movement if your partner gets Up in the middle of the night is that Motion gonna reverberate to the other Side and wake you up and we'd say it's Also pretty good here as well the coils And the memory foam layer on top do Deaden quite a bit of cross mattress Movement so no real concerns here either In terms of temperature regulation we

Would say that the Elisa original hybrid Sleeps pretty much neutral across the Board it doesn't really have any active Cooling features but we don't think it Will excessively be warming up on you Either temperature regulation really has To do with other exterior factors like The kind of pajamas that you wear at Night it could come down to the types of Sheets or comforter that you're using so Take that stuff with a grain of salt and Keep it in mind when it comes to Temperature regulation but enough about All that stuff I've taught construction Firmness and feel elements for couples Let's talk price how much are you going To be shelling out for a queen size Lisa Original hybrid well for the record Pricing and promotions within the online Mattress space change frequently we're Constantly checking what is current so Whatever is current should be linked Down Below in the description I'm sorry If it's different as of when you're Watching this but as of when I'm Recording it currently retails for Around fifteen hundred dollars for the Queen size but after discount which you Should be able to find Down Below in the Description box of this video you should Be looking closer to the 1300 range for One so again check the description box For any current discounts we might Happen to find for the leesa original

Hybrid and just so you know if you do Use those discount codes it helps to Support our Channel which we really Appreciate but that pretty much is going To sum it up for this review of the Lisa Original hybrid mattress we're pleased To see that Lisa has a pretty solid Hybrid offering you know they have some Other premium ones and this is a pretty Good entry level hybrid bed for Lisa but The question remains who is really going To be right for this bed well over here The Slumber yard we'd say look into this Mattress if you want a supportive coil Bed with a neutral foam feel that's Between a medium and a medium firm and You want to help support a us-based Certified B Corporation but that's just Our take on it what is yours when it Comes to the lease original hybrid bed What is your take what's your hot take What's the hottest take you've had in Your life write us down below in the Comments we would love to hear from you If you enjoyed this video again show us Some love hit the thumbs up subscribe to The channel for a lot more and if you Need any more information check the Description box we should have a ton of Helpful resources linked down there for You and you know that's going to do it For this one I'm JD that's Owen behind The camera Sleep right sleep time we'll see you

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