Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review – Best Hybrid Mattress?

By | April 16, 2022

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Hi i’m bridget a certified sleep science Coach and mattress expert here at Sleepopolis today i’m going to be Reviewing the lisa hybrid mattress lisa Took their original foam mattress and Added springs to it for advanced support And to make this guy today i’m going to Put it through a variety of tests like Checking its firmness how i feel laying Down on it it’s construction and more All to see if it’s the right fit for you [Music] First let’s go over the price and Policies the lisa hybrid mattress will Ship for free to your door compressed in A box it comes with a 100 night sleep Trial period and a 10 year warranty i do Need to warn you it will take a day or Two to fully decompress after you take It out of that box it also might have a Slight off-gassing smell that should Also go away As for price i will say mattress prices Change all the time like on a weekly Basis but right now you can currently Get the leesa hybrid mattress in a queen Size for about nineteen hundred dollars And i do need to add something that Never changes if sleepopolis always has Coupons for you to make this mattress And others even more affordable just Head over to sleepopolis.com or click The link in the description below The construction of a mattress or how

It’s built is super important to see how Well the bed could work for you so in Order to get a better look at this 11 Inch lisa hybrid and the layers inside It i cut open its fire barrier very Delicately so but i would say do not do This at home it will definitely void Your warranty but okay let’s start with The cover lisa calls this their soft Hybrid cover and i can see why it is Very soft to the touch it also feels Kind of thick and stretchy as well and It also has some fun shapes on it we Have hexagons we have triangles we have These little squishy squirrely guys And we have kind of a arrow looking Pattern but i will say you do probably Want to put sheets on top of it and Cover it below the cover we have a Comfort foam this comfort foam is Actually hole punched as you can see These holes in here this is supposed to Make it very breathable and it’s also a Responsive layer below that we have Memory foam memory foam helps give you Some of that pressure relief and Contouring you need on a mattress then We have a transition foam which gets us To our pocketed coils down here the Coils give you some bounce some Durability and they also allow airflow Which helps also keep this mattress Breathable all of this sits on a final Layer of foam to keep everything in

Place Here at sleepopolis we like to rate Firmness on a scale from one to ten so One is as soft as can be like you’re Sleeping in a giant fluffy pile of snow 10 is super super hard like you’re Sleeping on black ice we like to use six And a half as the standard for medium Firm and when i push into the leesa Hybrid I’d give it a six so i think it’s a Little softer than average it also has That cushiony sinkage so you’re going to Feel more in the bed than on it but it’s Not quite that slow moving quicksand Foam feeling but to test it further i’m Going to bring out my handy dandy Lacrosse ball see how much air it gets And you can see it gets a little bit of Air not too bad which shows me that you Should be able to move around on this Bed pretty easily Now let’s go over the pressure map test The pressure map uses heat mapping Technology to show where pressure’s Building across my body when i lay on it On top of a mattress here’s the gist When you’re looking at the results blues And greens are good reds and oranges are Bad so let’s see how we did on the lisa Hybrid starting with laying on my back This is great you can see it’s pretty Much all blue Touch of green here but fantastic

Results overall this is a great sign for Back sleepers Now laying on my side You can see there is a bit more green And yellow laying on my side on the lisa Hybrid which does show me some pressures Forming especially with a little bit of Red here in the shoulder area What this shows me is this could work For some side sleepers but if you have Sensitive joints i would definitely keep This in mind as for stomach sleepers we Don’t use the pressure map for you guys Because it’s not really about pressure When it comes to stomach sleeping [Music] Speaking of which let’s talk about Sleeping positions starting with stomach Sleepers stomach sleepers need a firm Mattress in order to keep their hips Elevated and their spine in alignment And when i lay on my stomach on the lisa Hybrid mattress i just feel it’s a Little too soft of an option so i would Recommend stomach sleepers look for Something a little firmer now use side Sleepers side sleepers are looking for Pressure relief and some nice contouring Around the shoulder and tip and when i Lay on my side on the leesa hybrid i Feel okay i do feel some pressure Building and you could also see that in Those pressure map results but some side Sleepers might feel comfortable on this

I just want you all to keep that in mind And last but not least you back sleepers Back sleepers are easy to please they Are looking for something comfortable And supportive when i lay on my back on The lisa hybrid i feel great and again Those pressure map results really back This up [Music] If you saw the bed with a partner or a Pet then you’re going to want to hear About motion transfer motion transfer is How movement carries across the mattress So think if you are sleeping on this Side of the bed and your partner or your Dog or your cat or your pet monkey is Moving around on that side of the bed Whether or not you’re really going to Feel those movements in order to test it Out i’m going to drop this 10 pound Weighted ball and see how it affects That glass of water so starting at a Lower height It’s not moving too much And then when i drop it higher you can See the water sloshing a little bit more But overall i would say this is pretty Good motion transfer Results support is how well the Perimeter of a bed supports weight so Think if you ever like to sit on the Edge of the bed or sleep near it it’s Also a good sign of a mattress’s Durability and whether there could be

Any chance of sagging over time and when I sit and lay on the leesa hybrid i Would say it’s pretty good edge support I will say it does not have reinforced Edges though so you can feel the coils On the side of the bed All right let’s look at the pros of the Lisa hybrid first if you like a bed that Has some cushiony support i think this Could be a good option for you the foams Bring some softness while the springs Bring some bounce Second if you’re a hot sleeper i think You might also enjoy this bed the Springs inside allow for a lot of Airflow and breathability and lastly i Think this could be a really nice choice For back sleepers they should feel Really comfortable and supported on this Bed Okay now to the cons of the lisa hybrid First i don’t think it’s the best fit For stomach sleepers it is just a little Too soft for you guys and won’t keep Your hips elevated to where you need Them to be in order to prevent back pain Down the road Second if you’re someone who likes that Really doughy sinking in quicksand Feeling of foam i don’t think this is The best fit for you and you might want To look for more of a pure memory foam Option instead And last but not least if you are a

Heavier sleeper weighing over 250 pounds I don’t think the leesa hybrid is going To be supportive enough for you [Music] Now i have some frequently asked Questions about the lisa hybrid mattress First where is the leesa hybrid made It’s designed and manufactured in the United states and for every 10 Mattresses sold lisa will actually Donate a bed to a child in need Okay next what kind of base should i put The leesa on the company recommends Using a flat sturdy firm surface like a Box spring or a slotted base And last does lisa have any Certifications so lisa is a certified b Corporation which means they meet the Highest verified standards for Environmental and social performance All right friends that is all we have For today with the lisa hybrid mattress I hope you found this review helpful if You have any more questions or you want To see more mattress reviews more Product information and just overall Sleep health information head over to Sleepopolis.com and before you go if You’d be so kind and hit that subscribe Button we are really trying to get to 70 000 subscribers by the end of the year Alright i’ll see you next time [Music] You

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