Layla vs Nectar Mattress – Which Memory Foam Bed Is Best?

By | May 12, 2022

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Layla and Nectar are two of the best memory foam mattresses on the market, but they aren’t identical. Need help deciding between the two? Then check out our Layla vs Nectar mattress comparison! We’ll go over everything you need to know.

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0:00 Layla vs Nectar Mattress Overview
0:44 Similarities
1:19 Differences
1:53 Construction
2:46 Firmness and Feel
3:30 Sleeping Positions
4:46 Pressure Map
5:51 Motion Transfer and Edge Support
6:46 Who Should Get The Layla Mattress?
7:16 Who Should Get The Nectar Mattress?
7:44 Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a flippable mattress with two firmness levels in one, then Layla is the way to go. The soft side is ideal for side sleepers, and the firm side works well for back and stomach sleepers. Best of all, its cooling copper-infused memory foam helps dissipate body heat!

The Nectar mattress has a classic medium-firm feel and offers lots of body contouring. Sleepers will gently sink into the top layer and feel lots of pressure point relief along shoulders and hips. In fact, it’s one of the best mattresses for joint and hip pain!

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Hey guys martin here reviewer at Mattress clarity and i’m ulyssa a Reviewer at mattress clarity now if You’re a fan of memory foam mattresses You’ve probably heard of the layla and Nectar mattresses that’s right and it Might be difficult to choose between the Two of them but we’re gonna help make Your decision an easy one we’re gonna Pit these two mattresses against each Other and i’m gonna stick up for the Layla my favorite flipable mattress and I’m gonna vouch for the nectar an Extremely comfy memory foam bed we’re Gonna help you find the right mattress For your situation but don’t forget to Head over to for More in-depth reviews and money-saving Coupons [Music] So before we start picking these Mattresses apart let’s talk about their Similarities first of all both of these Mattresses are entirely made out of foam Now there is a hybrid version of the Lava but we’re talking about the all Foam version here today and both Mattresses have a nice thick layer of Memory foam in the comfort layer really Great for pressure relief and because They have a very similar feel both have That kind of classic memory foam feel Very quick sandy another cool thing About both of these beds is that they

Have cooling infusions in the memory Foam which helps pull away body heat and Keep it cool all night long and last but Not least they both have great customer Service terms so good warranties and Sleep trials while these are both all Foam beds there are some differences Between the two yeah and the big Difference between these two mattresses Is the layla mattress is flippable and The nectar mattress is not yeah you got Me there but the nectar does have a Classic medium firm feel which comes at A six and a half out of ten on our Firmness scale but speaking of firmness The layla is going to be softer on the Soft side and firmer on the firm side Than the nectar both of these mattresses Have a similar price point if you Incorporate discounts but at the end of The day the nectar is going to cost a Little bit less Now let’s pull back the covers and see What’s going on inside starting with the Nectar it’s got a nice breathable cover On the outside with cooling technology So you shouldn’t overheat at night and The layla also has a breathable cover That’s soft and features cooling Technology stop copying me martin Well moving down the nectar has three Inches of memory foam and it’s infused With gel which helps dissipate body heat Now moving over to the layla mattress

You have memory foam on both sides the Soft side and the firm side both feature A copper infused memory foam also to Help with heat dissipation well then in The nectar you’ve got a transition layer Which prevents you from sinking too far Into the mattress and on the soft side Of the layla also a transition layer is Going to be zoned for targeted support And finally both mattresses have a layer Of base foam at the bottom for extra Support When you’re looking for a new mattress Firmness and feel should be at the Forefront of your mind exactly and here At mattress clarity we have a firmness Scale that goes from one which is as Soft as a cloud all the way to 10 which Is as hard as a brick the nectar Mattress comes in at medium firm or six And a half out of ten and again with the Layla you get two firmnesses and one you Get a soft side and a firm side the soft Side is close to a six out of ten softer Than average and the firm side is an Eight out of ten firmer than average and When it comes to feel we can both agree That the layla and nectar mattresses Have that classic slow-moving memory Foam feel exactly you lie down on the Layla and the nectar you slowly sink in If you like that feel both of these are Going to work for you we tested out both Mattresses in different sleeping

Positions and here’s what we found so Starting off on the layla mattress on The soft side on my back not the best Match for me not enough support on my Lumbar area i’m kind of thinking too far Into the mattress moving to my side Though it is the softer side of the Mattress great pressure relief on my Shoulders and my hips moving to my Stomach not quite enough support under My hips i am going in there and getting Out of alignment now i flip the mattress Over and i’m on my back again and this Is a great match for me excellent Balance of comfort and support moving to My side it is the firmer side not as Enough pressure relief on my shoulders And my hips But moving to my stomach it is the Firmer side more sport under my hips a Better match for me as a stomach sleeper Well the nectar is a little bit less Complicated because there’s just one Side to it so first of all when you’re Resting on your back you should feel a Nice balance of comfort and support i Expect this mattress to work well for Most back sleepers same can be said for Side sleepers that thick layer of memory Foam really helps absorb any pressure That you might feel along your shoulders And your hips so great pick for side Sleepers moving on to your stomach now The nectar just isn’t the best pick for

Stomach sleepers your hips will probably Dip out of alignment which could lead to Some lower back pain over time and Nobody wants that You’ve seen our subjective opinions on These mattresses but let’s see if Technology can help us out a little bit That’s right we’re going to use the Pressure map now we lay this on the Mattress and i lie down on my backside And stomach you see anywhere from blue For no pressure all the way up to red For high pressure now let’s start with The layla mattress results for the soft Side the most important side when it Comes to pressure relief on my back some Even blue across most of my body so some Good even support but it’s not too much Red so definitely a good match for me as A back sleeper Very important to turn to my side there Though for the pressure relief on the Shoulders and the hips just seeing some Blue and some green on my shoulders hips And my side so some good pressure relief Overall And martin was kind enough to test out The nectar mattress so let’s take a look At what the pressure map says for him so Whenever he’s resting on his back you See nothing but blue and green that is Great news very little pressure here Moving over to the side you’ll see that There’s very little pressure buildup

Happening on his shoulders and his hips And that’s especially where you want to Look for whenever you’re side sleeping If you sleep at the partners a couple Extra things you do want to think about Right first of all you got to think About motion transfer this is just a way Of saying that if you’re resting on one Side of the bed your partner gets in on The other are you going to feel that Movement transfer to your side of the Bed yeah when it comes to motion Transfer the layla performs really well With thick memory foam on one side of The mat just really cuts down on that Motion transfer with the layla i gotta Say the nectar also performs really well That thick piece of memory foam absorbs Any motion that might happen now you Also want to think about edge support if You sleep with a partner or light Sleeping towards the edge of your Mattress basically if you’re sitting Down or you’re lying down at the edge of A mattress do you feel secure or more Gonna roll off and onto the floor the Nectar has good edge support whenever You’re sitting or resting near the side You should feel very secure yeah but With the layla not the best edge support When i sit and lie down here i feel like I might fall off the mattress So now let’s talk about who should get The layla mattress over the nectar

Mattress first off you want two Firmnesses in one mattress you do get That with delay you get a firm side and A soft side you’re not sure what’s right For you you get two options in one Mattress i think it’s also a better Option for side sleepers specifically That soft side of the mattress some Great pressure relief on your shoulders And your hips and at the same time being A global mattress a better option for Stomach sleepers with the firm side more Support under your hips and you will Feel over on the nectar who should get The nectar mattress well this bed is Best suited for back sleepers it’s got That classic medium firm feel so it’ll Give you the comfort and support that You need speaking of its firmness level We also recommend this mattress for fans Who love a medium firm bed it comes Right in at six and a half out of ten Which is the industry standard for most Mattresses and finally the nectar costs A little bit less than the layla so if You want to save a bit of money nectar Is the way to go So we’ve given you the pros and cons of Both these mattresses the layla and the Nectar but now the choice is up to you And remember if you want to find more In-depth information about both of these Beds head over to plus you’ll find

Some money-saving discount codes in the Description box below see you next time Y’all [Music] You

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