Layla vs Casper Mattress Comparison – Which Should You Get?

By | May 5, 2022

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Trying to decide between the Layla and Casper mattresses? You’ve come to the right place! We have all the information you need to find the right mattress for you.

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The Layla is a unique flippable mattress with a firm side and a soft side. The Casper features a proprietary Zoned Support system that makes it good for multiple sleeping positions. Watch our review to see which mattress you should choose!

0:00 Layla vs Casper Mattress Overview
0:42 Mattress Similarities
1:11 Mattress Differences
1:59 Construction Comparison
3:19 Firmness and Feel
4:07 Sleeping Positions
5:43 Pressure Map
6:47 Motion Transfer
7:16 Edge Support
7:42 Who Should Get The Layla Mattress?
8:10 Who Should Get The Casper Mattress?
8:36 Wrap-up

Being flippable, the Layla is going to work better if you want two firmnesses in one. It also has that slow-moving memory feel and, if you’re a fan of this, the Layla is the way to go. If you sleep on your side, the soft memory foam should relieve most pressure on your shoulders and hips.

However, if you like more of a responsive, balanced foam feel, the Casper is the better option. With its Zoned Support, it also provides more lumbar support for back sleepers. Finally, fans of medium-firm mattresses should consider the Casper.

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Hey guys martin here reviewer at Mattress clarity and i’m elissa also a Reviewer at mattress clarity so buying a Mattress can be a real battle if you’re Trying to choose between the layla and Casper mattresses you might be at a loss Yeah but just relax we are here to Battle it out for you that’s right i’m Going to be on the side of the layla a Great song and a great poppable mattress Well i have made my bed with casper the Most popular bed in a box mattress on The market we’re going to help you Choose the right mattress for your Situation but don’t forget to head over To for more in-depth Reviews and money-saving coupons [Music] So let’s start off playing nice and talk At the similarities between these two Mattresses okay sounds good so first off They are both all foam mattresses Meaning they don’t feature coils in Their construction yes but there are Hybrid versions in both yeah but today We’re talking about the all foam Versions of both these mattresses yep And these beds are both great for Multiple sleeping positions and in Addition they both have great customer Service terms so good warranties and Long sleep trials and that’s about it Yeah i think that’s it So now let’s throw down and talk about

The differences between these two Mattresses and the first big difference Is the layla is a flippable mattress and The casper mattress is not okay but who Really wants to flip their mattress Anyway i do Okay Well casper has something that lala does Not and that is zoned support this means That it feels firmer toward the center And it really helps you maintain that Neutral alignment that you need but Speaking of firmness the casper mattress Only has one firmness overall and the Layla has two firmnesses the soft side And the firm side but the casper has That responsive foam feel that i love Making it super easy to move around on Top of the bed but the layla has the Feel that i love a slow moving memory Foam feel you lie down you slowly sink In and the layla costs less than the Casper all right you got me there Let’s open up these bad boys and see What they’re all about sounds good so Let’s start off with the layla mattress And its cover it has a soft cover that’s Breathable and also cool to the touch Yeah casper has a breathable cover as Well now moving down to the comfort Layers with the layla mattress you’re Going to have two comfort layers on the Soft side and on the firm side but both Sides feature a copper-infused memory

Foam that copper is going to help with Heat dissipation make sure you’re Sleeping cool throughout the night and Also has some great pressure relief you Get more on the soft side and less on The firm side Casper’s comfort layer is made with Their proprietary airscape foam this Means that it has tiny holes throughout So it’s ventilated for airflow doesn’t Trap heat easily another cool thing About airscape foam is that it is much More responsive than traditional memory Foam you won’t feel trapped inside this Mattress at all but moving down to the Transition layer of the layla mattress On the soft side it features max airflow Foam also ventilated for airflow and Features some light zoning as well it’s Not quite as good as casper zoned Support system though on this mattress You’ll really feel that it is firmer Toward the center of the mattress and That’s going to help you maintain a nice Straight spine throughout the night and Finally moving down to the support Layers with the layla mattress is going To have a base support foam right in the Middle yeah casper’s got that too when You’re looking for a new mattress you Definitely want to keep firmness and Feel top of mind that’s right and the Firmness of the layla really makes it Stand out mainly because it has two

Firmnesses so on the soft side put it Close to a six out of ten a little bit Softer than average and on the firm side An 8 out of 10 a little bit firmer than Average but the casper has a firmness Level of 7 out of 10 which is just a Little bit firmer than medium firm but Remember it does have that zoned support So it’s a bit firmer toward the center Of the mattress but speaking of feel the Layla has more of that slow moving Memory foam feel again you lie down you Slowly sink and definitely has that kind Of quick sandy feel overall and that’s Okay but it can make you feel stuck Inside the mattress the casper is a lot More responsive so you’ll feel like You’re lying on top of it rather than in It another thing you want to think about When you’re looking for a new mattress Is your sleeping position so let’s talk About how i feel sleeping on both these Mattresses and i’ll start off with the Layla again we have a soft side and a Firm side so take a look at the soft Side first On my back not the best balance of Comfort and support again it is a softer Mattress overall so i’m not getting Quite enough lumbar support on the soft Side of this mattress Moving to my side though the soft side Is great with pressure relief so good Pressure relief on my shoulders and my

Hips But being the soft side not the best Support when i’m on my stomach i am Going in there and i’m getting out of Alignments Moving to the firm side on my back much Better for me a better balance of Comfort and support hip sink in the Right amount and good lumbar support as Well Moving to my side is the firm side so Less pressure relief on my shoulders and My hips definitely some bunching up in Those areas Finally moving to my stomach it is the Firmer side so some better sport overall But again i might need something firmer If you are just a stomach sleeper You okay Yeah i’m outside of breath sorry okay Well moving on to the casper when i’m Resting on my back on the casper i feel A great balance of comfort and support i Can really tell the zoned support in This mattress on the sleeping position Moving over to my side i also feel Pretty comfy i get enough pressure Relief it’s possible that taller folks Like yourself might need more pressure Relief and would get more of that on the Layla moving on to my stomach i Personally feel like i get plenty of Support in the sleeping position this Mattress keeps my hips elevated it

Prevents any lower back pain but if you Need something a bit firmer you might Want to opt for the layla and turn it Over to the firm side We’ve shared our personal experiences With these mattresses but let’s see if Technology can help us out a bit yeah so With the pressure map we’re using here You’re gonna see anywhere from blue for No pressure all the way up to red for High pressure let’s pull up the results For the layla mattress with me sleeping On it specifically on the softer side of This mattress so you can see on my back Pretty even blue across most of my body Good even supports now moving to my side It’s really important to check out the Pressure relief when you’re on your side Seeing some green and yellow on my Shoulders my hips and kind of down my Side there as well but overall it looks Like some pretty good pressure relief Even for someone of my size 270 pounds So moving on to the pressure map results For the casper when i’m resting on my Back you see a nice sea of blue and Green that is good there’s very little Pressure happening here moving over to My side you’ll see a little bit of Pressure build up along my shoulders but It’s pretty minimal and for me i felt Super super comfortable on it and again When i move over to my stomach you see Very little pressure so casper’s a great

Pick for average weight folks like Myself thank you science So if you sleep with the partners a Couple extra things you do want to think About yep you definitely want to think About motion isolation and what this Means is if you’re resting on one side Of the bed and your partner starts Tossing and turning on the other are you Going to feel that movement come over to Your side of the bed or not yeah and When it comes to motion transfer the Layla performs really well with thick Memory foam mattresses like this they Really cut down on that motion transfer Isolating to each side of the mattress Yeah well the casper is a little bit Bouncier so it doesn’t absorb motion Quite as well the other thing you do Want to think about is edge support Basically when you’re sitting down or Lying down at the edge of your mattress Do you feel secure or going to roll off And onto the floor the casper has a Really great edge support you can sit or Lie near the side of the bed and feel Very secure and where you should be How’s the layla not the best it is a Softer mattress overall especially on The soft side definitely collapses under My weight i might roll off and onto the Floor So who should get the layla mattress Well first off you’re a fan of that

Memory foam feel you like lying down Slowly sinking in delay is going to be a Better option for you Also i think between the two mattresses The layout’s going to work better if you Are a side sleeper the soft side is Softer than the casper mattress overall So better pressure relief on your Shoulders and your hips and last but not Least if you want two firmnesses in one You get that with the layla you’re not Quite sure what you’re looking for you Have a soft side and a firm side to Choose from who should get the casper Mattress well this bed works really well For back sleepers you’re gonna really Notice that zoned support when you’re Resting in the sleeping position it’ll Keep your spine right where it should be Also the casper is a great pick for Folks who love a more responsive Mattress when you press into it it’ll Immediately snap back into place and Last but not least the casper mattress Works really well for fans of medium Firm beds Well we’ve given the pros and cons of The layla and the casper mattress but Now the choice is up to you and remember If you want to read more information About these mattresses head over to and you’ll find some Coupons in the description box below See you buddy

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