Layla Pillows Review – Which Layla Pillow Is Right For You?

By | June 17, 2022

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What’s going on everybody my name is Becca sleep accessories editor and Certified sleep science coach here at Mattress nerd and now y’all know my deal I’m in the business of giving you Unbiased no baloney reviews on the Industry’s top sleep products and today We will be taking a look at layla’s two Pillows the original kpoc pillow and the Shredded memory foam pillow now in Today’s video i’ll go over these pillows Constructions how i felt using them who They’re going to be good for and who They’re not going to be so good for so Don’t forget to hit that subscribe Button and let’s see what these layla Pillows bring to the bedroom [Music] Now we’re going to start off with the K-pop pillow this is leila’s og design And their most popular pillow so Starting off with the construction the Hexagon design cover is made mainly of a Copper infused polyester with the Additional blend of viscose and poly Lycra which makes it plush and stretchy And slightly cool to the touch you could Honestly sleep directly on this cover Because it’s so comfortable and the fact That this cover is copper infused means It’s hot sleeper friendly since that Material will draw heat away from your Head and prevent you from overheating as You sleep

Using the zipper on the side here you Can get to the liner and then that Unique looking fill which is stuffed to The brim with shredded memory foam and a Natural tree fiber called kpoc hence the Name of the model i personally love Adjustable fill pillows because they Allow you to mold the pillow flatten it Fluff it anything that you need to do to Personalize the feel that’s best for Your body and sleeping position fully Stuffed this pillow has a very high loft Of 7 inches but of course like i Mentioned you can adjust the fill and Make the loft suitable for you and your Preferences this pillow also comes in Two sizes queen which i have here and Then a longer king option now moving on To how this pillow feels in action When i tried out the k-pop for myself it Felt super plush and supportive around My head and neck it also has a down Alternative feel which i personally Enjoy with a slow response to pressure Due to that shredded memory foam fill so If you like a more airy fluffy pillow You’ll love the feel of this also if you Experience neck pain the pressure relief This pillow provides will be very Comfortable to you and it’ll help Alleviate any pain you experience back There and lastly as for sleeping Positions the k-pop is going to be ideal For side sleepers and it’ll still be a

Great option for average to heavier Weight back sleepers who need room for Their shoulders and neck to lay properly And if you’re a stomach sleeper this Pillow could still work for you you just Have to remove some of that fill and Flatten out the surface so that it could Work for your sleeping position Especially in order to maintain healthy Spinal alignment so just be aware of That before you go to buy Now let’s take a look at the other layla Model the shredded memory foam pillow Let’s see what the goods are that make Up this pillow’s construction starting With the cover The cover is made of 100 polyester which Is soft to the touch and breathable Although it is a little less stretchy And not as cooling as the k-pop cover Notice with this model that when you Open up the zipper to reveal the fill You can see this time it’s protected by A thicker more plush liner that adds More comfort to the overall feel of the Pillow The fill is more of a standard shredded Memory foam and polyester fiber and While there are no added cooling Features per se the shredded fill and Breathable polyester will still keep Things temperature neutral while you Sleep and from personal experience i Didn’t notice any heat retention when i

Use this pillow overnight and as for Sizing just like the k-pop pillow this Pillow is also available in a queen and King size now as for how this pillow Feels when you lie down on it it’s got a Bit of a firmer feel so it’s better for Those looking for a more supportive Dense surface you also get a lower loft At about 5 inches which will be better For more petite body types and just like The kpoc you can adjust the feel and Loft of this pillow by removing the fill And molding it around to what feels the Most comfortable for you and lastly but Most importantly will this pillow work For your sleeping position i’d say this Option will be ideal for back sleepers And light to average weight side Sleepers it could also work for stomach Sleepers again it just may require some Fill removal and shaping to fit your Preferences and before we move on for Our budget shoppers out there the Shredded memory foam model does retail For a much lower price than the kapok Model and while prices always fluctuate You can get the most up-to-date price Linked in our description below Pillow buying can be super confusing so I made a pro cons list to help make that Buying decision a little bit easier for You starting off with the pros both Pillows have an adjustable design giving It the potential to work for all body

Types and sleeping positions Moving on both pillows come with value Policies which i’ll touch on more in the Next section but just know that they Exceed many of their competitors which Adds to the overall value of your Purchase And lastly the k-pop model gets a gold Star for being environmentally friendly With the use of those k-pop tree fibers Moving on to the cons the k-poc is the Only layla model with built-in cooling Features so if you are a hot sleeper and You’re interested in the layla pillow Just know that your options are going to Be limited to that one model Moving on both pillows require some Adjusting in order to be stomach sleeper Friendly and if you’re going to pay the Money you might as well just get a Pillow that’s going to be suited best For your sleeping position Moving on to the last con anytime you Have an adjustable pillow things can get Messy if you’re adding or removing that Fill just have a broom or a vacuum Nearby speaking from personal experience Those little fibers and little pieces of Memory foam can get everywhere Now i’m going to go over some quick hits Regarding lilo’s policies so you know Exactly what to expect when you go to Buy both of these pillows ship for free Within the contiguous united states come

With a 120-night sleep trial as well as A five-year warranty now i love to see Value policies like this because we Typically don’t come across generous Policies like this with pillows here at Mattress nerd but when we do we love to Highlight them because it really does Add to the value of your purchase so Consider that before buying if you want To learn more about layla’s policies you Can read our full written review at or in the link in the Description below [Music] Alright friends we have reached the end Of this video if you found it helpful Show us some love here at mattress nerd By leaving a comment liking this video And most importantly subscribing to our Channel if you want to learn more about Either of these pillows you can read our Full written review at or It’ll be linked in the description below We also have a ton of videos here on our Youtube channel if you want to continue Your pillow search but for now it looks Like it’s about time for my midday nap So i’ma get out of here thanks so much For watching catch y’all next time bye Now we’re going to start off Don’t know what that word was if you Also want to see more of our videos we Have an entire library here on youtube Nope

And the fact that this cover is Copper-infused means it’s

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