Layla Mattress Review – Two Beds For The Price Of One!

By | September 10, 2022

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Copper may not be the first thing you imagine when you dream of a comfortable new bed, but we think it’s a really “cool” addition to mattress technology. Layla’s dual-sided, copper-infused memory bed promotes temperature regulation while supplying fantastic pressure relief.
Our Layla mattress review showcases a company that places a high value on using copper for its conductivity and supportive features and a brand that backs up its product with a Lifetime Warranty. With the Layla mattress, you are essentially getting two for the price of one: Soft on one side if you want a softer pressure-relieving sleep or flip it over and try out the Firm for a more supportive feel.
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Hey, everyone, I’m Stuart, and today
we’re going to review the totally awesome Layla mattress. It’s a two in one
copper-infused cooling Bed. It’s totally a dream in a box. Now, we do want you to know that these
brands send us these mattresses for Free, free to review, and we may earn
a commission if you purchase them. This helps keep our content free to
our viewers and helps fund our Future testing. The Layla is ten and a
half inches tall. It’s an all foam mattress that’s a
combination of memory gel foam, Support foam, and a core of dense
support foam. The cover is also made from a super
soft fabric that comes with a Zipper to allow it to be easily
removed for washing. The Layla mattress Arrives at your door all bundled up,
practically bursting at the seams, Ready for you to sleep on it. All you
have to do is carefully remove Your Layla from the plastic and watch
it take shape almost instantly. One of the best features of this
mattress is it’s essentially two in One. The Layla is a flippable
mattress. One side is Soft and the other side is firm. Based
on which side you choose To sleep on, you’ll have a different
sleep experience. The firm side of The mattress is designed for a more
traditional firmness. It feels more supportive and has less
sink. The soft side Of the mattress has a more swaddling
feel and definitely more plush. I weigh about £170 and I’m a bit
skinnier. I really like Sleep on my back, and I noticed that I
definitely felt cradled By this mattress on both sides. Now,
on the firm side, I felt A little more on the mattress, and on
the soft side, I felt a little More in the mattress, but it was still
very comfortable. The Layla is infused with copper,
which makes the foam and the mattress even More responsive. So it really feels
like the mattress is Adapting to your body. Also, the
copper responds to your body heat To whisk it away from you and keep you
cool and comfy as well. It’s also worth noting that  Particularly on the soft 
side, it took a little more Effort to move around and change
positions as I slept. Now, Because we all sleep differently, we
want you to be able to have a second

Opinion about this mattress. Hi, I’m
Liz. I’m about £165 And I’m a side and back sleep. I also Have a disability, so I like to keep
that in mind when picking my mattresses. I love the Layla mattress. The
versatility and the option to Be able to choose between firm and
soft is amazing. It’s like getting two mattresses in
one. I love the soft Side for its deeper cradle. I just
feel really Supported in it and comfortable. As a
person with disabilities, I look for supportive edges to help me
get on and off the bed. This bed, being an all foam, doesn’t
quite give me as much Support as I’m looking for, so I may
look for one of Their hybrid mattresses. But overall,
this is a great mattress Choice. This mattress is a pretty
solid option for couples. Now, in regards to edge support, like
most all foam mattresses, This mattress may buckle more under
your weight as opposed to a hybrid or A spring mattress. Now, this isn’t bad
news. This will just bring you and your
partner a little closer together in the middle Of night for some quality cuddle time.
It also has excellent motion isolation, Jump up and down, dance a little, feel
free to wiggle all you want, And you’re never going to bother your
partner while they sleep. As of right now, A queen size Layla mattress sells for
$1,100. Check out our links in the description
for coupons and discounts, We may be able to save you some money.
Your Layla mattress will arrive At your door and your shipping is
free. It comes with a 129 free trial period and a ten year
warranty. Now, if you find that the Layla
mattress doesn’t meet your sleep needs, Then Layla will organize to pick up
your mattress for free and We’ll refund your purchase. All right,
that just about sums up the Layla Mattress. It really has a lot of great
things going on for it. Now, some things I really like about
it were it’s two mattresses For the price of one, you can totally
customize your sleep, Depending on how you’re feeling firmer
one day and softer The next. Another thing that I really
like about this mattress is how cool This mattress is. Its copper infusion
keeps heat away from the

Body, keeping you comfortable all
night long. Now though, this mattress is Totally awesome. No mattress is
perfect and can meet everyone’s needs. Some things to consider when you’re
making your purchase. This mattress Is great for back and side sleepers,
but may be a Little too soft for stomach sleep.
Their hips and lower back may Sink in too much to sleep comfortably,
and the edge support May be lacking. You may feel a little
restricted in regards To surface space, especially if you’re
sharing this mattress with A partner or pet. And that’s it,
everyone. Thanks for listening To our review. We hope we made
shopping for your next bed a whole lot Easier. As always, if you found it
helpful, do us A favor and hit that subscribe button.
Thanks again and sleep tight.

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