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By | March 1, 2022

About this video:

In this video we’ll talk about the Layla Memory Foam Mattress. We’ll dig into the layers of the mattress, the flippable firmness options, overall feel, and share feedback from our team of sleep experts.

As with all of the brands we review, Layla passed Healthline’s rigorous medical and ethical vetting standards. They also didn’t pay us to make this video.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 — Introduction
0:48 — Mattress type and layers
1:42 — Firmness & feel
2:21 — Temperature regulation
2:45 — Edge support & motion suppression
3:12 — Who is it a fit for?
3:45 — Price, delivery, & warranty
4:23 — Takeaway

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Hey there i’m jamie and in this video We’re checking out the layla memory foam Mattress with feedback from our team of Sleep experts we’ll cover everything you Need to know about how it’s made and how It feels let’s jump in Just like all the mattresses we review We put layla through our rigorous Vetting process and they came out Healthline approved they also did not Pay us to make this video Laila is one of a bunch of online Mattress companies selling mattresses Bed frames and other sleep accessories But there’s one main thing that sets Layla apart Both the memory foam and hybrid versions Of the layla mattresses are flippable And designed with firm support on one Side and soft support on the other Pretty cool right Let’s take a closer look at their all Foam bed Layla’s flagship mattress is a 10 inch All foam mattress that again is designed To be flippable it’s kind of like a Mattress sandwich the soft side comfort Layer is three inches of copper infused Memory foam which layla says promotes Cooler sleep then there’s a two inch Transition layer of convoluted polyfoam This adds comfort to the soft side of The bed the main support structure of The bed is a four and a half inch slab

Of dense polyfoam Then on the other side of the support Layer is one inch of copper-infused Memory foam which isn’t a lot of memory Foam between you and the support core That’s what makes this the firm side of The bed On both the soft side and firm sides There’s a soft removable cover but They’re dry clean only so it’s just Probably a better idea to spot clean if You need it In terms of feel our sleep team loves The fact that this mattress offers two Different firmness levels which layla Calls flippable firmness And of course the feel will depend on Which side you’re on on the soft side You’ll get a plush hugged feel our team Rates it as a medium soft so it’s a Pretty people pleasing feel the firmer Side has less sync and more support it’s More of a medium firm on this side On either side and despite the fact that This is most definitely a memory foam Mattress there’s no quicksand sensation Like you can find with some latex foams The layla foam provides pressure relief But still responds pretty quickly at Least on the firm side [Music] Layla really plays up their inclusion of Copper in their materials but there Aren’t any scientific studies that look

Specifically at the cooling properties Of mattresses containing copper Still our sleep team says that it didn’t Feel especially hot during their sleep Test more of a temper neutral bed [Music] If you like to spread out in bed edge Support will be important it’s a Reference to how solid and supportive The mattress is all the way to the edges We found that edge support on the layla Is just okay on the soft side but it’s Pretty decent on the firm side for a Memory foam bed motion suppression is Another thing to consider especially if You share your bed with another person Or a pet And because this is a memory foam bed The layla does a pretty good job of Isolating movements So who is the layla mattress a good fit For well we all have our own opinions on Comfort the right mattress for you will Come down to your body type and personal Sleep preferences Our sleep team says that the layla Mattress is a good pick for back and Stomach sleepers under 230 pounds who Aren’t interested in a super firm Mattress the more weight you carry the More you’ll sink and the softer the bed Will feel since the foam does such a Nice job of cradling your hips and Shoulders side sleepers can take their

Pick from either side but might find More pressure relief with the soft side When it comes to price layla is Relatively affordable you can typically Find the layla memory foam mattress for Just under 1100 bucks for a queen and That usually includes two of layla’s Memory foam pillows All layla’s mattresses ship free with Free returns you have 120 nights to test Out both sides of the layla mattress and If it doesn’t work out those two pillows Are yours to keep plus you’ll get 100 of Your money back Layla is one of a handful of mattress Companies offering a lifetime warranty And they say their mattresses are built To last just make sure to read the full Terms and conditions before you check Out All in all our sleep team really likes The layla mattress it has a light fluffy Memory foam feel that’s genuinely Comfortable plus with two options on Either side of the mattress there are Two chances to get things right If you have a bed you love that we Didn’t feature pop it in the comments Below and don’t forget to like subscribe And click on the bell to stay up to date On all the latest health and wellness Info from healthline [Music] You

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