Layla Hybrid vs Purple | Which Bed In A Box Is Best?

By | August 19, 2022

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Layla Hybrid vs Purple | Which Bed In A Box Is Best? In this video, Owen who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, discusses our updated comparison of Layla Hybrid vs Purple mattress. Both of these bed in a box mattress can be purchased online. Layla Hybrid is a flippable mattress made by the popular bed in a box brand, Layla Sleep. Purple is a popular online mattress brand known for its hyper-elastic polymer top layer, also called the GelFlex Grid. Some of Purple’s mattresses include the Purple Original, Purple Plus, Purple Hybrid, and Purple Hybrid Premier. In this video, Owen touches on the mattress policies offered with both beds which include free shipping, a sleep trial, free returns and a warranty. He also covers the construction of the mattresses, how they feel and their firmness, and what sleeper type would be best for either bed (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers). Owen also discusses which body types (petite, medium and heavy) would enjoy the Purple mattress or the Layla Hybrid. Overall, both are comfy beds and you may see the Purple mattress or the Layla Hybrid on our best mattress for 2022 list. Thanks for watching this Purple vs Layla Hybrid mattress reviews video. Hopefully, it helps you choose your next online mattress purchase!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:39 – General Mattress Policies
1:55 – Purple GelFlex Grid: What is Hyper-Elastic Polymer?
3:34 – Layla Flippable Bed: Two Firmnesses in One Mattress
5:07 – Firmness & Sleeper Types
6:39 – Pricing & Discounts
7:40 – Hybrid vs All-Foam Design
8:25 – Final Verdict: Purple Original vs Layla Hybrid
9:08 – Conclusion

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So which of these two pretty unique Mattresses is gonna be right for you and Your sleep style let’s talk about that Hey how’s it going this is owen i am a Scene at home and in today’s video we Have a comparison between the layla Hybrid mattress and the original purple Mattress both of these beds are known For some pretty unique features which We’ll obviously get into we’ve got a ton Of stuff linked in the description to Help you with your mattress search Including any discounts we can find to Help save you some money on either one Of these beds if you find this video Helpful give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to the channel we’ve got a lot Of good stuff that you’re going to want To watch but let’s just get into this Comparison by covering the policies These beds are going to come with this Is stuff like shipping returns trial Periods and warranties Both are going to ship to you totally Free inside of a box the unboxing Process is very quick and easy to do Although i do recommend having a friend There to help you out especially if You’re getting a larger size mattress Like a king or queen because they can Get kind of heavy Also right when you unbox a mattress There’s a good chance it might look a Little weird like kind of misshapen and

If you lay down on it right when you Unbox it there’s a good chance you’re Going to sink all the way down to the Foundation or your floor this is totally Normal it’s just because the bed has Been compressed in plastic for so long And it just needs time to fully inflate So don’t worry about it both are also Going to come with a in-home trial Period which is always fantastic it’s One of the reasons people feel Comfortable buying a mattress online Purple gives you the standard hundred Nights so a little bit over three months To sleep on the bed in your own room if You decide to actually like it or not Layla goes a little bit further than That with 120 nights i don’t know if an Extra 20 nights is going to make a Huge difference for you in deciding Whether or not you want to keep the bed But it’s always nice to have a little Bit extra time but if you want to keep In the beds both come with a warranty You’re looking at the standard 10 years With purple and a lifetime warranty with Layla so layla goes a little bit further With some of the policies but i really Don’t think that’s going to be a huge Factor in your decision because there’s A lot more we need to cover and let’s Start by comparing the construction and Feel of these beds they’re both going to Be quite a bit different and this is

Where the bed’s unique features are Found so with the purple mattress what Makes a purple bed a purple bed is their Special proprietary top layer they call It the gel flex grid it used to be Called the purple grid either way it’s Still made of the same hyper elastic Polymer material which is going to be Pretty unlike anything you’ve ever seen In a mattress it’s going to resemble a Dr scholl’s insole but basically the Entire size of a mattress it gives the Bed a very Gel-like feel it’s super unique it’s Very responsive and squishy and stretchy It’s almost kind of hard to describe how A purple bed feels to lay down on i Actually still sleep on a purple bed to This day i think it’s extremely Comfortable but it’s going to be very Unlike anything you’ve ever tried before When you lay down on your back or your Stomach you almost feel kind of buoyant On top of the mattress like you’re Floating on top of the material but then If you switch to your side it does do a Nice job at conforming to your body’s Shape purple describes this as a Adaptive feel and it’s hard to argue That this isn’t the case That material is just so responsive that If you rotate between sleeping positions It’ll be really easy to do and it’ll Happen very fast again i do find the

Purple beds to be extremely comfortable But i do want to say that some people Don’t this is probably one of the more Divisive mattresses out there people Seem to either love it or they just Think it’s too weird they don’t really Like it at all but that is what the Hundred night trial period is for so if You wind up getting a purple and it’s Just not right for you you can always Return it let’s start talking about the Special feature of the layla mattress And that’s the fact that it is a Flippable bed so it has a soft side and A firm side and a lot of beds these days Aren’t flippable in the past most inner Spring mattresses were flippable and You’re actually supposed to flip them Periodically to help extend the life of The mattress but most beds you buy Online these days are meant to only be Slept on one side that isn’t the case With layla although the flippable design Isn’t meant to extend the life of the Mattress it’s meant to give you two Firmness options in a single mattress We’ll talk a bit more about firmness Here in a minute let’s talk about the Feel of the layla mattress overall so Both sides of the bed use a Copper-infused memory foam as the Primary comfort layer and this memory Foam isn’t going to be as dense and Viscous as a more traditional memory

Foam like a nectar or tempur-pedic it Has a more light airy feel so you’re Still going to lay down on it and you’re Going to sink into it it will conform to Your body shape as you would expect a Memory foam to do but it’s going to be Quite a bit more responsive so on a Traditional memory foam bed when you Just press your hand down into it it Leaves a huge impression and then when You move your hand away it slowly goes Back to its original shape on layla It’ll still leave that impression but It’ll go back to its original shape much More quickly So it’s a little bit better for Combination sleepers who like to rotate Between sleeping positions at night And me personally i don’t love the feel Of a traditional memory foam but i think Layla hybrid is actually quite Comfortable so with purple you’re Getting that uniqueness of the Hyper-elastic polymer top layer and with Layla you’re getting the uniqueness of It being a flippable mattress which is Pretty atypical these days let’s start Talking about the subject of firmness Now and this is where the flip ability That’s a word of layla really shines so It has a soft side and a firm side the Soft side of the mattress is going to be Indeed quite soft we have it at around a Medium soft on our firmness scale which

Means it’s going to provide you with a Ton of pressure relief and i think side Sleepers who really only sleep on their Side are probably going to like it quite A bit In general side sleepers are seeking out A softer mattress to help cradle their Pressure points at their hips and their Shoulders and i think the layla hybrid Soft side will work really well for that If you flip it over to the firm side Though it’s actually not as firm as you Might expect we rate it at slightly Firmer than a medium like a medium plus And it’s going to be generally pretty Accommodating for most sleepers back Stomach side and combination a medium Firmness just works decently well for Everybody although it might not be Exactly what you’re looking for if you Are a strict side sleeper or a strict Back or stomach sleeper who generally Seek out firmer mattresses purple on the Other hand is obviously not flippable And there’s no firmness options to Choose from when you’re checking out so You get the one firmness level with Purple fortunately in our testing we Found it to be around a medium just like A lot of other flagship mattresses and So it should work pretty well for Everybody But that isn’t always the case you might Not enjoy a medium i think a medium is

Great and a medium is really nice for Couples as well who might have slightly Varying sleeping preferences But a medium doesn’t work for everybody But with layla obviously you have two Options in one mattress which is Obviously a pretty big point in its Favor let’s move over to the subject of Pricing and overall as a brand i would Say purple is gonna be the more Expensive option but when you’re talking About these two beds head to head you’re Gonna be saving some money going with Purple so the msrp for queen size purple Is about 1400 bucks and the msrp for a Queen size layla hybrid is gonna be About 1700 bucks so that’s obviously Before factoring in discounts purple is Generally pretty inconsistent with their Discounts they usually offer something Around major holidays and oftentimes It’s not a cash discount it’s a bundle Deal where if you get sheets and pillows And sometimes an adjustable base you’ll Save quite a bit of money layla on the Other hand is very consistent with their Discounts and i think you should expect To pay about 1500 for layla hybrid right Now i’m recording this video though Purple is offering a pretty steep Discount on this mattress and you should Be able to get it for around 1100 Obviously the pricing changes pretty Regularly for online beds and i think

Normally you will be saving quite a bit Of money going with purple however this Price difference can be explained by the Fact that the layla hybrid is a hybrid That uses coils and the original purple Doesn’t in general hybrid beds tend to Be more expensive because of the type of Material and a lot of people like a Hybrid mattress Hybrids have some advantages and Disadvantages over a foam mattress In general a hybrid mattress is going to Be more supportive and durable over the Long term especially for heavier body Types so if you are heavier i would Definitely recommend going with a hybrid Bed somewhere around 250 pounds or more Purple does have hybrid options And those are going to be quite a bit More expensive than the layla hybrid the Base model purple hybrid costs around 2400 for queen before any discount so if We’re comparing the purple hybrid to the Layla hybrid you’re obviously saving Quite a bit of money going with layla But this is a comparison between the Purple original and the layla hybrid so That leaves us with the question who Should think about getting the original Purple mattress and who should think About getting the layla hybrid this is Actually a pretty tough question because These beds are so different there’s not Really one deciding factor that’s going

To push you toward one or the other i’d Say go with purple if you want a Mattress with foam for support base you Really like the idea of that gel flex Grid material inside the purple mattress That is the really big selling point of Purple and as someone who sleeps on it Every single night i am a big fan but go With layla if you like the idea of a More light area memory foam feel you Like the idea of a flippable mattress a Flippable mattress is a really nice Value proposition if i’m being real with You And you have a bit more of a budget to Spend up for a hybrid But let us know what you think which of These two beds would you select write us Down below in the comments you’d love to Get your thoughts and if you have any Additional questions put it on there as Well we’ll do our best to answer them if You find this video at all helpful give It a thumbs up and subscribe to the Channel and don’t forget to look in the Description there’s a lot of stuff down There to help you with your mattress Search but that’s enough for me this is Owen with seen at home i’ll see you the Next one

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