Layla Hybrid Review – The Best Of Both Worlds?

By | August 30, 2022

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If you’re the type of person that loves a little bit of everything—from toppings on your hot fudge sundae to variety in your mattress—then a hybrid bed may be right for you. Hybrids combine the best of both worlds, giving you the softness of memory foam and the pushback support of coils.

Still not sure whether a hybrid will work for you? Layla took the world of mattresses by storm with their original all-foam flippable bed, and they recently launched a dual-sided hybrid too.

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What’s up everyone it’s your girl emma And today we’re going to review the Fantastic layla hybrid mattress Combination of memory foam coils and Undeniable swagger this mattress is the Definition of two for the price of one Your layla hybrid mattress will arrive At your door and your shipping is free It also comes with a 120 night free Trial period and a 10-year warranty If for whatever reason you decide that This mattress isn’t for you you can Sleep soundly knowing that the return Process is easy and your mattress won’t Go to waste Simply email layla and they will Organize to pick up your mattress for Free You see layla partners with local Non-profits and charitable organizations So rest assured your mattress will be Repurposed for a good cause the five Layers of this mattress are a Combination of memory foam and a core of Pocketed coils The mattress cover is made from a super Soft fabric with a zipper for easy Removal and convenience in cleaning The second and third layers are made of Foam designed for support maximizing Airflow and keeping you cool while you Sleep now at the heart of all of this The core of coils maximizes motion Control and provides superior edge

Support now this mattress is flippable And depending on which side of the Mattress you’re using you may have a Softer or firmer experience Layla is a bed in a box that arrives Right at your door simply take it out of The box remove the mattress carefully From the plastic and ta-dah watch as it Instantly takes shape easy as one two Three Some mattresses can be very heavy in Which case it would be a good idea to Have someone assist you in the unboxing Process Like i said before the layla mattress is Flippable it’s really a two-for-one deal One side is firm and the other soft I would use the firm side if you’re Desiring a more traditional supportive Feel there’s definitely less sink you Will sleep more on top of the mattress On the other side the side labeled soft You will definitely experience a more Plush sleep This side is great for those who want to Feel very cradled and hugged by their Mattress The layla hybrid also boasts a highly Advanced individually wrapped coil System at its core which allows it to Provide excellent edge support and Exceptional motion control with its use Of copper-infused memory foam adaptable Firmness and its individually wrapped

Coil system this mattress is designed to Respond to your body The layla hybrid truly addresses the Needs of side back stomach sleepers and Twisted into pretzel sleepers Now we all have different bodies and Sleep differently so here’s someone Else’s opinion to help you out what’s up My name is mark and i weigh just under 200 pounds and i’m an exclusive side Sleeper i gotta say this is a really Good bed it gives me the pressure relief That i’m looking for my shoulders and Hips on both sides of the bed i love the Fact that it’s flippable both sides for Me on my side feel really really good The soft feels extra plush while the Firm you know it still is fairly soft And sleeping on my side still feels Really really good on it i don’t know Which side i would choose to sleep on i Think i’d have to try it out for a Couple of nights and that’s what’s Really cool about this bed is people Have the opportunity to do that if There’s anything negative that i’d have To say about it it’s that it is really Heavy when setting it up you’re gonna Want to use two people i did it by Myself and not recommended definitely Find someone to help you set up this Mattress because it is a bulky one now Let’s talk about couples the copper Infused memory foam and coil system the

Layla hybrid mattress employs makes this Mattress excellent for couples The copper infused memory foam is meant To respond and support your body with a Firming effect combined with an internal System of coils providing extra edge Support the layla hybrid mattress is a Master of motion control allowing you And your partner an undisturbed night Sleep as of right now a queen size sells For seventeen hundred dollars check out Our links in the description for coupons And discounts we may be able to save you Some money Now there are so many things to love About this mattress with the ability to Flip the mattress to a softer or firmer Side it feels as if every kind of Sleeper was kept at the forefront of the Manufacturer’s mind when constructing This bed Also its superior motion control and Edge support makes this bed a must have For couples Now this bet is a little more on the Expensive side which may drive away some Customers however it is worth noting That financing options are available Also this mattress is quite heavy and Bulky which can make it difficult to Flip on your own so when it comes time To move this mattress around make sure You have some help This mattress is worth every penny in my

Opinion it’s like having two for the Price of one It is a worthwhile long-term investment For a better night’s sleep Thanks for watching our review do us a Favor hit that subscribe button and We’ll see you next time

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