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By | October 25, 2022

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In this video, we review the Layla Hybrid Mattress including how it places in our unbiased ratings, what it’s made of, who it’s best for, and how you can get one.

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Hi I’m Stetson Doggett with U.S news and World reports 360 reviews today we’re Taking a look at the Layla hybrid Mattress we’ll look at how the Layla Hybrid is made who it is best for how Much it costs and where to buy it Including exclusive deals that we’ll Link to in the description below before We get started please take a moment to Like this video And subscribe to our Channel for more unbiased reviews of Products you love from 360 Labs with That said let’s get started Foreign [Music] Like the all foam Layla mattress the Layla hybrid mattress is flippable this Gives sleepers the choice of whether They prefer the feel of a softer or Firmer mattress the cover of a Layla Mattress is made of a poly blend fabric Designed to be breathable just under the Cover on both sides of the mattress is a Layer of cooling gel and copper memory Foam below the gel memory foam is a Layer of support foam that Layla says is Designed to promote airflow and support Through small dimples in the mattress’s Surface in the center of the mattress is A layer of pocketed coils with a Reinforced perimeter to help with Edge Support Layla says the Layla hybrid Mattress feels medium soft on the softer Side of the mattress and medium firm on

The firmer side of the mattress on a Firmness scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being The firmest the soft side rates of 4 and The firm side rates of 7. other Professional reviewers mentioned that The softer side of the Layla hybrid Mattress is particularly good for side Sleepers back in stomach sleepers may Prefer the the firmer side the Layla Hybrid mattress does a fair job keeping Sleepers cool possibly because of the Company’s airflow support foam and the Copper gel memory foam layers on either Side of the mattress however some Professional reviewers note that the Mattress may not give a cool to the Touch feeling like some other models on The market if cooling is your top Priority check out our video on the best Cooling mattresses in the description Below if you sleep with a partner you’ll Likely want a mattress that can limit The amount of movement you’ll feel if They toss and turn a lot a mattress’s Ability to absorb movement depends on The materials within the mattress with The layers of foam and pocketed coils Other expert reviewers point out that The Layla hybrid mattress is average to Better than average in terms of keeping Motion to a minimum Layla sells a Queen-sized Layla hybrid mattress for About Seventeen hundred dollars a twin Size Layla hybrid mattress will cost

About thirteen hundred dollars and the California King model will cost about Nineteen hundred dollars this is on the Pricier side of all of the mattresses We’ve analyzed check out our review of The best cheap mattresses of 2022 to Find a bed that won’t break the bank do Layla hybrid mattresses smell any Mattress made with synthetic foam May Smell slightly once you unbox it all of Layla’s mattress Foams are a Serta prus Certified which means they aren’t made With any heavy metals or toxic chemicals With any new mattress it’s always a good Idea to let it air out before sleeping On it does the Layla hybrid mattress Need a box spring the Layla hybrid Mattress doesn’t need a box spring Though you’re welcome to use one if it’s Already part of your bed if you plan to Put this mattress on a platform bed make Sure that the slats are no more than Three inches apart or you could void Your warranty how long does the Layla Hybrid mattress last Layla offers a Lifetime warranty for its mattresses That covers sagging of more than one Inch loss of shape or height or Splitting or cracks in the foam where Can I buy a Layla hybrid mattress thanks For watching our Layla hybrid mattress Review we’re going to be include Including links in the video description To buy the mattress as well as a link to

Our full written review we’ll also have Updated deals and promo codes in the Description as well [Music]

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