I Tried the Sleep Pod (the Adult Swaddle) #shorts

By | February 8, 2023

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The Sleep Pod by company Hug Sleep is, to put it simply, an adult swaddle. It’s a soft, lightweight wearable blanket. It’s shaped almost like a sack that you climb into and pull over your body to relax or sleep in a cocoon-like state. The product’s intention is to make it feel like you’re receiving a gentle hug — ultimately reducing anxiety and helping you drift to sleep. It gained popularity after appearing on the hit show Shark Tank in 2020 and receiving a deal with one of the sharks.

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Have you seen the sleep pod or what's Known as the adult swaddle it gained Popularity after appearing on Shark Tank It's like a lightweight cocoon that you Sleep in it aims to help you fall asleep Faster and lessen anxiety through deep Pressure therapy I tried it out and want To tell you my main takeaways first I Like how snuggled up you feel in it it's Surprisingly cozy and comfortable it Could be a nice alternative to a Weighted blanket and the material is Really soft and stretchy so I could see How it could help a lot of people sleep Better and feel secure at night but I Think anyone who doesn't like to feel Wrapped up or feels claustrophobic Easily may not like this device I also Think it's not the best for anyone who Likes to move around in their sleep and Sprawl out unless you're trying to Minimize that lastly although the Version I tested has a space to take Your feet out I think it could still be A tough product for people with mobility Issues

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