How To Redistribute A Weighted Blanket #shorts

By | May 5, 2023

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Worried about your weighted blanket Getting bunched up if the beads or Pellets in your blanket pool on one side It can really affect the effectiveness Of your weighted blanket first things First you can avoid this problem by Ensuring that you buy a weighted blanket That uses gridded stitching this creates Pockets that hold small portions of the Beads so they stay evenly distributed Throughout the blanket most weighted Blankets use this design to ensure long Lasting quality but if you happen to Already have a weighted blanket that Doesn't use gridded stitching you can Start by shaking it out shake for a few Minutes to get the beads to distribute Throughout the blanket then lay it flat To spread the beads evenly and if you Want to take it to the next level you Could even sew your own stitches on to Prevent this bunching from happening in The future

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