How To Properly Sleep On Your Stomach #shorts

By | June 3, 2023

Are you one of the many individuals who prefer sleeping on their stomach? While this position can feel comfortable, it may not be the best for your health. Poor sleeping habits can lead to discomfort and pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. In this blog post, we will provide you with tips on how to properly sleep on your stomach to avoid any negative consequences. So, read on to learn how to improve your sleep quality and overall health.

How to Properly Sleep on Your Stomach for Quality Sleep

Sleeping on your stomach can be comfortable for some people. However, did you know that sleeping on your stomach can cause strain on your back and neck if you don’t do it properly? Dr. Brian Meenan is a chiropractor who specializes in teaching people how to sleep properly to ensure they get quality sleep. In this article, we will explore techniques from Dr. Brian Meenan on how to properly sleep on your stomach with proper back support.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, stomach sleeping is the least common sleep position. Most people (74%) prefer to sleep on their backs, while others (18%) prefer sleeping on their side. However, if you like sleeping on your stomach, it’s essential to learn proper back support techniques to prevent unnecessary strain and pain.

Here are some tips on how to sleep on your stomach with proper back support:

  1. Choose the right pillow
  2. Use a firmer mattress
  3. Use a pillow under your pelvis or lower abdomen
  4. Use a rolled-up towel or pillow under your forehead
  5. Keep your neck straight
  6. Stretch before bed

Choose the Right Pillow

Selecting the right pillow to sleep on your stomach is important to avoid neck and back problems. Experts suggest choosing a thin and flat pillow to avoid putting your spine out of alignment. Use a pillow that is soft, has a flat bottom, and is less than three inches thick; this will help to ensure your neck and head do not tilt upward, which can lead to pain in the morning.

Use a Firmer Mattress

Sleeping on a firm mattress will help keep your back in a more stable position. Dr. Brian Meenan suggests using a firmer mattress to keep your torso from sinking. A firmer mattress will support your body shape and prevent any curvature of your spine, reducing any strain, or pressure points.

Use a Pillow Under Your Pelvis or Lower Abdomen

Dr. Brian Meenan recommends using a pillow under your pelvis or lower abdomen to help keep your spine aligned; this will also reduce pressure on your muscles and joints. While sleeping on your stomach, your spine may curve, thus placing unnecessary tension on your lower back. Using a pillow will help you to achieve a more neutral position, which reduces the pressure on your joints and can help reduce discomfort.

Use a Rolled-up Towel or Pillow Under Your Forehead

Using a rolled-up towel or pillow under your forehead will keep your neck in a neutral position and take pressure off your spine while sleeping on your stomach. The extra support under your head and neck will prevent the neck from hyperextending, reducing any unnecessary strain.

Keep Your Neck Straight

Keep your neck straight. Do not rotate or turn your neck. Turning your head or neck can lead to pain or strain, which can make it difficult to get quality sleep.

Stretch Before Bed

Stretch your back before sleeping to loosen up your muscles. Tight muscles are prone to discomfort, strain, or injury. Simple stretching exercises can help relieve this tension and improve your quality of sleep.

Keeping the above tips in mind while sleeping on your stomach will ensure you get quality sleep without developing any back or neck strains.


Sleeping on your stomach with proper back support can help reduce back and neck pain. Simple adjustments to your pillow or adding a pillow or towel under specific parts of your body can help improve your quality of sleep. Dr. Brian Meenan’s techniques can help ensure that you sleep on your stomach effectively. Additionally, subscribing and following Mattress Clarity on various social media platforms like Tik-Tok and Instagram can provide information about exclusive mattress discounts, giveaways, and helpline mattresses up to 25% off with free accessories.
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  1. How can I choose the right pillow to sleep on my stomach?
    Ans: Choose a thin and flat pillow with a bottom that is less than three inches thick and soft.

  2. Why is sleeping on my stomach harmful?
    Ans: Sleeping on your stomach may strain your neck, spine, and reduce your breathing capacity.

  3. What’s the best sleeping position based on scientific evidence?
    Ans: Scientifically, the best sleeping position is sleeping on your back.

  4. What are the advantages of sleeping on my stomach?
    Ans: It can reduce breathing issues in sleepers that experience apnea or snoring.

  5. Can sleeping on your stomach cause indigestion?
    Ans: Digestive issues are rare when sleeping on your stomach; however, they may occur when sleeping too close to eating time.

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