How To Find Bed Bugs In Your Bedroom

By | April 9, 2023

When it comes to the hygiene of your sleep environment, one thing is for sure: no one wants bed bugs to ruin their night. These hitchhikers can come from just about anywhere, so that’s why we’ve put together some tips and tricks to identify the early signs of bed bugs.

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0:00 Introduction
1:00 Bed Bug Bites
1:22 Stains On Your Sheets
1:49 Unexplained smell
2:27 What to do when you have bed bugs
2:46 Inspect your room & mattress
3:08 Strip & wash bedding
3:31 Invest in a Mattress Encasement
3:56 Where do bed bugs come from?
4:09 Travel
4:32 Cities that have high bed bug reports
4:44 States that have high bed bug reports
4:51 Wrap Up

Bed bugs are two words no one wants to hear. They can be a pain to deal with and remove from your home. But what are some early signs you might have them? Look for bites on your skin, especially those that are in a line. Bed bugs have one food source: you. One other sign is stains in your sheets. This can be from blood from a bite or crushed bugs. You might also notice an unexplained smell around your room. This is from the growing infestation. Ultimately though, the only surefire confirmation is seeing a bed bug in the flesh. From there, I highly recommend contacting your local pest control.

Once you contact the professionals, there are some steps you can take before the pros arrive. Strip your bedding and wash it on the highest heat setting possible. If you have to wash in batches, be sure to keep what isn’t being washed in bags or plastic containers, which can prevent the spread of the infestation. You should thoroughly inspect your room or mattress to see where the bugs are hiding. And you can also invest in a mattress encasement to starve the bugs.

More often than not, people pick up bed bugs from travel. So, do some research on the bed bug reports to your travel destination. If you’re especially worried about picking up bed bugs from a hotel, be sure to fully inspect your room for any and all signs before unpacking.

For more information, read our full article on early signs of bed bugs:

We’ve also collected data on the cities that have the highest rates of bed bugs:

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There are two words that will strike Fear into anyone who has a bed They are a pain to deal with and they Can take a very long time to get rid of As well what's up world it's Tony the Sleep accessories editor for Mattress Clarity and in today's video I'm going To give you some tips and tricks on how To identify early signs of bed bugs what You can do to help mitigate the problem And more so stick around you can also Read more about this problem in an In-depth article at As well as some reviews for bedding Pillows and mattresses let's get started [Music] Before I get too far into this video I Do want to point out this is for Educational purposes only if you do have A bed bug infestation please contact Your local pest control because they are The professionals and therefore equipped To handle removing the infestation so With that disclaimer out of the way here Are three major early signs you can look Out for to see if you have bed bugs First and foremost bites there is truth To the saying don't let the bedbugs bite Because they have to eat and Unfortunately you are the main course Now there are tons of bugs that can hide In your bed and bite you throughout the Night but one way to tell if it's bed Bugs is if the bites are in a line on

Your skin because they will move across Your skin as they bite you the second Sign to look out for are stains in your Bed sheets this can happen for a few Different reasons the first being it's Blood from your skin that hadn't fully Dried after you were bitten and it Transferred to your sheets the other is If you toss and turn like I do you may Crush a bug while doing so so that's Just where it comes from and as the Infestation grows these stains will Become more prominent as it becomes a Mix of blood crushed bugs and Bug Droppings the final sign to look out for If you think you have bed bugs is an Unexplained smell you'll start to notice A rather unpleasant odor around your bed Or your bedroom as the infestation grows And this is just a mix of the pheromones From the bugs blood drying on your Sheets and of course just dead bugs Within your sheets so if you have a Smell and you can't identify the source Chances are it might be bed bugs now Unfortunately the one thing that will Absolutely confirm you have a bed bug Infestation is seeing one skitter across Your sheets and again if that happens Please contact your Pest Control So you've identified that you have an Infestation you've called pest control And unfortunately they can't be there The same day here are some tips and

Tricks you can do to help mitigate the Spread of the infestation before the Pros arrive Number one is to fully inspect your Mattress or your room for the source of The infestation bed bugs love to hide so Be sure to examine every nook and cranny In your mattress or your room to find Where they are it can be either in your Mattress itself a box spring if you have One or a frame if it has places to hide The next step is to strip your bedding From your bed and place it into plastic Containers or plastic bags to separate The bugs that are hiding in your bedding From the mattress from there you'll Launder everything on the highest heat Setting you have in your washing machine Because heat is the most effective tool You have to kill the bugs that are Hiding in your sheets the last tip I Have is investing in a mattress Encasement this will cover your entire Mattress and trap the bed bugs inside And separate them from you which as I Said you are their food source now Unfortunately mattress encasements are a Bit of a long-term investment because Depending on the size of the infestation And how many bugs you have in your bed It could take a very long time to Completely starve them out [Music] Now you've confirmed you have a bed bug

Problem and you may be thinking to Yourself how the heck did I get bed bugs After all they don't just appear out of Thin air one thing to note is that bed Bugs are hitchhikers so think if you've Traveled recently because you might have Picked them up from your hotel room now Bed bugs are a nationwide problem and They plague hotels more often than you Might think so if you're especially Worried about picking up bed bugs from Traveling be sure to thoroughly inspect Your room before settling in so if you Do have travel plans on the horizon here Are some cities to be cautious of Because they've had higher reports than Others these cities include New York City Baltimore Cleveland and Chicago and In a more broader sense some states to Be cautious of are California Florida Maryland and New Jersey Well there you have it some tips and Tricks on how to identify and handle bed Bugs in your room as well as some travel Destinations to be aware of if you're Traveling soon you can find more In-depth information about bed bugs and How to handle them at as well as some Reviews on pillows bedding and Mattresses as well as some money saving Coupons too see you next time bye Foreign [Music]

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