How To Clean A Humidifier #shorts

By | March 15, 2023

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How do you clean a humidifier it's Important to keep your humidifier clean To prevent bacteria and mold growth but It's important to clean it properly now You always want to defer to the cleaning Instructions provided by the Manufacturer which you should be able to Find in the manual or on their website But here's an easy process with vinegar That works for a lot of humidifiers First unplug and empty your humidifier Of any water and disassemble it as much As you can then pour two cups of white Vinegar into the tank of the humidifier You'll want to swish around the vinegar In the tank to disinfect the whole thing Then place the tank back on the Humidifier base or pour some vinegar Directly into the base let that stand For 20 minutes or so empty out the Vinegar and if there is any mineral Deposit buildup you can use a small Brush to scrub it then you'll want to Rinse all the parts of the humidifier Until the smell of vinegar is gone

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