How I Live With Sleep Apnea – My Story

By | December 24, 2022

I’ve struggled with sleep apnea for years, and I’m here to tell my story. If you want to know more about this condition, stay tuned!

0:00 Sleep Apnea Introduction
0:47 What Is Sleep Apnea?
1:22 My Story
2:47 Sleep Apnea Tips
3:51 Wrap-up

Sleep apnea is a condition in which you stop breathing during the night. This can lead to heart conditions, Alzheimer’s, and many other negative health outcomes. As this video shows, if you think you may have sleep apnea, see a doctor immediately.

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Foreign [Music] Hey guys Martin here from mattress Clarity you may not know it but I Struggle with sleep apnea it can take a Toll making me exhausted but thankfully I found treatment follow me on my sleep Apnea journey to learn what it is how I Treated it and tips for living with Sleep apnea okay the intro was super Serious I get that I was a film major so Sue me but still sleep apnea is a Serious matter it can really affect your Physical and your mental health if You've made connected with things like Heart disease and Alzheimer's but what Exactly is sleep apnea well simply put It to where you stop breathing while you Sleep now this mostly occurs when the Back of your throat relaxes closing down Your Airway you stop breathing so you Slightly wake up to start breathing Again now this also could be in your Snoring at night so if you live with a Partner they might say that you're Snoring if you live alone you may not Know you're actually dealing with sleep Apnea it could also be because your Brain isn't setting the correct signals To regulate your breathing but either Way it robs you a good healthy sleep and Basically affects your mood and your Health overall but let me tell you my Story

At first I had no idea I even had sleep Apnea then I remember camping with a Buddy and he told me that I snored Horribly the night before he had bags Under his eyes and he was less than Enthused he told me he had her to sleep Apnea and then I might have it and I Left it off But I started to feel more and more Exhausted and I had a few accidents [Music] Finally I went to seek help and my sleep Doctor prescribed a sleep study this was Some straight up science fiction stuff They put nodes on my face and told me to Sleep trust me it wasn't that easy but a Few weeks later they had my results and No joke my doctor told me this was one Of the worst cases they had ever seen I Was waking up a whopping 47 times per Hour no wonder I was exhausted but they Prescribed a CPAP which stands for Continuous positive airway pressure And at first it felt like having an Alien Facehugger on my face but after a While I got used to it and it was really Night and day for me I'm more energized Now and my mood is better too [Music] So I have had sleep apnea for years and I've dealt with one of these guys for Over four years and I'm not a doctor but I know what it's like to have sleep Apnea and I've got some great tips for

You First off take care of your CPAP and it Will take care of you that means Cleaning out the water basin every Single day and also your nose or your Mouthpiece depending on what model you Have you want to keep these clean you Also want to make sure to clean your Hose and your headgear every two weeks Now a big one is this says only use Distilled water and that means only use Distilled water one time I ran out I Used some tap water this thing turned Into a petri dish it was nasty now also There's some other things to think about With sleep apnea first off in the Morning wash your face this can cause Some buildup around your nose and your Face make sure to wash it thoroughly Every single morning the last one it's Not very fun you kind of have to plan Where you sleep no last minute Sleepovers if you're used to sleeping With a CPAP and then one night you don't Sleep with it it is not a good time and Also if you like to go camping you may Need to buy a portable CPAP machine well That's my story and I'm sticking to it If you want some more information about Sleep apnea has some Great resources and if you think you may Have sleep apnea definitely consult your Doctor we'll see you next time

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