How Does Alcohol Impact Your Sleep?

By | April 6, 2023

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Hey it's Bridget with sleepopolis and Today I want to talk about how alcohol Impacts your sleep so we have our Director of sleep Health here Dr Shelby Harris to talk more about it [Music] Alcohol is well known as a sleep Disrupter why is that alcohol is the Tricky one so the problem with alcohol Is that it relaxes us right so a lot of People have a drink or two at night or They start using it as a sleep aid now The problem is it tricks you into Thinking that it's great for sleep it's Great to fall asleep with but you're Falling asleep and for what to have poor Quality sleep that's what the alcohol Does so it wears off pretty quick and Then when it wears off it actually Messes with the quality of sleep that You have some people have very light Sleep other people tend to awaken more And the reason you're Awakening is Because your body's saying I need more Alcohol to go back to sleep so you're Essentially a withdrawal so alcohol While it might relax you to go to sleep It's actually going to give you terrible Quality sleep so we actually really try To get people to stay away from alcohol Because it just becomes you're rely on It too much over time and then it's a Bigger problem down the road so what's Happening physically to your body and

Why is that disrupting your sleep so Alcohol also causes a lot of dehydration And when you're dehydrated you're not Going to sleep as well and also you're Going to feel more tired during the day When you're dehydrated so really try to Stay away from it as best you can so What about this concept of a night cap Why do people do this what's wrong with It Well it's the the idea of that you're Going to have this to put an end to the Day to cap the night and then go to Sleep so it's really just not a good Thing to rely on that being said I'm Also someone who tries to be practical And realistic in life and I don't want Someone to say I can never have a drink At night I can never do these things if You're going to go out and you're going To see a friend you're going to have a Glass of wine once and a while just Accept that your sleep might not be that Great that night and then move on but Don't rely on it don't make it the Routine for sleep it's really not going To help you in the long run Is there a certain amount of time you'd Recommend waiting you know cutting off That glass of wine at before bed so Within three hours is really of bedtime Is when you should really stop alcohol Because it does wear off after about Three four hours which is why when you

Go to bed with alcohol in your body you Tend to have Awakenings or you have Lighter sleep All right thank you all for joining us I Hope you found this helpful if you want To learn anything else about sleep and Alcohol just click the link in the Description below also head over to for more sleep health Information [Music] Foreign

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