Helix vs Saatva | #1 Mattress Review Guide (UPDATED 2022)

By | August 22, 2022

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Helix vs Saatva | #1 Mattress Review Guide (UPDATED 2022). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers the Slumber Yard’s take on Saatva vs Helix mattress comparison. Helix and Saatva are one of the more well-known bed in a box brands. In this video though, JD focuses on their flagship mattresses, Helix Midnight and Saatva Classic. JD talks about what Helix beds feel like, how firm/soft they are and all the Helix models available. He then talks about Saatva in detail and how they compare to Helix in terms of feel, firmness and pressure relief/support. Regardless of your preferred sleeping position (side, back, or stomach), there is likely a Saatva or Helix bed that will work for you. As for Helix, they offer many different mattresses thanks to their Helix sleep quiz. Some of Helix Sleep’s line of beds include Helix Dusk, Helix Dawn, Helix Twilight, Helix Sunset, Helix Plus, Helix for Kids mattress, and their lineup of Helix Luxe mattresses. On the other hand, Saatva is a premium online mattress brand that offers several different beds, including Loom & Leaf, Saatva HD mattress, Saatva Latex Hybrid, Saatva Youth, Saatva Solaire, and their all-latex bed Zenhaven. Their Saatva Classic mattress is one of the most popular innerspring mattresses online. Look out to see whether these mattresses land on a best mattress buying guide list for 2022. Hopefully this comparison review helps you decide whether the Saatva or the Helix mattress is right for your specific situation!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:54 – General Mattress Policies
2:46 – Similarities
3:35 – Feel
4:13 – Firmness
5:11 – Other Bed Options
6:07 – Pricing & Discounts
7:20 – Final Verdict: Helix vs Saatva
7:50 – Conclusion

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So how does Helix midnight one of Helix Sleeps most popular and accommodating Hybrid beds compare to the luxurious yet Affordable quality of the sofa classic Well if you clicked on this video you’ve Come to the right place because today I’m going to try to compare the two kind Of put them head to head and answer the Main questions that you might have about Each one over here at the slumber yard We have reviewed countless online beds And we will continue to do so just as Long as they keep coming out and it Seems like they are coming out by the Minute over here so if you need any more Information about the two that I’m about To address in this comparison or any Others check down below in the Description or feel free to go on over To our website myslumber yard.com for More if you enjoyed this video drop a Like on it and subscribe to the channel But without further Ado here’s Helix Versus Sava [Music] Foreign [Music] Let’s go over the general policies that You should be getting whether you go the Route of helix or whether you go the Route of Safa now for the record we did Receive both of these mattresses for Free from their respective Brands to Review and tell you guys about them but

If you end up buying them online for Yourself you should be back by the Following stuff starting with completely Free shipping now the methods in which They get to you are going to differ Slightly Helix ships all their beds with Standard bend-a-box shipping which means That they’ll likely arrive at your door Stuffed inside of a box that’s around Like four feet tall and all you gotta do Is just drag that thing in your home and With the help of a friend unbox it which Is actually really easy and kind of fun To do Sava on the other hand ships all Of their beds with complementary White Glove delivery which means instead of Standard bed in the Box shipping these Mattresses will actually show up at your Home full size with a delivery team who Will actually take away your old bed for Free and set up the new one so the Shipping methods here are slightly Different but however they get to you it Should cost extra now once the beds are Set up and in your possession you also Get a sleep trial with both with Helix They offer a standard 100 night trial Period with all of their beds including The midnight so that means you get three Full wants to test the bed out for free In the comfort of your home and with Sava you get even more time you actually Get an entire year to test this mattress Out at home completely risk-free now say

Within that time frame you end up Getting these beds you test them out for A while and you don’t really like them For whatever reason well that’s fine Because Helix as a brand offers Completely free returns within that Trial period time frame Sava on the Other hand since they do incur a little Bit more cost shipping this mattress to You returns aren’t exactly going to be Free with these mattresses they will Probably charge you a nominal Transportation fee if you want to send It back within that trial period but we Highly doubt a lot of folks are going to Be doing that anytime soon so in the Case you do decide to keep these beds They’re both backed by pretty nice Warranties you get a standard 10-year Warranty with Helix and Sava actually Backs all their beds with lifetime Warranties now which is pretty awesome And if you want any more information Regarding all the policy stuff that I Just covered and went over check down Below in the description we should have Some more details down there for you now Let’s go over the similarities between Helix and Sapa and there’s really only One main one and that has to do with the Fact that they’re both hybrid beds by Default and this means that they use Pocketed coils for their main support Layers rather than dense polyfoam now

We’ve talked a lot about pocketed coils On this channel and we’ll try to link Some more information about them down Below in the description box as well but In a nutshell pocketed coils just go a Long way in providing beds with a lot More bi-directional support and Durability for bigger body types and They even you know add a bit of Bounce Airflow and increased motion isolation a Bits now Helix midnight only uses one Layer of coils for support which is more Than enough but Sava classic actually Goes above and beyond with two different Layers of coils you’ve got inner springs On the bottom and then a layer of Pocketed coils above that for even more Support and both of these mattresses Also use various Comfort Foams above Those support layers to provide the Bed’s main Comfort layers and speaking Of that these completely different Constructions provide the beds with Separate feels with Sava since the bed Features a pillow top for its primary Comfort this naturally gives it more of A pillow top feel some might even Qualify it as a traditional inner spring Feel so you’re probably going to get a Lot of support from the two layers of Coils below while also getting a nice Amount on a pressure relief and cushion From that pillow top Helix on the other Hand has more of a straightforward

Neutral foam feel to us the Helix Midnight just feels like a standard Comfy coil bed that most folks should Probably be able to get down with right Off the bat and we usually say that 9 Out of 10 people find beds with neutral Foam feels to be pretty dang comfortable Or at least not uncomfortable these beds Are also going to differ a bit in terms Of overall firmness at least for the Models that we typically recommend for Most folks and I say that because the Sava classic is available in three Different firmness levels but their Luxury firm is probably the most Accommodating one right around a medium Firm so it should work fine for all Sleep Styles but it might just be best For primary back or stomach sleepers Helix midnight on the other hand is Right around a proper medium on our Scale so whether you’re a back side Stomach or a combination sleeper you Should be able to get by on it A-Okay Now do keep in mind that firmness is a Pretty subjective thing that usually Depends on how much you weigh for Heavier people like myself we have more Mass pushing into the bed and so that Usually makes us perceive beds to be Softer than they truly are while more Teen sized folks they usually lay more On top of the mattresses because they Don’t have as much mass and find them to

Be a little bit firmer in turn our Firmness rankings over here at the Slumber yard for these mattresses are Based on the weight of an average sized Individual somewhere in the range of 160 Pounds give or take so keep that all in Mind and take it with a grain of salt But if you want something with a little Bit of a different firmness both brands Do offer a number of different options With different types of firmness levels With Sava as a brand they also offer the Lumen Leaf mattress there’s Zen Haven You’ve got the sofa latex hybrid you’ve Also got their new sofa modern foam You’ve got an air bed you’ve also got a Youth mattress and even a mattress Designed for especially heavier folks Called Sava HD now Helix is a brand they Actually offer so many different options That it can be kind of difficult to Navigate through their lineup but the Cool thing about Helix is their online Sleep quiz where they run you through a Series of questions related to your Sleeping preferences and your body mass Index all sorts of things at the end it Basically gives you the bed that should Work best for you based on your answer We think the Sleep quiz that’s offered Through Helix is actually a pretty easy And efficient way to pinpoint the right Helix bed for you and we’ll try to link That sleep quiz along with all the other

Options from both Brands Down Below in The description box so you can check Them out for yourself but now it’s that Time in the video to discuss price so How much are you going to be shelling Out for the Helix midnight mattress and For the savva classic well before I do Get into this stuff I want to mention The pricing for online mattresses just Like these two change often within this Space so if this pricing is a little bit Different as of when you’re watching This video that’s my bad and our team’s Bad really you know so you can’t put it All on me right I’m just a guy on the Face of a camera I don’t know what I’m Even talking about anymore let’s keep it Rolling So this pricing is a little bit Different as of when you’re watching This video I apologize but be sure to Check down below in the description to See whatever is current but as of when I’m filming this thing you can usually Expect to pay right around the 1100 Range for a queen size Helix midnight After discount and we should have Something down below in the description To potentially save you even more with This option but all in all we’d say That’s a pretty dang good value for a Hybrid bed of this quality online these Days now in terms of the Safa Classic This is going to be a little bit more

Pricey but probably also worth it for The quality that you’re getting here Right now you can pick up a queen size For just shy of the 1600 Mark and again Guys anything that we can find to help Save you the most amount of money Possible with these two mattress options Is going to be located in that Description box so feel free to check That out but that’s pretty much going to Do it for this video by now I’m sure You’re probably wondering what our Team’s final verdict is for Helix versus Saava so here you go we’d say look in a Helix if you want a bunch of different Hybrid options to choose from with more Neutral foam feels that span across the Entire firmness spectrum and you want to Try that sleep quiz to pinpoint the Right bed for you and then maybe check Out satva if you want a supportive Hybrid bed with more of a traditional Pillow top feel you want a few firmness Levels to choose from and you want the Bed with that white glove delivery Service but hey that’s just our team’s Take on it what is yours between healing Which one are you ultimately gonna go With write us down below in the comments We would love to hear from you again a Ton more helpful content regarding these Two beds can be found Down Below in that Description I can’t say that enough if You guys want any more information check

The description box but hopefully this Video was helpful towards your online Mattress search if that’s the case drop A like on this video and feel free to Subscribe to the Slumber yard for so Much more but that’s going to do it for This one again I’m JD with the Slumber Yard and like always sleep right sleep Tight and we’ll see you next time [Music] Come on Like And subscribe

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