Happsy Organic Mattress, Healthy and Safe Mattress with Organic Latex and Encased review

By | August 5, 2022


Happsy Organic Mattress, Healthy and Safe Mattress with Organic Latex and Encased Coils, Non-Toxic, King

Main Features:
– Organic Mattress: Sleep safe knowing your mattress passes all government flammability requirements and still 100% GOTS certified and maintains UL/GREENGUARD certifications for low chemical emissions
– Best of Both Worlds: This organic hybrid mattress relieves pressure points thanks to the organic latex and supports with encased coils that cradle your unique body
– Firm Support: It is recommended that most sleep on a firm mattress for best comfort, making the Happsy Organic Mattress universally comfortable
– Sleep Healthy: Your good night’s sleep starts with only the best materials. Organic cotton, organic wool, organic latex, sugarcane PLA, with a glue-less encased steel coil innerspring
– Made in USA: Happsy makes all our mattresses right here in the USA from domestic and imported components and are shipped to you rolled and ready for relaxation

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I love this mattress so much we were in The market for a new mattress after Growing out of a queen kids and after Considering a number of other organic Natural options we landed on this one Because it was within our budget our Previous mattress was a plush high Quality though not eco-friendly pillow Top mattress so this one was definitely Firmer after sleeping on it for nearly Two years I got the topper and it made a Good mattress great I am very satisfied With our purchase and have full Confidence it will last for many years To come PS the mattress does smell like Natural latex and wool when it first Arrives it took a few weeks for the Smell to dissipate but I didn’t mind it At all I actually found it to be a quite Pleasant smell every once in a while I Get a whiff of it and it still doesn’t Bother me at all I’d rather smell it Than the awful chemical of gassing of Other conventional mattresses we love Our new bed the only issue I have with It is the smell I’m hoping it goes away But it for sure smells like hamster Bedding or hey it’s a very natural smell Nothing chemical about it but funky but Overall great bed great mattress a Little bouncier than I expected it Hasn’t been a problem I can’t feel my Partner rolling over at night or Anything definitely a medium firm rather

Than very firm but it does feel like You’re laying on top of the mattress Rather than sinking in which I prefer And it’s on the less expensive side for Organic mattresses very happy with this Purchase

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