Exercise & Sleep #shorts

By | March 28, 2023

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Exercise is really important when it Comes to having a good night's sleep Sleep is really your body's battery Recharging and if you're not using your Battery during the day it doesn't need To recharge as much at night so when it Comes to exercise we really recommend That you get some vigorous enough Exercise a brisk walk something that you Like to do that raises your heart rate And your body temperature a bit and for Some people about four to six hours is Actually The Sweet Spot because what it Does is it warms your body up and then Over a few hours you actually start to Cool down and that cooling down process Before bed is actually what helps to Signal that melatonin naturally should Start coming out in your body and your And your brain to help you get sleepy so It's really important to exercise during The day but if you can't exercise in That four to six hour range right before Bed you can exercise in the morning it's Fine I exercise every single morning Pretty much but try to limit any Vigorous exercise within three hours of Bed you don't want to warm your body up Too much

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