DreamCloud vs Nectar – Memory Foam Mattress Review (UPDATED)

By | December 26, 2022

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DreamCloud vs Nectar – Memory Foam Mattress Review (UPDATED). In this video JD, who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers his updated comparison of the DreamCloud mattress vs Nectar. Nectar has multiple beds like the Nectar Premier, Nectar Premier Copper, and their hybrids of each mattress. DreamCloud also has a few options like the DreamCloud Premier and DreamCloud Premier Rest. Nectar is known as budget friendly memory foam mattress. The DreamCloud, on the other hand, is a bit more expensive and is known as a memory foam hybrid mattress. JD touches on the mattress policies offered with each mattress brand which includes free shipping, a sleep trial, free returns and a warranty. He also covers the construction of the mattresses, how they feel and their firmness, and what sleeper type would be best for either bed (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers). JD also discusses which body types (petite, medium and heavy) would enjoy these mattresses. If you’re a heavy person, JD recommends opting for the Nectar Hybrid mattresses or any of the DreamCloud mattresses since they utilize coils for extra support. Thanks for watching this DreamCloud mattress vs Nectar mattress comparison. Hopefully, it helps you decide whether to go with Nectar or DreamCloud for your next bed.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:25 – General Mattress Policies
3:15 – Similarities
3:30 – Construction & Feel
4:53 – Firmness
6:02 – Other Options
6:58 – X-Factors
7:46 – Pricing
8:45 – Final Verdict: DreamCloud vs Nectar
9:15 – Conclusion

So dream cloud and nectar if you've been Shopping around for an online bet for a Little bit now you've probably come Across these memory foam options once or Twice in the past but when it comes down To it who should really go with either Option and for what reasons well in this Video that's exactly what we're going to Try to address I'm JD with the Slumber Yard and I'm going to try to tell you Everything that you should know about These two beds before you buy them for Yourself online we're going to start off By talking about the policies that They're both backed by then we'll delve Into the similarities that they share We'll talk about the differences where They kind of contrast we'll talk pricing And at the very end I'll try to sum Things up with a final verdict so you Can ultimately determine which one is Going to be right for you now if you Enjoyed this video you maybe get Something out of it we'd really Appreciate it if you dropped a like on It and subscribe to the channel for so Much more and if you need any more Information about either dream cloud or Nectar once this video is over check Down below in the description for a lot More stuff helpful stuff pertaining to Your online mattress search but now Without further Ado let's compare dream Cloud to nectar

[Music] And save your money [Music] Okay so first things first let's talk About the elephant in the room my facial Hair okay let's get a zoom in on this Editor it's No Shave November it's kind Of looking Grim to start but you never Know it could full you know it could Fill in a little bit the coverage could Improve Maybe someday but hey let's talk about Mattress policies so what are you going To be backed by in either the case of Dream cloud or nectar in regards to Shipping returns drop years and Warranties all that stuff well just so You guys know we did receive both of These beds for free from their Respective Brands to review and tell you Guys about them but you should be back By completely free shipping once you Order them online so that means they're Both going to ship to your door inside Of a big box through bed in a box Shipping and all you got to do once they Arrive is just drag them into your home And unbox them and if you have a friend There to help you out with the whole Unboxing process it's actually kind of Fun to complete altogether and that is Especially the case for the dream Cloud Bed you know this is a really Burly Hybrid mattress that you could struggle

To lift and set up by yourself so you May want a friend there to help you out With a nectar bed this is an all foam Mattress so it's kind of easy to set up If you're just solo as I did over here At the slumber yard but in either case Once they're set up and in your Possession you also get a 365 night Trial period with both and this is Basically your time to see if the beds Are truly right for you or not and you Get an entire year to do that and if Within that first full year trial period Did you decide that you know maybe Nectar's a little bit too firm dream Cloud I don't know about this bed you Want to send them back and try something Different that's totally fine because Within that trial period time frame you Can return the beds for completely free So that means you're basically going to Call the brands up and schedule a time For someone to swing by your home and Remove it at no additional cost to you Though the brands do ask you to try Their mattresses out for at least a full Month and that's basically to give it a Real college try before you ultimately Make your decision on these things but Even then you can return these beds for Completely free within that trial period Time frame now say the opposite occurs And you end up sleeping on your dream Cloud or your nectar Ben you're like man

I love this thing I want to keep it That's great because they're both backed By LifeTime and forever warranties I'm Pretty sure that's the same thing you Know it could differ slightly but we'll Link some more helpful details regarding The differences potentially between them Down below in the description box if you Want to know more about that stuff but Now let's get into the similarities Between these two beds and there's Really not much here you know they're Quite different from one another I guess The main commonality between them is They both share a memory reform Sensation in terms of mattress feel but Both of them are slightly nuanced from Each other and that mostly stems from Their difference in overall construction With dream Cloud since this is a hybrid Bed that uses pocketed coils for support With some memory foam and a nice pillow Top for Comfort it features more of a Responsive memory foam feel so that Memory foam does provide somewhat of a Sinking feeling but the more responsive Nature of the coils and pillow top help To balance the bed out to make it feel More neutral to us the dream Cloud just Feels like a really accommodating coil Mattress that should work out for pretty Much anyone out there especially if You're on the heavier end because it Does use pocketed coils for more

Bi-directional support and long-term Durability now for nectar this is Instead an awful mattress that uses Dense support foam on the bottom for Support and then it has a transitional Layer of a more responsive foam and then A layer of viscous memory foam on top For Comfort which gives it more of a Dense memory foam sensation so when you Go to feel this bed when you press down Into the bed and you let go you test Responsiveness you'll see that it is Pretty dang slow to respond so when you First hop on it'll likely appear to be Pretty firm to you but then it'll slowly Start to soften up as you sink into it While that memory foam conforms around The shape of your body this feel is a Bit divisive among certain sleepers you Either kind of love it or hate it some People are kind of indifferent to it but That's essentially what you are getting With the original nectar and since this Is an all-foam bed by default you know Nectar does offer some quality hybrid Options these days with the flagship Model though we see this option working Out best for medium and petite sized Individuals if you're a heavier person Maybe check out those nectar hybrid bits And we'll talk about those beds in a Minute here but now let's delve into the Firmness level for both the dream cloud And the nectar mattress and this is

Another area where these beds completely Differ the flagship dream cloud is right Around a medium in terms of firmness so It should be a great option for any and All sleeper types whether you like to Sleep on your back switch to your side Switch to your stomach or a combination Of all three on a nightly basis you Should be pretty much good to go and set With the original Dream Cloud now with The nectar mattress this bed is a little Bit firmer than dream Cloud at a proper Medium firm on our scale so it should Also work for all sleeper types just Fine but if you're more of a primary Back or stomach sleeper who's looking For a little bit more support from your Bed maybe you should check out this Option as opposed to dream cloud in General we usually see that back in Stomach sleepers typically prefer firmer Options but hey firmness is an Altogether subjective thing that usually Depends on how much you weigh so if You're a heavier person like myself You're likely going to sink into a Mattress and find it to be a little Softer than it truly is to the average Person and conversely if you're a little Bit more petite sized or on the smaller End you're going to lay more on top of The bed rather than sink into it and Find it to be maybe a little bit firmer But these firmness levels that I just

Went over should be based on our Rankings for the average sized Individual so keep that in mind but say Maybe these firmness options aren't Really right up your alley well that's Totally fine because both brands do Offer beds that vary in terms of Firmness a bit more dream Cloud also Offers their dream Cloud Premier Mattress that sits in between a medium And medium firm so a little bit firmer Than a proper medium and they also have The dream Cloud Premiere rest which is Their most premium and softest option That's great for siding combination Sleepers nectar also offers their nectar Premiere which is around a flat medium Great for all sleeper types and they Also offer their nectar Premier copper Mattress which sits in between a medium And a medium firm so just a tinge bit Softer than the flagship nectar and keep In mind that all three of these nectar Beds the flagship the premiere and the Premier copper are now available as Hybrid mattresses that use pocketed Coils instead of dense foam for support So we'll try to link some more Information about all the options from Both Brands nectar and dream Cloud Down Below in the description box if you Maybe want to check out their other bits But getting back to the original Mattresses from both nectar and dream

Cloud it's time to talk about some X Factors These are basically things that set These beds apart from the everyday Online mattress and one for nectar has To do with its machine washable cover so If this mattress cover happens to get Dirty over time rather than spot Cleaning it you can actually remove the Entire thing and send it through your Washer which makes it really easy and Convenient to clean on a regular basis Now with dream Cloud this mattress cover Isn't really removable you will have to Spot clean it if it happens to get dirty It is a more luxurious option within the Online space it's definitely built to a Higher level of quality than a lot of Other beds online it even features a Little bit of cashmere within the cover And it probably wouldn't look out of Place sitting in a fancy five-star hotel Again check out the description box for A lot more information and helpful Details regarding the dream cloud and Nectar beds but now it's time to talk About pricing so how much are you going To be paying up for both these online Mattresses and I want to preface this Section by saying that mattress pricing Online fluctuates constantly and it is Right around Black Friday as of when I'm Recording this video so it could be a Little bit different as of when and

You're watching this thing but as of When I'm doing this video a queen size Dream cloud is right now available for Around 900 bucks after discount that may Be due to the holiday it's usually Around a thousand bucks after discount Give or take year round so check in the Description box to see whatever's Current and what kinds of discount codes We found with dream cloud in terms of The nectar bed you can usually pick up a Queen size for right around 800 bucks a Give or take right now it is running Even less after discount because we are Around a major holiday but in any case Check down below in the description to See whatever is current in terms of Discounts and promotions and hey if you Do use our discounts located within our Description boxes of our videos it helps To support our Channel and we really Appreciate that over here at the slumber Yard but when comparing dream Cloud to Nectar nectar to dream Cloud that's Pretty much all we gotta say over here At the slumber yard you know either way You go here you're getting a really Quality bed from a reputable brand but When it comes down to it who should Really go either way and why well we'd Say look into the dream Cloud mattress If you want more of a luxurious hybrid Pillow top bed with a responsive memory Foam feel that's right around proper

Medium and then pick up a nectar Mattress if you know you want more of a True memory foam sensation in your bed And you'll also want one that's a bit Firmer than a medium you like the sound Of that washable cover and you want the More affordable bed after discount but Hey that's just our take on it what is Yours when it comes to this comparison Are you gonna go the route of dream Cloud are you going to go to the route Of nectar rise Down Below in the Comments and let us know your thoughts If you enjoyed this video you know show Us some love like the video subscribe to The channel if you'd like to and if you Need any more information about these Beds check out the description box down Below we should have a bunch more Helpful links and related content down There for you but that's pretty much Going to sum it up for this one again I'm JD with the Slumber yard happy Holidays everybody hope you're doing Well out there and like always sleep Right sleep tight and we'll see you next Time [Music] Like And subscribe

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