Douglas Mattress Review – Soft and Comfortable?

By | October 21, 2022

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Looking for a comfortable memory foam mattress that’s also a great deal? You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to talk about the Douglas mattress!

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2:24 Firmness and Feel
3:22 Sleeping Positions
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5:08 Pricing
5:27 Who Should Get The Douglas?
5:59 Who Shouldn’t Get The Douglas?
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The Douglas is an all-foam mattress that boasts that comfortable, slow-moving memory foam feel. If that’s your style, you gotta check it out. This memory foam really cuts down on motion transfer, making this a great fit for couples. And, given that is a softer mattress, the Douglas is going to offer nice pressure relief for side sleeping.

However, this mattress must just be too soft for stomach sleeping. Heavier people will also want to get something more supportive than the Douglas. Finally, it is a slow-moving mattress, so fans of bouncy mattresses might want to look elsewhere.

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Hey y’all Elissa here with mattress Clarity if you’re looking for a memory Foam mattress so you can gently sink Into Douglas might be the one for you to Help you figure this out I’ll go over Its firmness feel and unique features But don’t forget you can read all of This information at And you’ll find some money saving Coupons while you’re there alright let’s Get started [Music] Before I get too deep into all the Details I do want to note that if you Choose to buy this mattress from our Affiliate Link in the description below We may earn a commission this helps us Fund our mattress testing operations and Keeps all of our content free to you First things first let’s talk about the Company policies so the Douglas mattress Is backed by a 15-year warranty and There’s a 129th sleep trial period plus They offer free shipping and free Returns Moving on to the construction of this Mattress the Douglas is 10 inches tall And it’s surrounded by their cool sense Cover it has a zipper around the outside So you can easily remove it and spot Clean it if you ever need to plus it’s Knitted with a soft tensile material Which is both breathable and super comfy The Douglas has two Comfort layers the

First one is made with their proprietary Luxury Eco light cooling gel foam this Is just a fancy way to say that it has a Gel infusion which helps dissipate body Heat and keep you cool beneath this is a Layer of their elastics foam now even Though it’s made of foam it has more of A latex sort of feel so it’s very Responsive and supportive and finally You get to the support layer this is Made with their motion isolation support Foam which is what it sounds like it Helps isolate motion which is really Great for couples and it provides the Lumbar support that you need The Douglas mattress is a bed in a box Mattress which means it’ll arrive on Your doorstep compressed inside a Cardboard box this is super easy to Unbox but you will need to have a friend Help you because these boxes can get Pretty heavy but lucky for me my friend Tony was here to help me unbox it took About 15 minutes but you will want to Give it about 48 hours to completely off Gas and expand before sleeping on it Two of the most important things you’ll Want to think about when you’re shopping For a new mattress is its firmness and Feel let’s start by talking about the Firmness level here at mattress Clarity We use a firmness scale that goes from 1 To 10 with six and a half indicating the Industry standard for medium firm the

Douglas mattress in my experience feels A bit softer than medium firm coming in At about six out of 10. I gently sink Into it I get a lot of body contouring And cushioning I will say though that This is all pretty subjective so if You’re a heavier person you might think That it feels a bit firmer because You’re sinking deeper into those Comfort Layers but let’s talk about what this Bed feels like so this is an all foam Mattress and even though it does have a Layer of responsive foam overall it Feels a very slow moving and plush so if You gently want to sink into your bed And get that kind of feeling this is a Great way to go you also want to think About your sleeping position when you’re Shopping for a new bed for me personally It felt really great while I was back Sleeping I do sink into that top layer a Little bit but I still get the lumbar Support that I need where this mattress Really shines though is when you’re side Sleeping because it’s a bit softer than Average you’ll really get that pressure Relief along your shoulders and your Hips I will say though that this bed Isn’t great for stomach sleepers because Again it’s pretty soft it’s not going to Give you that hip support that you need In order to keep your back in the Correct alignment over time it’s very Possible you could develop some lower

Back pain when your stomach’s sleeping On this bed If you share a bed with a partner you Also want to think about its motion Isolation and Edge support so if you Don’t know what motion isolation means It just means if you’re resting on one Side of the bed and your partner comes In on the other and they start switching Sleeping positions will you feel their Movement come over to your side of the Bed fortunately the Douglas mattress Isolates motion really well it’s made Entirely out of foam which really helps Keep movement to one side of the bed so Even if you’re a really sensitive Sleeper you shouldn’t be disturbed or Woken up in the middle of the night by Your partner’s movements but where it Shines in motion isolation it does lack In Edge support so this is important for Couples because if you are sitting or Sleeping near the side of the bed and It’s not super supportive it’ll force You to move closer to the center of the Mattress so you can’t really enjoy the Full surface area of the bed so whenever I sit along the side it does sink in Quite a bit and lying down as well I Don’t feel as supported as I do on other Beds so this is something to keep in Mind especially if you share a bed with A partner So we can’t forget to talk about pricing

Douglas mattresses are actually priced Very affordably and a queen size bed Will cost you about 750 dollars but Don’t forget you can often get some Money saving coupons and some free gifts If you use our coupon in the description Box below Before we wrap up I’ll go over the pros And cons of the Douglas mattress Starting with the good stuff so first of All this bed works really well for People who are looking for a slow-moving Classic memory foam feel it’s also great If you are a sensitive sleeper and share A bed with a partner and really want a Bed that will isolate motion well it’s Also a great choice for side sleepers It’s a bit softer than others out there So you’re going to get some excellent Pressure relief on this bed of course we Got to talk about the cons as well first Of all not a great choice for stomach Sleepers because it’s not going to Provide the amount of hip support you Need in the sleeping position I also Don’t recommend it for heavier people Because it’s on the softer side it has This plush foam heavier people have a Higher risk of bottoming out on this bed And finally it’s not a great choice for People who want a very responsive Mattress I will say because it is super Slow moving it can be difficult for some People to move around on top of this bed

So that’s something to keep in mind That’s about it if you need any more Information about the Douglas mattress Just head over to And read our full review you’ll also Find some money saving coupons in the Description below see ya [Music]

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